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Tournament To Benefit Garnet Health

Ed Townsend - Columnist
Posted 8/27/20

The Garnet Health Foundation Golf Classic will tee it up Monday, Sept. 14 and Tuesday, Sept. 15 with a golf tournament designed with your health and safety in mind.

The Garnet Health Medical …

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Tournament To Benefit Garnet Health


The Garnet Health Foundation Golf Classic will tee it up Monday, Sept. 14 and Tuesday, Sept. 15 with a golf tournament designed with your health and safety in mind.

The Garnet Health Medical Center includes the former Catskill Regional Center Hospital in Harris, the Grover M. Hermann Hospital in Callicoon and the Orange Regional in Middletown, all of which have been renamed the Garnet Health Medical Center.

Golfers attending this year's 29th Annual Golf Classic will be armed with sanitizers from Black Dirt CBD and socially distanced among many other event changes to keep everyone safe.

The event will be held over the two days identified in the first paragraph at both the West Hills Country Club in Middletown and the Golf Club at Mansion Ridge in Monroe to split the field of golfers which normally would be a one-day event.

In addition to social distancing, golfers will have their own cart, to-go meals, and day of registration and scoring through smartphones. Golfers gifts are again part of the program.

William Dauster, Garnet Health Foundation President announced that “we have modified this event to keep everybody's health and safety a top priority.”

September 14 will offer “Better Ball” at West Hills and Mansion Ridge and on September 15 golfers will play “Scramble” at both courses.

Online event registration and payment is available at www.garnethealthclassic.org

The 18-hole golfer spots fill up at least two weeks in advance so early registration is vital.

On the tournament dates registration begins at 10 a.m. and shotgun starts are 11 a.m.

The West Hills Country Club is located at 121 Golf Links Road, Middletown and the Golf Club at Mansion Ridge is located at 1292 Orange Turnpike, Monroe.

Additional tournament information is available at 845-333-2333 or at the email foundation@garnethealth.org.

Healey Brothers is this year's tournament sponsor.

Ed's Outlook

The Adams Golf Rumor

If you've forgotten about the Adams Golf brand, the summary goes like this …

Adams was the awesome little golf company that could, though, based on what sources told us about its financial situation, it couldn't have much longer. And so, in 2012, TaylorMade purchased Adams Golf, its intellectual property and, for better or worse, its market share.

At the time, there were rumors that the acquisition was a means to resolve a patent dispute over the slot in the original Rocketballz.

At the time of the acquisition, Adams wasn't a massive retail player. It did OK in the iron category. It had a significant enough share of the metalwoods market to get TaylorMade's attention. Its hybrids set the standard. The company enjoyed a solid run as the No. 1 hybrid on the PGA TOUR and it's hard to argue there isn't still some Adams influence in TaylorMade's hybrid designs.

Everyone has a favorite Adams hybrid.

From time to time, the company cranked out something special in the driver category (the 9064LS is a Classic), and the iron line … just a steady stream of solid performers that spanned everything from the Hogan-esque blade-on-blade MB2 to functional SGI irons. To this day, there exists a loyal cult following that would fight you to the death if you said otherwise.

Dismissing the idea that somebody at Adams scheduled a pair of tweets five years in advance, the explanation could be as simple as routine tire-kicking at TaylorMade.

Things come up in meetings all the time. Maybe somebody remembered that TaylorMade owns Adams and decided to spend the cost of a couple of tweets to find out if anyone still cares.

Call it a light lifting exploration to determine if there should be a plan.

Golf Tip

By Bob Menges

We all have different ways of doing things on the golf course, which is why one technique or strategy might work for one person but not another.

For example, some of us will visualize the shot we want to hit in our mind, because it helps us execute the shot. For others, they have to experience the shot.

With that said (or written in this case) it never hurts to try something new.

So here are several “pep talks” you can create to help build your confidence for the next round.

After each round of golf, take 60 seconds to sit quietly and replay three best shots of the round. Visualize them in slow motion and lock every detail into your memory. They'll come back to cheer you on in the future.

Tell someone about your best shot of the day, but never talk about your worst shots. Professionals can usually remember every shot during a tournament, but there is one shot they "just don't recall".....its their worst shot. Let the bad shots go, and never ever talk about them.

After every shot, remember to say, "great shot" and mean it when you say it.....the results may not be exactly what you wanted, but the ball went where you hit it. So go do it again.

