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Down the Decades

July 19, 2022 Edition

Compiled by Lee Hermann, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 7/19/22

140 Years Ago - 1882

One of the lady boarders at the summer hotel at Guymard’s took a dram and a  half of Fowler’s solution by mistake last Sunday. Dr. Cuddeback of Port Jervis …

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Down the Decades

July 19, 2022 Edition


140 Years Ago - 1882

One of the lady boarders at the summer hotel at Guymard’s took a dram and a  half of Fowler’s solution by mistake last Sunday. Dr. Cuddeback of Port Jervis was telegraphed for and arrived as soon as possible. She is in much better condition now.

Nicholas Diehl and Anna L. Empt of Fosterdale and Callicoon Center were married July 2.

Mr. Arthur Bird is the happiest man in town. Cause —  a baby boy.

There are not nearly as many summer boarders in Sullivan County as there were last year at the same time.

Mr. Charles Knox, the New York hatter, has purchased of John Metz his farm of 33 acres for $2,000 and of Mr. David Chapman a piece of land of about 20 acres for $800.

No well regulated family should fail to be represented at the Jeffersonville Cornet Band Picnic on the 31st inst. Do not fail to come, as all the resources of art and science will be exhausted to make enjoyable this exceptional occasion.

Passage tickets to any port in Europe and drafts on European banks may be procured at the Record office on the same terms as in New York. A short notice is required.

The store and post office at Fallsburg, kept by Mr. H.W. Seely, were burglarized to the amount of $100 or $125 Saturday night.

When to stop advertising — When every man has become so thoroughly a creature of habit that he will certainly buy this year where he bought last year; When younger, fresher and spankier concerns in your line cease starting up and using the newspapers in telling the people how much better they can do for them than you can; When population ceases to multiply and the generations that crowd on after you stop coming on; When you have convinced everybody whose life will touch yours that you have better goods and lower prices than they can ever get any place outside of your store; When you perceive it to be the rule that men who never do, and never did, advertise are outstripping their neighbors in the same line of business; When men stop making fortunes right in your sight, solely by a discrete use of this mighty agent; When you can forget the words of the shrewdest and most successful businessmen concerning the main use of their property; When you’d rather have your own way and fail, than take advice and win.

130 Years Ago - 1892

The Jeffersonville and Callicoon Depot stage now stables at the Mansion House.

Simon Diehl is having a neat iron fence erected in front of his place on Bargardue Ave.

W.C. Brand has purchased the stage line between this place and Callicoon Depot.

List of new arrivals in Stevensville and vicinity: R. Soule, a girl; J.H. Kilcoin, a boy, P.E. Comfort, a boy; William McIntyre, a girl; B. Hathaway, a girl; R. Lamb, a girl.

The fireworks display on the Fourth at Callicoon Depot was grand.

A very enthusiastic meeting was held at Harmonie Hall, Saturday evening, July 2, 1882. Mr. L. Coates was on motion elected chairman and G.W. Wolf as secretary. After a few well chosen words by the chairman, the following resolution was among those passed. Resolved that we ratify the nomination of Grover Cleveland and Adlai E. Stevenson for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States.

Eight or ten sheep have strayed from the flock of Spencer Hardenburg, Youngsville. If anyone has them in charge they will please notify the owner who will call for them and settle for the keeping and trouble.

Mr. Andrew Bietz died at home in Jeffersonville July 3 from an affliction of the heart. 

120 Years Ago - 1902

A lamp in the Presbyterian Church caught fire Sunday evening, but Pastor Krauhaar promptly took it outdoors, where it exploded.

Dentist G.H. Lamson was in town this week on his monthly trip. Mr. Lamson has removed from Woodbourne to Livingston Manor.

Philip E. Geib and family, who came up from the city in the spring, are now occupying rooms in Ed Kohler’s house below the village.

Pathmaster Victor Hofer is entitled to a large bouquet for the manner in which he is smoothing out Maple Avenue after the laying of the main water main.

Andrew Fisher of Fosterdale and Miss Maggie Wolfe, formerly of Milanville, Pa., were married in New Haven on June 2.

The fire protection reservoir on Charles Scheidell’s hill looks like a fort from the village, a flag stuck up on a pole and several wheelbarrows placed on top of the embankment to represent cannons, making the effect very realistic.

Twin boys were born on Monday to Adolph Finkbeiner and wife of Swiss Hill. The mother is a daughter of F. Yager of this village (Jeffersonville).

