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Liberty - November 24

Fran Kurpil - Community Correspondent
Posted 11/23/20

Hello Everyone: I'm glad the happiness of Thanksgiving is upon us. Our family has so much to thank the Good Lord for and that will be our main prayer as we hold hands around the table before enjoying …

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Liberty - November 24


Hello Everyone: I'm glad the happiness of Thanksgiving is upon us. Our family has so much to thank the Good Lord for and that will be our main prayer as we hold hands around the table before enjoying our traditional dinner. Our family has grown with a new daughter-in-law and three of our grands have been blessed with new little ones. As a great-gram, I know the joy of family. I know we have to keep our group to ten this year, so maybe celebrate for two days?

Are There Ladies Out There Who Identify? I now need a kitchen drawer with garage tools, a wrench or pliers to open those plastic sealed juice and gator-aid bottles and a sharp blade and hammer to open my favorite winter squash before baking. So, either get my tool, or run looking for my man with strong hands. Well, my Mom used to say, “be glad you're able”.

Maurice Gerry: Every now and then I give Maurice a call to chat a bit about old times or to get his perspective on Liberty happenings. When he was on the Town Board years back I was always comfortable knowing that he supported the same ideas that I did for the town and village. So I was very happy that he was encouraged to run for the open spot on the Town Board this year. I'm hearing lots of positive feedback after over 1700 people voted for him. “He knows how to work with others”, he'll get things done”. So Maurice, I'm sure it is a good feeling knowing you will be active in our politics and knowing we need your perspective as our hometown is revitalized. Good luck, Maurice.

Liberty Police Department: There was a very important gathering last week, The Village Police Department Reform and Reinvention Collaborative meeting.

It was a gathering of community, government, legal and faith leaders hosted by Chief Kinne and Mayor Stabak. This group will continue to gather in the weeks ahead and come up with a plan (mandated by the State) that will be presented to the public sometime in the first few months of 2021. The truth is that the LPD is respected and appreciated by the community.

Help is needed especially in terms of hiring and retaining a diverse police force and in supporting members of the community struggling with mental-health problems and substance abuse. All agreed that Chief Kinne and his team do a great job. When my daughter, Cindy Gieger was a County Legislator she said he was always so helpful, and she was well aware of the heavy burden he and his group faced and handled so well.

I know firsthand the relief that I felt when two officers came to my aid after a hit and run driver rammed my car, doing a lot of damage as I sat in it a year or so ago. So God Bless our Police Department now and always. That includes, of course, Debbie Kinne, part of the office staff.

Liberty, Our Home Town:

I've had some very interesting feedback on my column from former residents who still read the Democrat. I get a bit upset when I see posts about Liberty... “sad”. Well for those who are not here, we need to get out the true story. Of course our favorite old stores are gone, but nothing stays the same forever. We are lucky that our historic area is mostly substantial brick and stone. The Theater building is being refurbished, Town & Country and the Baptist Church are beautifully kept. Barbanti Real Estate and the rest of the block are thriving. Real estate is really selling fast. The former Jeff Bank has a great food business on the first level and upper levels are rented offices. If you're looking for a bar, there's the Star Bar and Grill on School Street. Behind the bank building is where the weekly farmer's market takes place in summer. So there is lots of activity in the village. The great expanded library and the new, huge laundromat are certainly great positives. So I say, when Covid is over and business returns to normal, there are great plans in the works and the spirit of long-time business owners like Cindy Fracasse at the Gym, and Etta Barbanti and the Liepin's family at Town & Country will continue. In summer, Brian Rourke has the best musical entertainment at The Barn, just off Main and it is a perfect way to spend an evening. So, hopefully next year that will be open and maybe a theater. So, perhaps ‘I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One.'

Till next time, it is fun to keep in touch. Liberty column is printed every other Tuesday. God Bless Liberty and the USA.


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