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Down the Decades

March 19, 2024 Edition

Compiled by Lee Hermann, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 3/19/24

150 Years Ago -   1874

Hay pressing has become quite an important feature among our home industries. Quite a number of men are pressing the article in this neighborhood and shipping the …

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Down the Decades

March 19, 2024 Edition


150 Years Ago -  1874

Hay pressing has become quite an important feature among our home industries. Quite a number of men are pressing the article in this neighborhood and shipping the same to New York. 

An individual residing at North Branch has gone to the trouble and expense of forwarding to this office (that of the Sullivan County Record) the intelligence that Charles Quick of that neighborhood killed seven foxes at one shot on Wednesday last. This story would “pass in the crowd” if our readers could only be induced to believe that there are seven foxes in the county.

George Stock has sold his farm of 61 acres near Callicoon Center to Chris Hahn for eight hundred dollars.

This village boasts of fourteen men, heads of families, who do not use tobacco. (Callicoon Center Corresp.)

Married March 3 at the Liberty House, Liberty, by the Rev. W. Wood were James W. Segar and Julia Starr, both of Bethel.

A Temperance Crusade is talked of, to be conducted by the ladies. It is probable that it will end in talk, as chin music is pretty cheap now-a-days.

Gardner, Casey & Co. of Hortonville will please accept our thanks for a snug bundle of wrapping paper received at this office during the past week. The manufacturers may well be proud of the excellent article which they produce.

Peter Bogert of Briscoe will take possession of the Jeffersonville House on Monday, the 15th inst.

“Jake,” the time honored guardian and four-footed watchman of the Jeffersonville post office, has ended his good natured career. A deliberate onslaught upon one of our citizens necessitated a court-martial, whose verdict perforated old Jake’s cranium.

Our County Poor

A few weeks ago there appeared an article in the columns of the Middletown Mercury, written by the Sullivan County correspondent of that paper, in which the Poor House officials of our county were charged with penurious conduct towards the inmates of that asylum. The writer of this article was challenged by the Monticello Watchman to prove his statement and show to the people that the poor of the county do not fare as luxuriously as do some of our farmers’ hogs. The challenge was immediately taken by the aforesaid correspondent, who in substantion of his charges, produces the following affidavit of Mr. Stephen E. Royce of Monticello.


Sullivan County, ss: Stephen E. Royce, being duly sworn, deposes and says, that during the last week of December 1873 and the first week of January 1874, Deponent in company with four young ladies, visited the Sullivan County Poor House. A man named Phineas Stoddard, escorted Deponent and two of the ladies through the House. Deponent and said ladies visited the dining room and found the inmates of the House seated on either side of a long table eating their supper; they were all in the same room, the females sat at one table and the males at the other. On the table occupied by the latter, Deponent saw a big wooden water pail filled with hot water and a milk pan filled with Indian meal; each person had a small tin basin, they put the meal and hot water into the basins and ate it with an iron spoon. Deponent positively swears this was all there was on said table for said paupers to eat.

At the table occupied by some of the females, Deponent saw on the table a tin basin, with some molasses in it; each woman had a slice of bread; on the table was a pan of boiled Indian meal. One of the women remarked that they had no tea unless they bought it for themselves. One of the paupers said that she would starve before she would eat such stuff as that.

Stephen B. Royce.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 23rd day of February 1874. Arthur C. Butts, Special County Judge.

An investigation should be instituted that the whole affair may receive thorough ventilation. If this is the daily bill of fare with which our paupers are regaled, it then ceases to be a source of wonder that they are supported at a weekly outlay of 98 cents per individual.

140 Years Ago - 1884

Hay is selling at $10 per ton in this vicinity.

Well, “Earny,” you take the cake this time, taking the young ladies out riding while the rest of the boys wait to “see first” if it will clear up. Young lads don’t be so slow.

Pinny and Judson (drovers) went through this place with a large drove of cows. They have purchased them here at North Branch, and surrounding country. 

John Darling, an aged man living at Sand Pond, about four miles from Youngsville, is said to be insane. About two years ago he was stricken down with paralysis, from which he has never fully recovered.

ADV: Painless Childbirth, a new book tells how any woman may become a mother Without Suffering Any Pain Whatever. It tells how to prevent and overcome morning sickness, swelled limbs and all evils attending pregnancy. Physicians highly recommend it as the wife’s true companion. Send two cent stamp for full descriptive circular, testimonials and confidential letter sent in sealed envelope.

