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Bowling Highlights

Team has collegiate violations

Ed Townsend
Posted 9/23/22

Aaron Smith of Bowl.com recently discussed a violation regarding unintentional recruiting for Team USA. The situation, as explained on Bowl.com, follows below.

Team USA head bowling coach, Bryan …

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Bowling Highlights

Team has collegiate violations


Aaron Smith of Bowl.com recently discussed a violation regarding unintentional recruiting for Team USA. The situation, as explained on Bowl.com, follows below.

Team USA head bowling coach, Bryan O’Keefe, has informed the United States Bowling Congress Collegiate program that he voluntarily accepts the full penalty for an unintentional recruiting violation under rules adopted by the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association (NCBCA).

  O’Keefe, the director of bowling at McKendree University, acknowledges having impermissible contact with a graduate transfer athlete that was not registered in the USBC Collegiate transfer portal. The contact occurred after the athlete graduated following the collegiate season.

  “As the leader of the McKendree University program and head coach of Team USA, I hold myself to the highest standards of integrity,” O’Keefe said.

  “While the violation was unintentional, ultimately it is my responsibility.”

  O’Keefe has voluntarily accepted the penalty under the NCBCA’s rules for a first offense and agreed not to speak with potential recruits or their parents for 151 days. O’Keefe’s role in the Team USA program is not affected.

  The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) serves as the national governing body of bowling as recognized by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC).

Bowling Balls Prohibited by USBC

The United States Bowling Congress has information about six previously certified bowling balls that are now prohibited from USBC national events including the USBC Masters. However, they remain allowed in other USBC competitions including league play.

The bowling balls include the Storm Phaze 4, the Storm Electrify Solid, the Storm Trend 2, the 900 Global Altered Reality, the 900 Global Wolverine and the Roto Grip UFO Alert.

All six of these bowling balls remain allowed in all PBA competition through the remainder of the 2022 PBA season.

Bowling Tip by Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week’s tip is for any bowler who ends up out of balance at the foul line when delivering a bowling ball.

If you find yourself unable to finish your delivery in a strong balanced  position, it may  be a result of your follow through.

It is important that when you follow through on your delivery, you do not reach out with your arm, but up with your follow through.

The reason?

If you reach out, the weight of the ball will pull your upper body forward and may cause you to lose your balance. If you reach up, you can stay planted in a strong, solid position to deliver your bowling ball with accuracy and leverage.

Mike Luongo is a Certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question,  email him at mike.luongo@stormbowling.com

Local Highlights

Memory Lanes

(Formerly Port Jervis Bowl)

Monday Night Mixed

Pedro Agapito III 255, 245, 246, 745, Jason Csencsits  248, 644, Kyle Mathews 259, 673, Wences Acevedo 245, 637, Jaryl Scott 233, 612, Vinnie Collura 219, Jason Jones Sr. 208, 616, Paul Minton 266, 661, Marianna Monaco 233, 575, Kevin Stackhouse 212, Keith Smith 220, 618, Liz Stubits 208, 568, Bill VanAken 235, Vinny Degraw 226, Dan VanAken 226, 631, Richard Winters 250, 668, Dean Shattuck 218, JoJo VanKeuren 235, 623.

Tuesday Mixed

Anka Scott 220, Wayne Sniffen 255, 743, Kyle Felter 247, 606, Karin Willis 223, 534, Brett Romer 228, 635, Pedro Agapito III  279, 729.

P.J. City League

Matthew Terwilliger 224, 657, Jeff Brown 225, 618, Shrek 251, 689, Francis Luzzi 264, 704, Derek Delaney 258, 627, Frank Eichenlaub 223, 611, John Jashembowski 225, Justin Traynor 237, 616, Steven Fairweather 256, Cort Morgan 239, 606, Pat Morgan 242, 614, Chris Morgan Sr. 203, Pedro Agapito III 279, 776, Will Townsend 229, 621, Rich O’Neill 222, 609, Victor Claisse Jr.  224, Brittney Morgan 192, 512, Chris Morgan Jr. 266, 659, Dom Giovanniello 249, Steve Ewanciw 231, 625, Tom Hinkley 245, 690, Gary Kinne 264, Marcus Guzman  225, 657, Mike Holt 244, 623, Tommy Palmer 247, 652.

Thursday Women’s

Erin McDonash 226, 563, Stephanie Freeman194, 554, Carol Flynn 195, 541, Kristin Banse 185, 514, Charlene VanHorn 163, 475, Kim DeGarmo 180.

Ray Willis Sr. Memorial League

Brigette Willis 177, Brett Romer 242, 637, Josephine Zych 169, 505, Marisa Waehler 200, 527, Wayne Sniffen Jr. 279, 628, Linda Drew 175, Pat Morgan 259, 715, Justin Drew 213, J R Drew 212, Mr. Clean Csencsits 215, Brooke Csencsits 182, Jason Csencsits 235, Jaryl Scott 230, 635, Anka Scott 191, 516, Kaitlyn Yennie 195, 544, Kyle Felter 268, 654, Michele Bensley 185, 510, Sean Pittack 257, 620, Ray Willis Jr. 223, 622, Neal Bensleyn  213, Bryan Shauger 223, 630, Jason Markle 245.

Fox Bowling Center

Wednesday Independent

Doc Bolduc 266, 701, Andrew Bullis 243, 684, Shane Dirig 222, 603, Paul Gordon 234, 676, Rob Johnson 226, 622, Dan Keesler 234, 616, Dick Price 233, 612, Zuke Wormuth 213, 609, Jay Wormuth 224, 618.

Thursday Night 3

Dale Conklin 231, 610, Ray Cornwell 222, 632, Shane Dirig 219, Bill Gleim 232, 612, Dan Keesler 232, 640, Dennis Leonard 221, 607, Chris Wadeson 237, 602.

Quinnz Pinz Middletown

Wednesday 3 Person

Steven Belgiovene 245, 639, Larry Whipple 267, 662, Keith Smith 268, 697, Kevin Stackhouse 214.


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