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Fran Kurpil
Posted 8/3/21

Hello everyone…It’s Fran Defilippi Kurpil…Welcome to August 2021…a truly beautiful summer day.

The birds at the bird-feeder in my back yard are enjoying …

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Hello everyone…It’s Fran Defilippi Kurpil…Welcome to August 2021…a truly beautiful summer day.

The birds at the bird-feeder in my back yard are enjoying themselves…in fact a bit distracting as I’m reading. I imagine “he” is calling “her”… over and over, ten minutes straight. I’m mentally telling “him” … “she’s not interested”. Ha. But I think he just wanted to tell her that the seeds were easily available in the bird feeder in the shade of the lilac.

Professor Dave Pollack: I saw posted pictures by my nephew, Dave. He is on vacation from SUNY Sullivan Community College and is exploring Inca ruins in Moray, Peru. I pulled up information and the explanations for the historic ruins is fascinating. I didn’t ask about pandemic and masks?

Myers Century Farm Stand: Our Chrissy Jones,(our fiddler) lives close to Myers Road in Jeffersonville and when waving at Rianne Erlwein at Myers Farm, she noticed the new farm stand now selling Grade A and vat pasteurized dairy products. Grade A2 milk, whole cream line milk which is available in whole cream milk, as well as chocolate, maple and coffee flavors... pints, quarts, depending on flavor. Rianne said ice cream will also be available as well as ice-cream sandwiches. Chrissy came running in today and brought her Dad and me a sample of the most delicious ice-cream. It was…more than a sample and tasting like no super market ice-cream because there are no additives. Let’s support our local farmers while getting pure, healthy products. I remember traveling out of county last year with a friend who wanted milk for her kids in the back seat. No such thing at drive-thru’s! So a drive to a big, active farm is worth the trip from anywhere for such great dairy products. Yumm…chocolate, maple or coffee flavored real farm fresh milk. Thanks, Chrissy…I found the surprise pints in my freezer after you left. I’m loving it.

Downtown Revitalization Initative Back For 2021: John Liddle just announced that the DRI plans that were interrupted by covid shut-down last year are back and he is eager to get the group back together. Gov. Cuomo said there is money available and application approvals will be based on potential for transformation of various down-towns. Stay tuned as John said he will meet with Supervisor, Frank DeMayo and Mayor, Ron Stabak to get things going again with the great group of people who want to work together to better our hometown.

Liberty Library: Monday, August 9th at 10:30…Aileen Gunther …is the guest speaker. It is open to the public. Come and enjoy the morning with friends. Maybe Aileen is going to work on lowering our taxes?? Well, any discussion will be interesting.

Lake Street Brewery: Good News. I had been wondering if anything was happening at what was once Killian’s building up near Agway. Nick Rusin, Deputy Supervisor, says that a guy, Rich who has a brewery in Queens, is working on bringing his business to the mountains. That sounds like a great use for that site. So Rich is working hard with his do-it-yourself energy and the excitement of opening here. Rich, we wish you the best and I will hope for updates to report.

Boy Scouts Of America Troop 95: I saw the recent picture of these young Scouts. Our son, Sammie loved those times with this group. I’m sure they all enjoy being a Scout and God bless the Troop leaders for encouraging their behavior and teaching them that Scouting is more than camping and out-door play. My best to our BOY SCOUTS.

Some Unusual Readings: Dubai is a country over in Middle East. I’m familiar with the name because my son-in-law, Donnie Jones, worked there a few years ago. I remember him saying that the temperatures could be over 120 degrees. I just read that there is new rain making technology that is using drones to seed the clouds to lower temps. Sounds like great news for those who can’t be inside in A/C. Did those drones drop our local temps this past week?

Real Estate Is Moving: I retired from my broker job, but any of the agents that I know are saying they are so busy. In fact, two neighboring houses are selling here. A Precious Story…The other day the house on California Ave. next to us is on the market and my church-pew friend, Andy Carlson, also a realtor at Peter’s Realty, my old office, was showing it. I waved from my porch and we chatted a bit. A bit later another Broker was showing. It was Carol Barotti from Elliott & Pomeroy in Roscoe, a long-time friend. She told me that her group was having lunch the next day at Yiasou Restaurant in Liberty, and said, “join us”. So I did, and it was almost teary for me to spend time with memories of the days when various offices met, had group visits to our listings and got to bond with other agents. When I looked down the table, after ordering some vino, I saw, Loretta Duarte, Lilly Constant, Carol Barotti, Sherri Kavleski, Marge Zanger, Nancy Barnhart and Samantha Davis. We expected Dorian Jennings, but she was delayed at an appointment. Needless to say, it was all such a perfect afternoon visiting with friends and eating the amazing food. I think the Lord was thinking I needed a mental-lift so he sent that angel, Carol Barotti by my back porch. It was truly great seeing all these friends. What’s that song about hands in a circle? It certainly helps.

The Roscoe Girls: telling me they miss my grandson, Dr. Gene Burns and my daughter, Julie Burns, both Pharmacists who used to work at the pharmacy in Roscoe. It is too bad that it closed. Gene bought Riverside Remedies in Callicoon and he, Julie and sister, Christina Jones are all there. Dr. Gene has been busy with the covid shots and so many tell me they appreciate him so much.

Gardens Are Growing: Daughter Jennifer Diehl, just stopped by with a bag of fresh vegetables from her and Tom’s garden. So I guess it is time to enjoy, along with some Erlwein ice-cream. How lucky can I get?

Signing Off: Till 8-17-21. “May the good Lord bless and keep us” and may we be thankful for all our blessings.


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