A health writer says: “Sleepless people should court the sun.” Those who don’t care much about sleep generally court the daughter.

“If you freeze,” said George snuggling up a little closer, “you would make delicious ice cream.” “If you were to freeze,” responded Amelia with severity, after catching a whiff of his breath, “you would make a rum punch.”

130 Years Ago - 1894

Dr. Frederick A. Cook of Brooklyn, formerly of the Beechwoods, surgeon and ethnologist of the first Perry Arctic expedition and projector of the coming American Antarctic expedition, has chartered for next summer the steam sailer Newfoundland for a cruise to Labrador, Greenland and the far North. Dr. Cook’s idea is to open up the Arctic shores as a summer resort.

The youths of Jeffersonville have formed a literary society and have fitted up reading rooms in the Record building. Conrad Metzger Jr. has been elected president of the society; Fred Ranft, secretary; and William Faubel, treasurer. It costs fifty cents to become a member of this society and the dues are ten cents per month.

Spring has returned. We once more hear the songs of the robin and the bluebird mingled with the voices of the merry boys and girls as they go their rounds gathering the sap from tree to tree, anticipating the good times they will have when that sweet day will come, the day of days in the sap season, called the sugaring-off day.

Ed Hahn of Callicoon Center commenced farming Tuesday by plowing a field of sod ground. Who can beat that?

Prof. F.A. Welch, who has his headquarters at Livingston Manor for the present, expects to organize a dancing class in this place. The initiatory lesson was given at Eagle Hall Monday night at which seventeen tickets for membership were given out. W.A. Reed, pianist of Liberty, furnishes the music.

Peter Schwenk of Livingston Manor has gone to Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital in New York for treatment. For weeks he has been almost entirely blinded by something which seemed to be growing over the eye.

Mrs. Pollock has sold to Philip Bennedum the Weiss farm just above Cook’s creamery near Hortonville. Consideration, $1,000.

120 Years Ago - 1904

The deal which has been pending between George J. Yager and John A. Reymann for the sale of the former’s residence and store in this village finally fastened by the payment of $500. Mr. Reymann pays $3,000 for the real estate and will take the store goods at their inventory figure.

The Jeffersonville Supply Co. is getting their quarters in the new Masonic building in shape. They probably have the largest and finest store accommodations in the county.

(From the North Branch Correspondent.) Judging from the mistakes he is making lately, the editor must be in love or something of that sort. Last week he left the names of Mrs. E. Bauernfeind and Mrs. C. Beck out of the sleigh ride party. (Note – It is very evident that there are women in the case. – Editor Wm. Lieb)

According to the Watchman there are a number of scandal mongers in Monticello who are a disgrace to the town, and the stories told by them about their neighbors should “send them to hell as food for hungry devils.”

Cornelius Brutis and wife of North Branch are still nursing injuries they sustained in being thrown from the sleigh of February 11.

George Merckenschlager, a Lake Huntington bachelor, on March 7th took unto himself a wife in the person of Miss Barbara Knoll.

A wedding of much interest was solemnized in the Damascus M. E . Church on March 3rd when Rose Pearle Gregg and Harrison G. Jackson united their fortunes for life.

Henry Chelius has entered into an equal partnership with John L. Schmidt in the Jeffersonville Meat Market.

It is rumored that Miss Olive Hofer of this place and George H. Raum of Kenoza Lake are to be among the clerks in the store of the Jeffersonville Supply Co.

Miss Kate Scheidell entertained the Pit and Flinch Club at the home of her brother, Val, Thursday night. Miss Kate is a delightful entertainer and knows how to bake a cake and make ice cream. But she has not learned the simple game of Flinch.

110 Years Ago - 1914

The storm a week ago Sunday night made the going rather rough for the Erie as no mail trains came through Callicoon from the East from Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon when trains 5 and 7 managed to get out of the drifts near Monroe, on the New York Division. Snow fell near Monroe to a depth of forty inches and drifted on the tracks as high as box cars. Train 7 had quite a session with the storm, all the windows on one side of the train being broken.

In Damascus, a hole was ripped in the shingle roof of one of G.W. Seipp’s barns. The barn of James Rolston was partly unroofed and two houses, the property of Virgil O. Brigham, were both partly unroofed and a barn owned by Amos M. Rutledge was also partly unroofed.

