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Golfing Highlights

Oldest Golf Facility in County

Ed Townsend
Posted 6/10/22

The Liberty Sullivan County Golf & Country Club is the oldest golf facility in the county, with an historic background dating back 90 years.

This 9-hole golf facility was born in February of …

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Golfing Highlights

Oldest Golf Facility in County


The Liberty Sullivan County Golf & Country Club is the oldest golf facility in the county, with an historic background dating back 90 years.

This 9-hole golf facility was born in February of 1925 when a dozen Liberty businessmen negotiated the purchase of the Gaylord Hull Farm west of the village containing some 160 acres with the purpose of building a nine hole golf course.

Final transfer of the property took place on April 1 and work started immediately on the construction of the golf course. The total purchase price for the 160 acres was $20,000 and the course was open for play in the late 1920's.

On June 24, 1931, the Sullivan County Golf & Country Club was the site of the start of an historic airplane flight which took well-known Liberty photographer Otto Hillig and his able pilot, Holger Hoiriis from now what houses the 9th fairway of this golf course to an airport in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On June 24, 2011 the golf course celebrated the 80th anniversary of this flight.

The golf course was owned and operated by the golf course board of directors until sometime in early 2018 when a new management team of Jennifer Shampine and Brian P. Rourke took over the golf course and Oscar Brown's Restaurant.

Rourke and Shampine got out of the golf course and restaurant business several years later and the facilities were turned over to Western Sullivan Properties.

There were plans at one time to develop housing on land above the actual golf course but no immediate information was available on this proposal.

As to activity at the Sullivan County Golf & Country Club the golf facilities are open but the restaurant and large bar and cocktail lounge are closed.

Western Sullivan Properties did tell us that there are no golf tournaments scheduled at this time.

The Sullivan County Golf & Country Club nine-hole course plays to a total yardage of 3,006. From the men's tees Par is 36 and 39 for women.

Several interesting holes at Sullivan County include the first hole, which is a 315-yard par 4. Straight down the middle over the directional flag will put your second shot into the green and the opportunity for a par. Don’t hit it short on the second shot because a small stream runs in front of the green.

Hole number 4 is a 152-yard par 3 with an elevated tee taking your tee shot down hill left to right. Not the best idea to shoot directly at the green. Instead, hit the ball on the side hill and let it roll onto the green.

Periscopes are installed on the 1st and 7th tees to give golfers a view down the fairways and this avoids golfers hitting into players ahead of them.

There are 16 teams playing in the Monday Men's league   and 10 teams playing in the Wednesday Men's league. Clubhouse management said the Women's Thursday Fun league has not started yet and the Friday Couples league has also not started yet.

Kevin Na to Resign from the PGA Tour

The man known for walking in putts is walking away from the PGA Tour.

Kevin Na, whose name was included in the field announcement for the LIV Golf Series' $25 million kickoff event in London, took to twitter recently to inform his fans that he was taking the drastic step of resigning from the PGA tour in lieu of facing whatever disciplinary measures might await him and his fellow deserters.

"I am sad to share that I have chosen to resign from the PGA Tour," said Na, 38, a five-time winner on tour. "This has not been an easy decision and not one I take lightly. I hope the current policies change and I'll be able to play on the PGA tour again."

"It's a shame that guys feel they have to be on one side or the other," said Aaron Wise. "I feel like the Tour has pushed that in a hard way, that you're picking one side or the other, and I don't know if Kevin was trying to make a point or taking a stance in what he believes and making a statement, but he obviously felt this is what he had to do."

Word on the street is Na will keep his PGA Tour pension despite leaving for LIV. By resigning he takes away the possibility of punishment, basically a retirement from the tour.

Finn Tournament at

Swan Lake August 20

The Frank Finn Memorial Golf Tournament will be held Saturday, August 20 at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club.

A chicken BBQ will follow the tournament.

The fee is $90 early registration and $95 after August 13.

Shotgun start at 10 a.m.

The tournament includes 18 holes of golf with cart, contests, lunch, prizes and raffles.

To sign up, contact Bob Menges at 845-292-0323 or Phil Fanning at 845-807-2744.

