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Stop the lies; Biden Won

Kathy Werner - Columnist
Posted 11/19/20

So now it seems that Donald Trump's endgame is to overturn the chessboard and destroy as much of our democracy as he can on his inevitable way out of the White House.

He continues to …

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Stop the lies; Biden Won


So now it seems that Donald Trump's endgame is to overturn the chessboard and destroy as much of our democracy as he can on his inevitable way out of the White House.

He continues to irresponsibly sow unrest and distrust in our electoral system in spite of the fact that this election has had more public scrutiny than any other in recent memory.

The man is a menace to our country, plain and simple. Compounding this danger is that there are so many “news” outlets and complicit Republicans willing to carry his water and help spread outright lies and disinformation.

Not “misinformation” which would imply some honest confusion. No, we are talking about deliberate untruths being propagated by people on media outlets who know that they are spreading lies.

I have a challenge for all who turn to outlets such as OAN and Fox News—if you don't trust ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN, just watch the PBS NewsHour for one week.

If you are only getting your news from Fox News, OAN, or Info Wars, you are living in a disinformation echo chamber. Take a moment to hear straight news.

The election was legitimate. Your vote, if you did vote, was counted. Ethical Republicans (such as Georgia's Secretary of State who resisted pressure to throw out votes, and Chris Krebs an official with Homeland Security who said the election was not compromised), Democrats, and the majority of Americans are in agreement that we had a free and fair election.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been elected to replace Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Biden and Harris won the popular vote by 5.8 million votes. They won 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232.

Recounting the votes will not change this outcome. Sending Rudy Giuliani out to make wild accusations will not change the outcome. Spouting endless lies will not change the outcome.

Democrats know how it feels to be on the short end of an election. Seeing Hillary Clinton lose in 2016 hurt, and though she had more popular votes, the electoral college numbers were not in her favor.

It was upsetting and sad to lose the election in 2016. And yet, Hillary conceded that very next day and by November 10, then-President Obama had President-elect Trump to the White House. As it should be and always has been.

Until this guy showed up.

Let's remember that America is better than this. We have traditions and norms that have been in place for years that have allowed for the peaceful transfer of power.

Rick Hasen, law professor at UC Irvine and a nationally recognized expert in election law, recently wrote: “Forget Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Or Trump's impeachment for asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Arguably the biggest political scandal we've ever seen in this country is playing right before our eyes: President Trump and his allies are trying to reverse the election results of a contest he lost.”

Hasen continues, “Bottom line: Trump's efforts to overturn the election have stumbled and gained no significant traction yet. But it's still disturbing to watch, especially with so many elected Republicans staying silent. And it provides a road map for someone else to do it better next time.”

Our election is over, and Biden has won. It's time to honor the will of the electorate and ensure the smooth transfer of power to a new administration.


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