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Inside Out

Own a gun? It’s your responsibility

Jeanne Sager
Posted 12/21/21

It’s been a hard few weeks for American parents.

On November 30, we drew in our breath and watched in horror as parents in Oxford, Michigan were thrust into the nightmare of a school …

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Inside Out

Own a gun? It’s your responsibility


It’s been a hard few weeks for American parents.

On November 30, we drew in our breath and watched in horror as parents in Oxford, Michigan were thrust into the nightmare of a school shooting, several losing their children in the violence.

That this came just two weeks before the 9-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting was particularly painful. It’s been 9 years since 20 innocent babies were taken away from their families. Nine years, and we have no fixes, no solutions to honor their memories with.

Last week saw the shuttering of several of our county schools due to threats of violence, to one district locked down as a parent searched for a “missing” gun in their home and authorities rushed to check if a child had carried the weapon to school in a jacket pocket.

Parents are scared.

What other alternative do we have?

I’ve talked to gun owners this week begging for change. I’ve talked to parents confessing relief that their children are quarantined with a miserable (and sometimes deadly) disease if only because it’s kept them home. I’ve talked to kids who are afraid their district is going to be next.

This issue has long been cast as a fight between those who have guns and those who don’t, long been a politically-charged battle to the death ... and I wish I didn’t mean that literally.

But what has that gotten us in nine years?

This year alone there have been at least 149 incidents of gunfire on school grounds, resulting in 32 deaths and 94 injuries nationally — statistics from the non-profit Everytown for Gun Safety.

The non-profit also shares these chilling statistics:

  • Of the guns used in school shootings, 48 percent were not being properly stored — like the gun that locked down a local school just last week.
  • Three quarters of school shooters get their guns from a parent or close relative.

Something I keep hearing from gun owners who are angry over school shootings and afraid for their kids: “My kids don’t even know where my guns are.”

This isn’t a “should you have guns” issue. It’s not an anti-gun issue.

It’s an issue of being a responsible gun owner whose kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, first cousin’s grandkids ... do not and cannot access their guns.



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  • lhfc1563

    Everytown for gun safety is an anti-gun group backed by Michael Bloomberg, o if it's not an anti-gun issue why use this group and not ever use a pro-gun group, because you have an agenda.

    Guns aren't allowed in school being a Gun Free Zone aka Free Killing Zone where the law-abiding gun owners can't carry, the responsible can't carry there yet this scenario keeps happening all over.

    The responsibility of the school to keep all the students safe was failed as Red Flags were set off prior to this shooting.

    A timeline article has the student shooting 30 times by the time police got there and if you take the amount of time and shooting only 30 rounds, something doesn't add up!

    School shootings went up after they took gun safety classes out of the schools including the shutting down of school ranges. You all put down the NRA but with the NRA the kids had a fighting chance for being taught right.

    Then again it's also a mental issue, not covered here.

    Still they use I talked to these type of people without saying who, anyone can do that to move an agenda.

    I don't condone using guns the wrong way and responsibility is that of like a car, YOU must be secure.

    This is another case of the Evil were are all under.

    Sunday, January 9 Report this