It is proposed to hold the coaching parade in Jeffersonville on August 3.

John P. Roosa, father of former District Attorney John P. Roosa Jr., died Saturday at Monticello.

110 Years Ago - 1912

On Sunday afternoon, 45 boarders and nine employees of the boarding house of John Brinning Jr. at Lake Huntington were taken sick and visiting doctors at the Lake were called immediately while Drs. Gain and DePasse of Jeffersonville were sent for. It is said that the poisoning was caused by eating peach ice cream, which was served with lunch, but that does not seem to be the case, as there were two boarders who were stricken and who did not eat any of the ice cream.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smith of Tyler Hill, Pa., a son on Sunday.

The Borden Milk Co. has announced to the dairymen the price of milk for the month of August to be advanced 25¢ per 100 lbs., above the contract price making a total of $1.60 per 100 lbs.

100 Years Ago - 1922

Louis I. Waldman, an electrical contractor dealer with a well established business in the Bronx, will open an electrical supply store in the new store building of Benj.. Yager in a few days.

A son was born July 13 to Mr. and Mrs. John Wohltjen Jr. of Brooklyn. Mrs. Charles Schmidt of Jeffersonville is with her daughter, Mrs. Wohltjen.

Jacob Keesler of Liberty, who was born in Jeffersonville 68 years ago, died Sunday.

Ira Mapledoram, father of the Jeffersonville postmistress, Mrs. Ida M. Kohler, passed away at the home of his daughter in Monticello.

Following an illness of some length, John Scott, a native of this town, died in New York City.

90 Years Ago - 1932

Just a year ago, Otto Hillig, Liberty photographer, and his pilot, Holger Hoiriis were being given ovations on their return from their successful flight to Denmark. Now Otto is considering taking another flight in his plane, but not with Hoiriis, who has taken another flight to Denmark, with another partner, his wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foerster, who spent the past seven years here with their son, Rev. Dr. Fred Foerster at the Lutheran parsonage, sailed at midnight Friday for Dresden, Germany, where they will make their home with other relatives.

Mrs. Nadine Ruth Gilmore, the daughter of Tom Mix, cowboy actor, has obtained an annulment of her marriage in Sullivan County.

80 Years Ago - 1942

Winfield LaBagh, 21, eldest son of Mrs. Helen Robertson LaBagh and the late Austin LaBagh of White Sulphur Springs, was killed instantly on July 2 in an automobile accident.

Registration for new gas books will take place this week. The “A” book with 48 coupons will be issued.

The new observation post on the central school grounds has been completed and was put into use last week.

Miss Mildred C. McCallister of Montclair and John E. Donaldson, son of Mrs. John Donaldson of Bethel, were married on June 23.

Miss Margaret Mary Klingman, a native of Youngsville and daughter of Charles A. Klingman, was married to James A. McNeely of Newburgh on Saturday.

Charles Fuhrer, the Livingston Manor druggist, and Lillian Whitehead of New York were married June 30.

The sale of building lots at Lake Briscoe opened on July 3 and from the opening gun the success of the new project was assured.

70 Years Ago - 1952

A twenty-four hour rain which precipitated more than 12 inches of rain in this section of the Delaware Valley caused many thousands of dollars of damage in Callicoon village and many other places in the vicinity.

The most damage was done to the properties of the Western Hotel and the Wm. H. Nudorf residence at the lower end of Main Street when a large culvert which carries the brook under the hotel and through under the village became clogged and forced all the water through the hotel. The flash flood and damage done resembles the damage done in a similar flood in August 1920. That account read, “Thirty-one cars of Erie train #100 were derailed at 3 a.m. this morning (July 10) when the fast freight struck a section of track which had been undermined by the flood waters during the night one mile east of Lordville. Reports are that the 31 cars were piled up in a space normally occupied by ten cars.”

Miss Virginia Townsend of Briscoe and Walter Cook of Hortonville were married July 5 at Holy Cross Church in Callicoon.

Miss Dorothy Hartz of Callicoon and Chapell Peake Jr. of Hankins were married at the Hortonville Presbyterian Church on July 5.

The first shipment of cauliflower went from Rock Valley on Tuesday. Earle Poley drove the load of 176 crates and was accompanied by Lester Milk on the first trip.

Otto Moller of North Branch has an 8-year-old Holstein cow in his herd which produces 36 quarts of milk daily.