Mr. and Mrs. George Ludwig of White Sulphur Springs nearly perished in the storm Sunday night coming home from Jeffersonville. They had spent the day with friends in Callicoon Center and were returning home when the storm overtook them. They were compelled to walk in deep snow some of the way from Youngsville, but for the timely assistance of Andrew Wagner and Harry Knack they could not have reached home, as both were tired out and blinded by the storm. The storm wrecked the windmill of John Hylinger.

The tin roof of the Mansion House in Liberty was blown off, the roof of Mrs. Richard Gildersleeve’s residence was blown off as were the roofs on the residences of E.W. Grant and Louis Rozofsky. The chimney was also demolished on Mrs. Gildersleeve’s residence.

In Milanville, the storm blew off the roof of Eugene Vannatta’s barn and the storm carried it some distance.

The blizzard that struck Long Eddy on Sunday and Monday was the worst since 1888 but there was no real suffering as has been reported from other places. Some of the drifts were seven feet high.

The report around is that Valentine Scheidell has purchased a couple of creameries of dairies upstate last week.

Charles Kraack has sold his hotel and town hall in Lake Huntington to Charles Meyer. Mr. Kraack expects to build a cottage and take things easy the rest of his life.

John Jaeger, the well-known Callicoon attorney, died last Monday night at the Port Jervis Hospital after an operation for appendicitis followed by an attack of pneumonia. He was 27 years of age and was a resident of Callicoon the past ten years. He attended the high school there and studied law in the office of Frank S. Anderson. He is survived by his mother and step-father, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Galloway; two brothers, Charles B. and Julius H. Jaeger; two sisters, Mary B. and Mrs. William Lynch; three half-brothers, William, Frank and Alfred Galloway; and two half-sisters, Rosa and Anna of Hankins.

J.E. Skinner, proprietor of the hotel at Skinners Falls, has sold his property to Henry Hollwedel and Herman Eggers, both of New York.

The plastering of the Green block at Liberty is completed. The floors, casings and ceilings are now being placed.

Al Kent of Monticello made a most creditable showing in the competitive shoot at the Sportsmen’s Show at Madison Square Garden, New York City, last week hitting 46 out of a possible 50 clay birds. Out of the 25 participants on that day only four eclipsed Kent’s record and two tied it. Considering the fact that this was Kent’s first experience in a shoot under electric works, his work was exceptionally fine.

100 Years Ago - 1924

A son was born March 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mootz of Callicoon Center. Mrs. Felix Shuman of Buck Brook is nursing at the Mootz home.

Mrs. Winifred C. Lieb gave a St. Patrick’s party and luncheon at her home Friday.

Jack Niflot, instructor in the New York Athletic Club, has bought the Robert Norris farm near Kenoza Lake of Henry J. Lipp.

Cornelius Short, aged 28, of Jersey City, the second man to be tried for the killing of Patrolman Dollard at Monticello, was found guilty of murder in the first degree. The case was summed for the defense by Attorney David S. Hill of Liberty, who was assisted by Attorney Wm. Deckelman of Jeffersonville. The people’s case was presented by District Attorney Henry F. Gardner, who was assisted by Attorney James H. Brady of Monticello. Judge Rosch presided.

A son was born March 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Yeager of Jeffersonville. Mrs. John Stephenson is the nurse in charge.

While driving his Chevrolet coupe to Callicoon Tuesday night, Herbie Grishaber tried to straighten a crook in the road below Falls Mills. The next morning he was busily engaged straightening out the kinks in his Chevy.

The average salary for rural teachers of the second supervisory district of Sullivan County, according to data given out by Supervisor Charles S. Hick, is $27.05. The lowest salary paid is $22 and the highest is $35.

ADV: At last we have secured “Human Wreckage” to play at the Maple Theatre on Saturday, April 19. This prize-winning picture stars Mrs. Wallace Reid and it tells of the evils of the drug habit. A practical lesson of the life of her dead husband, the well beloved screen actor, Wallace Reid, its moral has not yet been surpassed in any picture presented to the public.

90 Years Ago - 1934

At a town meeting of the Callicoon Town Board at Youngsville, it was decided to purchase a new ton and a half truck for $1,200. The town has about $14,000 for town roads this year and voted to allow $60 a mile for the improvement of dirt roads.

