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Bowling Highlights

Maybe a new bowling venue

Ed Townsend
Posted 12/10/21

On a short two day trip recently to Lancaster, PA, we had the opportunity to review an installation of the Qubica AMF scaled down version of a traditional bowling experience.

A local business in …

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Bowling Highlights

Maybe a new bowling venue


On a short two day trip recently to Lancaster, PA, we had the opportunity to review an installation of the Qubica AMF scaled down version of a traditional bowling experience.

A local business in Sullivan County noted to me they may be exploring the possibility of installing a Highway66 Qubica AMF scaled down version of a traditional bowling center.

Most bowlers know the game of bowling, but with the Highway66, this is truly a whole new bowling vibe. Highway66 is the most popular and best selling mini bowling attraction in the world.

The Highway66 has premium features like HD scoring, video masking, LED capping lights, and Highway66 really delivers the ultimate bowling lane experience.

The short lane conditions take some time to get used to, and the solid hard plastic bowling ball the size of a softball takes a little while to learn the proper delivery and what speed to throw the ball. And yes, the speed and ability to curve the ball is almost like the traditional game of bowling.

The owner of this bowling center near Lancaster noted that they have leagues, and everything else that goes with the regular game of bowling.

One bowler at this center, which has four lanes, a restaurant and cocktail lounge, noted that he had not bowled in years, but was attracted to this ultimate mini bowling experience.

Since the introduction of mini bowling over 20 years ago, more than 6,000 Highway66 lanes have been installed.

Highway66 is infused with Quibaca AMF's rich heritage of traditional bowling experience, and the ultimate expression of their superiority in manufacturing and innovation.

This on-lane experience and feel is redefining the bowling experience, and the space requirements make an installation like this available to restaurants, bars and other recreation facilities.

Could we possibly see installation of lanes locally?

Ed's Outlook

Who would have ever thought Sullivan County bowlers would have to go out of the county to bowl?

As we have previously noted, bowling has seen a decline in league competition, and one of the major complaints from bowlers has been that the league runs too long and the cost to bowl has gotten too high.

We talked about the new Qubica AMF Highway66 bowling experience we had in Lancaster, PA, and suspect that something like this might attract new and old bowlers for a different style of bowling activity.

One solution to this problem, that continues to gain in popularity, is the introduction of short-season leagues that can run for 16 or fewer weeks.

In addition to the league having 16 or fewer sessions, the league must designate itself as a short-season league and the league prize fund will be bonded.

Having heard many bowlers state their reason why they have left their long-season league, one would think that the introduction of a shorter season would gain in popularity.

Bowling tip by Mike Luongo

Upper body position is the topic of this week's tip.

Many bowlers worry too much about their steps and footwork, giving very little thought to their upper body position.

In the past, most new bowlers were told to use a four-step approach, but this advice is wrong.

Bowlers come in a variety of different body types, different flexibilities and different lengths to their legs and arms.

When looking at the legends of the game, we find that no two bowlers have exactly the same style.

The most important thing is to get the bowler's body in the correct position and here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get your head over the ball.
  2. The bowling shoulder should be tilted to the ball side.
  3. Using this method, the feet will go where they must so that you do not fall down.

Getting the body in the correct position will improve your game and will help the bowler feel much more comfortable.


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