Lieut. and Mrs. Arnold Baum will leave July 11 for Fairbanks, Alaska, where he will be stationed for the next year and a half or so. They have purchased a log cabin there which is fully equipped for modern living. The Baums are driving the Al-Can Highway and expect to make the trip in about 15 days.

Honesdale again felt the ravages of flood waters as the Dyberry overflowed its banks, making it necessary to evacuate some people in the north end of town. The side of the 6-story Hussco Shoe building collapsed at 8:30 this morning (July 10) after being undermined by the Dyberry and some of the machinery was destroyed. Honesdale was cut off for a time from Prompton and Waymart as Route 6 was flooded and a large hole in Route 90 closed traffic from that area. The factory bridge in Long Eddy was washed away and there was damage to the old factory building — it seems to always be in the path of the floods. There were numerous washouts on town and county roads.

Mrs. Norma T. Stengel has undertaken an alumni study for the Delaware Valley Central School. Its graduates now number almost 700 persons.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Wood of North Branch on July 3; a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Knief of Jeffersonville on July 4th.

The Campbell Inn in Roscoe entertained 265 guests over the holiday weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Wahl of Fremont returned home from the strawberry festival at the Fremont Center Church Hall to find their family and friends gathered to wish them a happy 45th wedding anniversary on July 4.

60 Years Ago - 1962

John F. Kenney, a 50-year employee of the Erie Railroad, retired recently. His wife, Mrs. Sylvia Kenney, also retired recently after serving 28 years as postmistress at the Long Eddy Post Office.

Evelyn Mae Porter  became the bride of Edward Fulton on June 16 at the First Presbyterian Church in Jeffersonville.

Mrs. Helen Hust and Richard D. Chellis of North Branch were married at the Lutheran Church in Jeffersonville on July 7. Their children, Miss Ruth Ann Chellis and Norman Hust, were honor attendants.

The Civil War cannon has been taken from the courthouse lawn at Monticello to Callicoon for a rebuilding job. The wood of the carriage and wheels had rotted out, making it dangerous for children playing about the ancient weapon. The carriage and wheels will be re-built in the shop of the Martin Hermann Lumber Co.

July 19 marks the 183rd anniversary of the Battle of Minisink. This Revolutionary War conflict, the only one in Sullivan County, took place two miles from the northern banks of the Delaware River and three miles from Barryville. A Veterans Memorial Park, owned by Sullivan County and open to the public, marks the battleground.

Raymond Dexter and William Schanil, both employees of Carl’s Motor Sales, have been awarded the first annual Golden Circle Awards given by the Ford Division of Ford Motor Co. The awards are made for outstanding achievement in carrying out managerial responsibilities.

Carol Lee Hendrickson of Roscoe became the bride of Albert J. Frey II of Youngsville on June 30 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Youngsville.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hankins of Narrowsburg and a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chester Oset of Yulan, both on Tuesday at the Callicoon Hospital. Mrs. Floyd Canfield and son of Narrowsburg, Mrs. Robert Mullen of Honesdale and daughter, were all discharged this week from the hospital.

50 years ago - 1972

Brig. Gen. Richard J. Tallman, a native of Honesdale, Pa., was killed in action on Sunday at An Loc during his fourth tour of duty in Vietnam, three weeks after he had been promoted to one-star rank. He had attended graduation of his son, Steven, from West Point in June.

Liberty was the first village in the nation to start the bi-centennial celebrations for the 200th birthday of the nation in 1976. A parade was held Sunday with 750 to 800 participating. According to Howard Bernstein, plans are to have a large celebration each year until 1976 when the actual birthday celebration will be something out of this world.

Dr. and Mrs. George Freer, former Liberty residents now living near White Lake, marked their golden wedding anniversary at a dinner and party Sunday at King’s in Livingston Manor.

Miss Mary Neeman of Welcome Lake, Pa., was named queen of the Narrowsburg Firemen’s Field Day on July 4.

Kathleen Wilbur and Mark Carmen, both of Liberty, were married at the end of June at the Liberty Baptist Church.

The Indian League of America will hold its 7th annual Pow-Wow July 16 and 17 in Barryville. Since the league is made up of members of many American Indian tribes, there will be a number of versions of each of the tribal dances which will be demonstrated as well as a great variety of native dress.

40 Years Ago - 1982

The Sullivan County Board of Supervisors Monday ended a bitter 15-month controversy when it approved a new weighted voting system for each of its 15 members. The new plan, the first change in the weighted voting system in more than 10 years, was favored by Liberty Supervisor Abraham Kleinman and argued against unsuccessfully by Thompson Supervisor David Kaufman, Mamakating  Supervisor Dennis Greenwald and Cochecton Supervisor Jean McCoach.