Breathe before every shot or putt, remember to breathe deeply and softly. It will relax your body and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

Make it a part of your pre-shot routine to consciously expect a great shot. As you pull the club from your bag, smile. As you look down the fairway or line up your putt, smile. As you stand over the ball, smile. Expect the best.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, have fun out there. Golf is a game. Yes, it can be very challenging and frustrating at times, but it is intended to be a form of enjoyment. Enjoy the day, the weather and the time with friends. Chances are, you'll enjoy the wonderful game of golf as well.

Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available when the course opens in mid-May. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323, 845-866-5567 or via email at bobmenges22@gmail.com

Putting Tip

By Geoff Walsh

Your opportunities will come for a ‘green light,' a realistic 1 putt attempt.

Meanwhile, stay calm and patient, be reasonable, steady, conservative, get your solid 2 putts, and then when the time is right, the distance, the undulation manageable, you feel comfortable and most positive.

Then you strike, like a cat on the prowl, stalking her prey while lurking in the shadows for that opportunity.

For that opportunity that you knew was coming and you begin sinking those one putt shots.

Geoff Walsh is a Class A PGA Professional at the Tarry Brae Golf Course at 387 Pleasant Valley Road, South Fallsburg. At this time private lessons are not available. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 845-434-2620.

Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the sport of golf and brings over 60-years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. When leagues and courses are fully in operation send your league or tournament information to Ed at 845-439-8177, email to bghtnews@aol.com or fax to 845-205-4474. View this column and Ed's photos at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Twin Village

Monday Mens

1. Green & Glantzis 145.5

2. Husson & Husson 137.0

3. Harris & Spalding 123.5

4. Madera & Madera 122.5

5. Templin & Lee 120.5

6. Tallman & Ackerly 120.0

7. Trask/Mooney/Huggins 119.5

8. Brock & Brock 119.0

9. Thomas & Hendrickson 118.0

10. Haas & France 115.0

11. Rampe & Hill 109.5

12. Jester & Winters 109.0

13. Rowan & Bennett 103.0

14. Murphy/Murphy/Reed 102.0

14. Wilcox & Gray 102.0

16. Tucker & Smith 101.5

17. Darbee & France 101.0

18. Ryder & Ryder 100.5

tarry braE

Tuesday mens

1. Delacruz & Garcia 132.0

2. Sauchuk & Martin 128.5

3. Yaun & Gilmore 127.0

3. Aymes & Schneider 127.0

4. Bonsick & Cassaveh 120.5

5. Pollock & Carey 119.0

6. Johnson & Johnson 115.5

7. Collette & Iqbal 115.0

8. Simpson & Wolcott 114.5

9. Kawauchi & Altbach 109.5

10. Flores & Kukas 106.5

11. Mullen & Rohrback 106.0

12. Stoddard & Kushetsky 103.5


Wednesday Night League

1. J. Fink & J. Graham 119.5

2. M. Brand & E. Stratton 116.5

3. B. Orr & D. Tanous 115.0

4. F. Barrett & D. Hendrickson 113.5

5. J. Fedroff & H. Tighe 109.0

6. F. Stabbert & T. Krantz 104.5

7. J. Hinkley & P. Alden 104.0

8. R. Schmidt & H. Russell 99.0

9. D. Kuebler & R. O'Mara 98.0

10. L. McAllister & R. Lennon 94.0

11. D. Hoskings & R. Esposito 85.5

12. M. Kovsh & C. Rodriguez 54.5

Tennanah Lake

Thursday mens palmer div

1. Mershon & Devantier 151.5

2. Cassevah & Johnston 145.0

3. Stock & Wolcott 144.5

4. Calkin & Schumacker 144.5

5. McGreevy & Estabrook 142.5

6. Tallman & Roseo 140.0

7. Giordano & Nogin 140.0

8. Reimer & Reimer 139.0

9. Walsh & Simpson 135.5

10. Haas & Tucker 131.5

11. Bowers & Edwards 126.0

12. Parucki & Buddenhagen 121.0

13. Green & Bowers 120.5

14. Seibert & Bury 118.5

Thursday Travel League

1. Thomas & Husson 162.5

2. Gilmore & Bernstein 154.5

3. Martinez & Sherman 154.0

4. Collura & Fisher 152.0

5. Bacigalupo & Mitchell 151.0

6. Winters & Winters 147.5

7. Schmidt & Ackerly 134.0

8. Stevens & Snihura 124.5

9. Jardine & Stanley 119.0

10. Lubniewski & Martin 117.0

11. Coney & Mace 116.0

12. Cawley & Todora 108.5

13. Hutchins & Mack 106.0

14. Benzenberg & Benzenberg 100.0

15. Poli & Cunningham 87.0

16. Heavey & Magill 76.5


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