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Split decision

T-V boys, SW girls prevail in key track division clash

Richard A. Ross
Posted 4/19/22

GRAHAMSVILLE - It has often been said that rivalry is the lifeblood of sports. Seen through the lens of winning and losing, that certainly has some truth, especially in cases where opponents meet …

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Split decision

T-V boys, SW girls prevail in key track division clash


GRAHAMSVILLE - It has often been said that rivalry is the lifeblood of sports. Seen through the lens of winning and losing, that certainly has some truth, especially in cases where opponents meet year after year. Such is the case in the competitive fire that timelessly exists between Tri-Valley and Sullivan West. Season after season through all the sports in which they engage one another, that edge never dulls in both boys and girls sports encounters.

And so, it has been in track and field with each school having periods of dominance over the other in either boys or girls competition. In some years one of the two schools was victorious in both. The details of those dynasties will be a subject to revisit when it comes time for Sectionals.

This early April track meet, which had been previously postponed, took place on a beautiful, balmy afternoon as runners, jumpers and throwers from the county rivals set out to do their best. The result was an 84-48 Tri-Valley boys win and a Sullivan West 90-42 girls triumph. The victories almost certainly assure Division V titles for the respective victors, a preamble to the rivalry for Section Nine titles later this spring. While competition between athletes fuels the overall team agenda, the main challenge each athlete contends with is his or her own performance in an ongoing attempt to better the times, heights or distances he or she previously recorded.

Track and field can yield enduring rewards as the self-discipline, effort and persistence athletes evince, can lead to the better handling of many challenges life may bring. This meet was rife with great individual performances and that needs to command attention as well as the overall team efforts.

The Tri-Valley boys’ most consistent weapon comes from its distance running depth. They won the 4x800 and 4x400 relays with the same quartet of Adam Furman, Vincent Mingo, Caleb Edwards and Dayne Wall. Furman won the 400, 800 and the 1600, while Craig Costa triumphed in the 3200. Sullivan West evinced fine sprinting with Tarrell Spencer winning the 100 and Aoleces Jimenez capturing the 200.

Were it not for a mishap on the baton pass, the Westies might have prevailed in the 4x100 but the fall afforded the Bears the sweep of all three relays. SW’s Chris Campanelli handily won both the discus and the shot put. He is currently ranked first in all of Section 9 in the shot put and second in the discus. He is first in both Class D among Section Nine contenders.

Spencer won the long jump and the triple jump. The schools split the hurdle events with T-V’s Noah Jucha winning the 110 high hurdles and SW’s Dylan Sager capturing the 400 Intermediate hurdles. T-V’s Kristoff Guanzon soared to a win in the pole vault. There were many numerous personal bests throughout the meet.

In the girls competition. Sullivan West’s Grace Boyd and Tri-Valley’s Kendall McGregor were each big contributors to their team’s points ledger. Boyd combined with Jamie Hendrickson, Sam Everett and Abby Parucki to win the 4x800 relay. She also won the 1500, 800 and the 3000 which ended up being untimed because it was one lap short.

Parucki captured the 400 and ran a leg in the winning 4x400 relay with Hendrickson, Everett and Norbar.

McGregor won the 100, 100 hurdles, the 200. T-V’s MacKenzie Closs was victorious in the 400 Intermediate hurdles and the long jump. Sullivan West’s Kathryn Widmann broke the school record in the shot put, again, and also won the discus. SW’s Keely Schock won the pole vault and teammate Violla Shami captured the triple jump. She also ran a leg in the winning 4x100 relay along with Amanda Dirig, Brooke DeCarlo and Ella LaBagh.

The Division titles are not awarded until the end of the regular season but given the depth of these two winning teams as compared to the other contenders in Division V, those honors are a near certainty.