William Brockner, aged 22, and son of painter Joseph Brockner of this place, is planning to open a barber shop in the Hagadorn shop at Long Eddy next week.

Miss Lillian Hoffman was given a surprise party at the Mansion House Saturday night. The guests included Winifred Luchs, Rita Hick, Marie Dedling, Barbara Knise, Sadie Eggler, Katherine Schadt, Marjorie Barlow, Vincent Mullally, Clement Alpy, Edward Mall, Edwin Chellis, Albert Felske, Milton Emr and John Brockner, George Beiling of Liberty and William Wagner of Youngsville.

Supervisor and Mrs. Fred W. Schadt entertained the pinochle club in celebration of their silver wedding anniversary. Favors were given in the form of anniversary folders, showing that Fred W. Schadt of Scranton and Anna L. Royce of Jeffersonville were married at Honesdale, Pa., on March 12, 1909, by Rev. William H. Swift of the Presbyterian Church and an invitation:

“To our friends, assembled here,

Though we be from far or near

We invite you to wine and dine

With us in nineteen fifty-nine.”

At the monthly meeting of the PTA at the schoolhouse Tuesday night an interesting discussion was led by Mrs. Harry Weber, who represented the parent, and Principal R.E. Lacy who represented the teacher.

Quite a number of the patrons of the Jeffersonville Water System have been inconvenienced by a lack of water, some due to their service lines freezing and others to the water main freezing.

The Sullivan County Record is 66 years old this week, it having been started March 13, 1868. The present owner (William Lieb) took over the paper forty-three years ago at the age of  21.

Many in Callicoon Center are installing electric pumps in their wells because of their water pipes being frozen.

80 Years Ago - 1944

Only a few votes were cast at the annual village election Tuesday. Wm. T. Knell and Samuel H. Baer were re-elected trustees without opposition.

PFC Herbert Thony is in the hospital again on account of sore feet due to a shock of lightning last summer when he was in Virginia. Although he is in the hospital, he says he is getting a rest, which he needs. He has been in Italy since May.

Cpl. Al Kammerer, Sgt. John Jantos and Sgt. Harold J. Wohltjen of Headquarters Co. at Camp Upton spent the weekend at the Wohltjen home.

John Antosh, who is still with an anti-tank outfit, has been promoted to Technical Sergeant and awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gorr of Livingston Manor announce the engagement of their daughter, Arlene, to Cpl. Roy A. Fuller.

A huge flock of wild geese, estimated to number 2,000 birds, spent the night near Beach Lake, Pa., last week. They reminded folks of the stories told by old timers of the wild pigeons which darkened the sky, as the geese did.

Cpt. T. Tremper, son of Howard (Sam) Tremper of Youngsville, and Miss Jane Davenport, daughter of Lewis Davenport of Pompton Plains, N.J., were married on March 15th.

Editor’s Note: The following item was previously listed as taking place in 1954. In response to a letter from Michael Manzolillo (Class of 1945), we checked and found a front page article in the March 9, 1944 issue of the Democrat telling of Erwin Baker’s enlistment in the Navy. We’re thankful for the correction.   

The central school board of education in Jeffersonville has engaged Miss Elaine Werner of Fishkill as physical education teacher and she takes over a good share of the work of Kenneth C. Fuller, who has been appointed acting principal to fill the vacancy caused by Principal Erwin L. Baker entering the Navy.

70 Years Ago - 1954

The Jeff Central Trojans won the tournament for the Sullivan County basketball championship for Class C schools at Liberty Tuesday night by defeating South Fallsburg 23-16. Next Monday the boys go to Goshen to play the winners from Orange, Ulster, Delaware and Rockland counties. Good luck to you boys!

The former William vonBerg house, next to St. George’s Catholic Church in Jeff, is being renovated for the nuns who will teach in the new parochial school on the Briscoe Road when it opens. The Holy Name Society of St. George’s bought the property several years ago and will turn it over to the church upon request.

It will be early April before it is known definitely how much of Route 17 between Fair Oaks in Orange County and Bridgeville in Sullivan County can be reconstructed.

60 Years Ago - 1964

John E. Schumacher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schumacher of Callicoon RD, has been promoted to Airman 2nd Class in the U.S. Air Force.

