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Liberty - August 18

Fran Kurpil - Community Correspondent
Posted 8/17/20

Mid August and it seems warmer and more humid than any recent Summer but I won't complain. I have other complaints…like I spend $75 at Shoprite and they can't give me a bag? However, then I went to …

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Liberty - August 18


Mid August and it seems warmer and more humid than any recent Summer but I won't complain. I have other complaints…like I spend $75 at Shoprite and they can't give me a bag? However, then I went to Trading Post and they gave me a free bag for a little purchase. Little things mean a lot. When going into Trading Post I noticed two young men squatting out front by the door. They wore employee shirts. When I came out later, they were still hanging out there, so I looked at them and laughed… “are you guys on lunch break?” One smiled and said, “No, we are making sure that everyone wears a mask.” “Oh, I see,” I said. Nice, polite young men. They could have said… “it's not your business”. I like to chat with young folks, maybe they know my grand-kids etc.? Trading Post has great employees and these parents out there can be very proud.

Liberty Mall: In a recent chat with Jim Donahue, manager at the Mall, he said another store has been leased. This will be Castillo's Cakery which is a specialty-cake bakery opening soon. I hope it will have tables and a coffee pot. The parking lot is getting crowded as spaces are leased. If only we could once again see the great interior with some life. I think it will happen before too long.

Real Estate: The pandemic is difficult in so many ways but it is causing big reawakening in local real-estate sales. When I saw the real-estate sign on a long-time neighbor's house on Cold Spring Road, and saw Mr. and Mrs. Watson enjoying their side yard, I stopped to chat. They said it was already sold. It went in one day for full price. That was through the selling expertise of my former real-estate co-worker, Pete Feinberg at Peters Realty. Good work, Pete.

The Visitor's Center: I'm hoping the signage for the new Visitor's Center at the Liberty Mall will have more recognition on the exit than the big question mark. (?) Once the visitors get off EXIT 100… the beautiful location will speak for itself.

Summer Jobs: I'm not sure when colleges will be opening but I'm assuming these three young lifeguards will soon be finished with their summer work: that's Nick Mungeer, Kelsey Morgans and my grand-daughter, Megan Burns. Megan has been a life-guard in years past at Hanofee Park working with the young kids, helping them learn to swim. Of course this year that didn't happen. They were needed at the Villa Roma.

Arrowhead Ranch: Oh, my goodness, as an old timer I remember this place and how I loved to see guests riding beautiful horses across the fields. Since I try to keep in touch with other parts of Liberty, I asked my friend, Harriet Dorfman, if there was anything going on up near Parksville where she lives. She quickly said… “call Rose Barnett at Arrowhead Ranch on Cooley Road.” So, I did, and it is exciting to hear Rose explain that they are restoring the ranch and retreat. It is a 70-acre compound with a private lake. Right now they have approval for a campground and will be working toward approval for a hotel. They have had a team of music lovers who have encouraged some great music venues there last summer and this summer. (check website) On Saturday, August 29th at 11 a.m. they will have volunteers come for a four hour Work Party. If you want to volunteer with some friends maybe you can make it a party. Sounds like fun with a good purpose.

My Trip To The Dump In Ferndale: An odd topic, but it certainly started my day off with a wow. Driving down Lt. Brender Highway my memory goes to my classmate, Joel, great guy, gone too young. I pulled up at the dumpsters and opened my trunk that was full of newspapers, boxes and bags of recycles. A lady who had parked next to me quickly said, “Let me grab those for you.” What a kind, appreciated gesture. I thanked her and added, “You must have had a great Mommy. That was so sweet of you.” She said, “Yes, I did. She's been gone a few years but she taught me right.” I hope this lady reads my column and realizes she made my day.

Farm Markets: We are certainly enjoying fresh tomatoes, corn, zucchini and all fresh vegetables and fruit. Be sure to stop at Creekside Park on Friday. It's such a nice spot, by the brook off School Street. Meet our local farmers. Now is the time to enjoy the harvest.

Diehl Homestead Dairy Farm: A seven-generation farm. Alice Diehl is asking us to contact our Senators and Congress people and ask them to support a revised version of the Spencer-Casey Bill. She says the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act (S-1640) is the only bill that supports the foundation of the dairy industry: our small family farms. “To protect the remaining percentage of small family farms in the Country, we need this bill to be introduced and passed by both sides, the Senate and the House” said Alice Diehl. Sen. Schumer: (914) 734-1532, Sen. Gillibrand: (845) 875-4585, Rep. Delgado: (845) 443-2930. Assembly-Rep: Aileen Gunther: (845) 794-5807. Let's do our best to help.

Keep in touch and share some stories possibly or I might relate some of my real-estate happenings. How about this: I was in the office waiting for an appointment. Two guys come in and one says, “Fran, you sounded so young on the phone”. Of course I was thrilled to hear that, (845) 292-3118 call me and check it out.


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