Boys Results

Tri-Valley 84, Sullivan West 48

4x800 Relay (T-V) 9:30.3 (Vincent Mingo, Dayne Wall, Adam Furman and Caleb Edwards. 110 High hurdles: 1. Noah Jucha 19.8; 2. Reese Shelmandine (T-V) 21.2; 3. Nicholas Bender (T-V) 22.0. 100: 1. Tarrell Spencer (SW) 11.7; 2. Noah Edwards (T-V) 12.0; 3. Aoleces Jimenez (SW) 12.1. 1600: 1. Adam Furman (T-V) 4:30; 2. Craig Costa (T-V) 4:46; 3. Van Furman (T-V) 4:51. 4x100 Relay: 1. (T-V) 51.4 Brandon Schultz, Talan Scanna, Noah Edwards and Dylan Poley. 400:1. A. Furman (T-V) 52.8; 2. Dylan Sager (SW) 56.8; 3. Craig Costa (T-V) 56.9. 400 Intermediate hurdles: 1. Sager (SW) 69.0; 2. Schultz (T-V) 69.8; 3. Shelmandine (T-V) 72.7. 800: 1. A. Furman (T-V) 2:14: 2. Costa (T-V) 2:19; 3. Caleb Edwards (T-V) 2:21. 200: 1. Jimenez (SW) 24.78; 2. N. Edwards (TV) 25.5; 3. Spencer (SW) 25.8; 3200: 1. Costa (T-V) 10:23; 2. V. Furman (T-V) 10:29; 3. Landon Volpe (SW) 11:04. 4x400 Relay: 1. (T-V) 4:00(A. Furman, Mingo, Wall, C.Edwards. Pole vault: 1. Kristoff Guanzon (T-V) 8-0; 2. Tie Connor Rafferty (T-V), Bender (T-V) Schultz T-V) and Sager (SW) 7-4. Shot put: 1. Chris Campanelli (SW) 46-6 ¼; 2. Dillan Hanslmaier (SW) 36- ¾; 3. Mark Klein35-2 ½. Discus: 1. Campanelli (SW) 120-4; 2. Brandon Kaplan (T-V) 109-10; 3. Armaan Butler (T-V) 97-4. Triple jump: 1. Spencer (SW) 37-11 ¾; 2. Danny Shami (SW) 34-7 ¾; Jucha (T-V) 34-5. Long jump: 1. Spencer (SW) 19-4 ¼; 2. Jimenez (SW) 16- ¾;3. Jucha (T-V) 15-10 ¾.

Girls results

Sullivan West 90, Tri-Valley 42

4x800 Relay: 1. (SW) 13:14.4 Grace Boyd, Jamie Hendrickson, Sam Everett and Abby Parucki. 100 High hurdles: 1. Kendall McGregor (T-V) 18.2; 2. Keely Schock (SW) 20.0; 3. Joyce Brooks (T-V) 20.9; 4. Katelynn Smith (SW) 22.7, 100: 1. McGregor (T-V) 13.0; 2. Amanda Dirig (SW) 14.1; 3. Brooke DeCarlo (SW) 14.5. 1500: 1. Boyd (SW) 5:29; 2. Brynn Poley (T-V) 5:38; 3. Ella Herbert (SW) 5:52. 4x100 Relay: 1. (SW) 59.4 Violla Shami, Dirig, DeCarlo and Ella LaBagh. 400: 1. Abby Parucki (SW)69.0; 2. Everett (SW) 72.0; 3. Paige Parucki (SW) 74.0. 400 Intermediate hurdles: 1. MacKenzie Closs (T-V) 1:20.4; 2. Brooks (T-V) 1:31; 3. Brooke Nunnari (SW) 1:34. 800: 1. Boyd (SW) 2:34; 2. Poley (T-V) 2:52; 3. Hendrickson (SW) 2:53. 200: 1. McGregor (T-V) 28.1; 2. Closs (T-V) 30.4; 3. Diriq (SW) 31.0. 3000 (untimed) 1. Boyd (SW); 2. Herbert (SW); 3. Poley (T-V). 4x400 Relay: 1. (SW) 4:55 A. Parucki, Hendrickson, Everett, Norbar. Pole vault: 1. Schock (SW) 7-0; 2. Rosalyn Tanner (SW)5-6; 3, Madison Eisma (SW) 4-6. Shot put: 1. Kathryn Widmann (SW) 36 ¾; 2. Kaitlyn McBride (SW) 20-6; 3.Emily Hornbeck (T-V) 20.4. Discus: 1. Widmann (SW) 85-0; 2. Shami 69-1; 3. Brook Mulholland (T-V) 59-8. Triple jump: 1. Shami (SW) 28 -½; 2. P. Parucki (SW) 27-2 ¾; 3. Closs (T-V) 26 ¼. Long jump: 1. Closs (T-V)12-10 ¼; 2. P. Parucki (SW) and Diriq (SW) 12-1.


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