Dr. Richard K. Greenfield, president of Sullivan County  Community College, has announced the appointment of Dr. Richard F. Grego as Dean of the College, effective August 4 of this year.

The Brownies of Jeffersonville, under the direction of Mrs. Chris Karadontes, sent a sympathy card with all the girls’ names on it to the family of the late King Paul of Greece. When the Girl Guides of Athens had their exhibition last May there was a display of items from the Brownies of Jeffersonville. Queen Frederika and the late King Paul attended this exhibition Mrs. Karadontes said.

Fire destroyed the Roscoe Handle Works Thursday night as high winds threatened to spread the flames to the lumber yard nearby. More than 100 men from eight fire companies of Roscoe, Rockland, Livingston Manor, Liberty, Callicoon Center, White Sulphur Springs, Downsville and Cooks Falls battled the blaze.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adam of Callicoon, a son, March 7.

50 Years Ago - 1974

Coach Paul Zintel’s JYCS Trojans wrapped up a perfect 1973-74 Western Sullivan League basketball season last Friday by smashing Narrowsburg 115-62. This was the 12th straight WSL win for the Trojans this season.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Rustic of Liberty are the proud parents of a baby girl, Allison Mae, born February 24 at Horton Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Planz of Abrahamsville, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rustic Sr. of Liberty are the proud grandparents.

Catherine M. Krum of Behr Road, Jeffersonville, announces the engagement of her daughter, Wendy Dianne, to Robert E. Masterson of New Jersey.      

Miss Angelica Gonzalez, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Gonzalez of Conklin Hill, Pa., became the bride of David Swendsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Swendsen, Tyler Hill, Pa., on March 9.

A September wedding is planned by Karen Jo-Anne Buehler of Crestkill, N.J., and Frederick William Fennikoh of Livingston Manor.

Mr. and Mrs. David Henke of Ithaca are the proud parents of a daughter, Tiffany Lynn, born March 9. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Henke of Callicoon are the proud paternal grandparents.

40 Years Ago - 1984

The Board of Directors of the New York State Job Development Authority (JDA) has approved a $250,000 loan application for the Narrowsburg Feed and Grain Company site of a tragic September 27 fire that completely destroyed the area business. According to Richard Coombe (R-98) the loan will be broken into two parts, with $ 160,000 of the total amount for construction and the remaining $90,000 for equipment and machinery purchases.

The Sullivan County Museum and Art Center in Hurleyville is featuring a visit to the “Country Store” exhibit. Included in the exhibit are antique post office boxes from the Fosterdale Post Office, a 1930 radio, antique baby carriage, old guns, saddle bags, boots and foot warmers all of which were commonly used in 19th century Sullivan County.

Roscoe captured the Section 9 Class D basketball title and Fallsburg bowed to Coleman in their quest for the Class C title at games played last Tuesday night. At the Glens Falls Capital Conference championship games last weekend, Roscoe defeated Schroon Lake but fell victim to Fort Ann in the final game of the meet.

Cleve A. Segar of Jeffersonville was killed Saturday when the snowmobile he was driving crashed into a metal gate in the Saranac Lake area of Franklin County. He was 36 years of age and owned the Segar Oil Company in Jeffersonville.

Richard and Lorrie Maus of Jeffersonville are the parents of a son, Kevin Ryan Richard, born February 15 at the Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, Pa. He joins a brother, Timothy, 4, at home. . . Mr. and Mrs. James Sennett are the parents of a boy, James William, born March 1 at Community General Hospital. He has two older sisters, Linda and Christine.

30 Years Ago - 1994

While the Bethel Town Board awaits receipt of a complete Environmental Assessment Form from the promoters of Bethel ‘94, councilmen say they are pleased with the progress for the Woodstock 25th anniversary concert. But as the August 13 and 14 event looms, the town is still at least two months away from reaching the point of decision on whether to issue Sid Bernstein, Ltd., his necessary permit.

The 8th annual talent show is slated to be held  March 12 at the Hortonville Presbyterian Church. Special award certificates will be awarded to all performers.

On March 15, 11 Japanese students will arrive in Sullivan County with two instructors as part of an on-going student exchange program between Toyama, Japan and Sullivan County for the third consecutive year.

