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The Floodgates of Wisdom

Moshe Unger - Columnist
Posted 12/30/20

“I shall thank G-d exceedingly with my mouth, and among many people I shall praise Him” (Psalms 109, 30). I want to use this public forum to express my gratitude to the One Above for the recovery …

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The Floodgates of Wisdom


“I shall thank G-d exceedingly with my mouth, and among many people I shall praise Him” (Psalms 109, 30). I want to use this public forum to express my gratitude to the One Above for the recovery of my daughter.

Two weeks ago (this explains the absence of the column…) my daughter had a procedure on her eyes to fix cross-eyes. A few days later one eye became infected and another procedure had to be done to clean it out.

Thank G-d she is fine and even back in school. The cross-eyes are also much better. It takes time to see the full effect of the procedure.

The procedure is standard; however, the infection afterwards is quite rare. I'm thanking G-d for the recovery of both, the standard procedure and the infection afterwards.

The great sage Nachmanides (1194-1270) writes that the purpose of special miraculous events is so that we recognize the miracles in the regular and normal things. After going through a few days in the hospital with my dear daughter, I'm very grateful with the “regular” life.

In the world also we are all waiting to go back to “regular”. In the last few decades, we have so much wealth, abundance, and blessings. Certainly, we are now able to reflect on that and be extremely thankful for all we have.

Kings and queens of just a century or two ago, didn't have the comfortabilities and luxuries that even regular people have today. Just over a century ago most towns here in the United States didn't have even one medical doctor. The amenities and appliances that most people today have, feels like Messianic times.

There is a very important text in Judaism called the Zohar which was authored 1800 years ago. Commenting on the story of the Mabul - the great flood, in the book of Genesis, the Zohar says that in the year 1840, the floodgates of wisdom will open to mankind. I would mention that the Academics claim that this work was authored in stages 800-1000 years ago. Whatever the case is, it was certainly long before Modern Science made it onto the scene.

This is an important insight. Of course, a person can choose to believe that Modern Science is just a construction of the human and it's all due to natural progression. First of all, the talent of the human cannot explain itself. Why do humans have these talents, unparallel of any animal? It could be that humans were smarter at survival and that's why they developed these skills. However, the question still begs, what is the origin of their being “smarter at survival” and their being able to develop such amazing skills…

Intuitively, it seems that we live in a flood of wisdom that is beyond regular progression. Many of the most amazing discoveries were made much before the turn to Modern Science, including, writing, mathematics, philosophy, the wheel, breadmaking, and much more. That's why it seems that the abundance that we have is a special gift that is beyond natural progression. Humans were just not that stupid a millennium or two ago.

I'm very thankful to the Creator of the world for Modern Medicine, which is helping my daughter having perfect vision. Hopefully, mankind will learn to use this flood of wisdom beyond just making the most amazing gadgets for economic gain. It is our collective hope that we'll learn to appreciate even more the amazing blessings that we have in this world and that it would soon reach the best version of itself.


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