Golf Tip

By Robert Menges

When we golfers get to the tee, we always say to ourselves, “No slice. Hit the ball straight.”

This week, let's look at the best way to stop slicing your driver and start hitting the ball straight.

Let's look at these tips:

  1. The Grip. You do not want your hands turning too much towards the target. We want to strengthen your grip or turn away from the target so you can see more knuckles. Change the grip, then hit golf balls. It might take practice, but this is the first stage.
  2. Closing the face. The handle should be slightly ahead of the clubface.

With your new grip, we want to rotate the face of the club down and turn the knuckles down. Don't throw the shoulder; you just want the bottom part of the forearm working. Get that sensation of closing the face. Don't rush this. Try to get a draw working from right to left.

  1. Pressure on the back of the golf ball. We don't want chicken wings and flicky strikes at the ball; we want pressure on the back of the golf ball.

Twin Village

Monday Mens

  1. Reed & Odell 73.5
  2. Kinne & Stabbert 69.5
  3. Thomas & Hendrickson 66.5
  4. Rampe & Clancy 66.0
  5. M. Brock & N. Brock 65.0
  6. Green & Clark 60.5
  7. T. Gilmour & D. Gilmour 59.5
  8. Tallman & Ackerly 58.0
  9. S. Ryder & P. Ryder 56.5
  10. Murphy & Frey 55.0
  11. Husson IV & Husson III 54.5
  12. Tucker & Smith 54.0
  13. Wood & Brosius 51.0
  14. Townsend & Murphy 48.5
  15. Templin & Lee 41.5
  16. Harris & Spalding 40.5

Thursday Travel League

  1. Thomas & Husson 83.5
  2. Benzenberg & Benzenberg 69.5
  3. Sullivan & DeVantier 69.0
  4. Martin & Favre 69.0
  5. J. Bowers & Edwards 66.5
  6. Ackerly & Schmidt 64.0
  7. Bernstein & Loughlin 64.0
  8. Dewitt & Depew 63.0
  9. Stevens & Holmequest 62.5
  10. Hutchins & Reichmann 62.0
  11. Taggart & Mershon 60.5
  12. R. Bowers & Hoxie 59.0
  13. Gilmore & Gilmore 54.5
  14. Collura & Fisher 53.5
  15. Coney & Mace 46.0
  16. Todora & Cawley 45.5
  17. Corley & Heavey 41.5
  18. Cunningham & Poli 39.0
  19. Winters & Petraglia 36.0
  20. Astacio & Stanley 30.0

Tennanah Lake

Thursday Mens Palmer Div

  1. Stock & Wolcott 61.0
  2. Forsblum & Gabeline 59.5
  3. Roseo & Tallman 56.0
  4. Seibert & Bridges 48.0
  5. Parucki & Drown 46.5
  6. Walsh & Simpson 45.0
  7. Bowers & Green 38.5
  8. Calkin & Schumacker 38.0
  9. Giordano & Nogin 37.5
  10. McGreevy & Estabrook 37.0
  11. Haas & Tucker 36.5
  12. Cassevah & Strauss 13.5

Villa Roma

Villa division

  1. Phillips & Phillips 76.5
  2. Esselman & Hendrickson 71.0
  3. Meyer & Meyer 70.5
  4. Clark & Johnston 70.5
  5. Brockner & Marston 68.5
  6. VonAhnan & Dannic 66.0
  7. Pierce & Pierce 65.0
  8. Leroy & Kelly 58.0
  9. Starr & Nober 57.0
  10. Molusky & Ward 53.5
  11. Deegan & Johnson 51.0
  12. Buddenhagen & Bonnaci 46.0
  13. Hinkley & Alden 37.5

Roma division

  1. Molusky & Benson 73.5
  2. Wunderlich & Doughty 71.0
  3. Feeney & Decker 70.5
  4. Spagnoli & Bauer 64.0
  5. Willi & Stubits 63.5
  6. Backlund & Smith 62.5
  7. Cardo & Fedorick 61.5
  8. Russell & Dubois 58.5
  9. Calkin & Calkin 58.5
  10. O’Brien & Walsh 55.5
  11. Schumacher & Allen 46.0
  12. Borowski & Borowski 44.5
  13. Maas & Boyle 39.5


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