Nearly 4,000 people were on hand at the 23rd St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Yulan. The Highland Flingers won the prize for best marching unit. Nearly 15 floats and close to 20 fire departments strutted their stuff for the appreciative audience.

Howard Stewart of Callicoon, retired funeral director and antique car enthusiast, died on March 12. He owned a 1933 maroon Chevrolet convertible which he liked to drive around town and which was one of only three known to exist. He was very involved in community affairs.

The 16th All-Breed Dog Show and Obedience Trial was held at the Monticello Raceway on Saturday. It was sponsored by the Monticello Kennel Club.

The Delaware Valley Eagles lost the Class D champion game Saturday afternoon to Chester. The game was placed at Christi Arena in West Point.

The Sullivan County Community College (SCCC) Generals defeated Suffolk Community College, 88-80, to capture the regional title in basketball. Dave Possinger is the coach for the Generals and in a recent article called them the “third best team in the region.” He ranked Suffolk and Monroe ahead of his team. Guess they’re (SCCC) the best at this point. (It was noted that SCCC scored 88 percent from the foul line and 95 percent in the second half.)

20 Years Ago - 2004

The Village of Monticello is celebrating its 200th birthday this year.

Jim and Betty Tempel of Lake Muskoday, announce the engagement of their daughter, Megan, to Matthew Milner, son of John and Diana Milner of Huntington Station. A June 2005 wedding is planned.

Mark and Janel Prehoda of Granville and Harold and Paula Barber of White Lake announce the engagement of their children, Katherine Prehoda and Vincent Barber. A July wedding is planned.

Brian and Nancy Sanford of Liberty announce the engagement of their daughter, Rebecca Sanford, to Daniel Lachaga, son of Sandra Brown of Middletown and Nicholas Lachaga of New York City. No date has been set for the wedding.

A new 4-H Club named the Sullivan County Artistic Crew met recently in the home of Shawn Bailey Sr.

An event which began over 30 years ago has become a popular yearly tradition that attracts both young and old competitors despite the cold, icy conditions – the Town of Highland Lions Club Ice Tee Open. More than 50 people turned out for the 2004 competition, which was held recently at the Colonial Restaurant in Yulan as well as on Washington Lake. This year’s winners were Al Wojtaszek and Jenny Haas.

Jennifer Flynn, daughter of Robert J. and Linda T. Flynn of Callicoon and James Dexter Young, son of Timothy and Wendy Young of Woodstock, Conn., were married during a 3 p.m. wedding ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church at Hortonville on Sunday, October 12, 2003. The bride is a graduate of Delaware Valley Central School and is a member of the security forces of the United States Air Force. The bridegroom graduated from Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, Conn., and is in training to be a SERE instructor, stationed in Washington.

Rick and Jill Gallup of Daytona Beach, Fla., announce the engagement of their daughter, Robin Gallup of Wichita Falls, Tex. to Derek Buchanan Flynn of Wichita Falls, Tex. He is the son of Robert and Linda Flynn of Callicoon. An April 10, 2004 wedding is planned at the Chapel at Sheppard Air Force Base.

10 Years Ago - 2014

Three founding members of the local women’s Kickin’ Asphalt Running Club competed in the Two Rivers Half Marathon Saturday in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania. Tanya Cohen of Jeffersonville, Dena Stevenson of Jeffersonville and Beret Nearing of Cochecton were among the competitors. Ashlea Prouty of Hortonville is also a founding member. The group has a Facebook page.

More than $62,000 was raised last Friday as the “Great White Way” made its way to Callicoon and the Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center for the Broadway-themed Boys and Girls Clubs’ sixth annual Sullivan County Celebrity Dinner and Tip Challenge. More than a dozen local businesses and organizations teamed up with their take on various Broadway shows, all to raise money for the local Boys and Girls Clubs, while the evening’s emcee, Greg Goldstein, kept the audience of close to 500 entertained.

The Fallsburg Central School District Hall of Fame officially opened with Jack Leshner as the first inductee. Mr. Leshner was formally inducted at last June’s high school graduation.

BOCES LPN students Verneica Walker, Russell Whipple, Nicole Ruscher, Keymarroo Guiden, Megan Ruscher, Tina Kehrley, Justine Decker, Kelly McCormick, Cieara Kerrand and Mark Criddell received their caps in a recent ceremony marking the halfway point in their progression of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. The class is scheduled to graduate from the program in July of 2014. 


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