A baby girl, Jeanne Renée, was born to Steven and Nancy Eschenberg on July 11 at the Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, Pa. She is the granddaughter of John and Betty Eschenberg and Norman and Jeannette Threshman, all of Callicoon.

The 15th annual Upper Delaware Canoe Regatta, sponsored by the Callicoon Volunteer Fire Department, will be held on Sunday, July 25.

Liberty Town Building Inspector Philip E. Mullen, has been designated a certified code administrator by the New York State Building officials V-Conference. It is the second highest designation conferred on building officials by the conference. Mullen was first appointed town building inspector in 1974,

The production of “The Pirates of Penzance” will mark the 35th anniversary of theatre at the Forestburgh Playhouse.

Saulina’s of Jeffersonville captured the 1982 Heinle’s Generals 7th softball tournament when they defeated the Lake Jeff team 6-7. On the team are: Mike Rubino, Paul Brockner, Wally Mall, John Lennon, Mike Spafford, Pete Saulina, Bob Theadore, Troy Green, Wilbur Theysohn, Paul Schwatz, Dick Thony and Dave Erlwein.

New York City mayor Edward I. Koch and State Lieutenant Governor Mario Cuomo, who will face off in the September Democratic primary, debated in Liberty Monday in their gubernatorial campaigns, with Koch getting the apparent edge in the verbal confrontation, according to spectators. The two debated at the 21st annual conference of the New York State Broadcasters Association, which is convening at Grossinger’s Hotel until Wednesday, July 14.

30 Years Ago - 1992

Sheriff Joseph Wasser and 500 others were “arrested” this week calling attention to the American Cancer Society’s “no-jail-a-thon” which helped to raise funds for the Cancer Society. Sheriff Wasser is trying to raise $1,000 bail.

Heather Schmidt, a 2nd grader in Mrs. Robisch’s class at J-Y, won the logo contest in the “All Kids Can” motto contest. The design will be used in banners displayed in all the elementary classrooms this September.

Kathleen Mullally, daughter of Tim and Helen Mullally of Jeffersonville, recently graduated from the New York Military Academy where she was presented the Board of Trustees Saber in recognition of her unselfish services to the Academy and for her contribution toward the progress and welfare of the Academy.

Twelve new maple trees were planted in the village of Woodridge through their adopt-a-tree program.

Tamara Burr, Miss Lake Huntington, was crowned queen for the Narrowsburg Volunteer Fire Department’s 88th Field Day on the 4th of July.

About 3,000 people attended the annual Pow-Wow in Barryville on Saturday.

Pete Head, pitching for Roche’s, defeated his brother Bob Head, pitching for Buddenhagen’s, 8-6, to lead Roche’s to the national major modified softball tournament playoffs in Decatur, Ala. The loss was credited to Tim Ackermann who came in at the sixth inning to relieve Bob. In regular season, both play for Buddenhagen’s, and it was the first time the brothers had faced each other in competition. Roche’s won the state championship last year to go to the national playoffs, but this year they were defeated for the championship by New York Carolina Express in the 10th inning of play Sunday in the 9-man modified tournament in Bloomingburg.

20 Years Ago - 2002

More than 20,000 people attended the 12th annual Founder’s Day Street Fair in Wurtsboro  this past weekend.

The Town of Cochecton Board is meeting at the end of the month to consider the possible creation of a department of public works in the township.

A local preservation group, the Concerned Citizens of Hasbrouck, is raising funds to keep the Old Stone House in Hasbrouck in good repair. According to Joan Allison, current president of the organization, the house was built “somewhere around 1800, give or take ten years ... for a lady named DePuy, the mother-in-law of Anthony Hasbrouck.”

A son, Connor James Timothy Alan Covart, was born July 1, 2002, to Timothy and Maureen Covart of Saylorsburg, Pa. He has an older sister, Morgan, and an older brother, Timothy, at home. He is the grandson of Alan L. Covart of Callicoon and a cousin of Maegan, Austin and Cassidy Sauer of Cochecton.

Ten-year-old Marc Takourian has set his sights on competing in the All-American Soap Box Derby one day. This year, he won the Boy Scouts of America Nav-a-Len District’s first place award in the Pinewood Derby for the fastest time in the county. In 1999-2001, Takourian took the checkered flag three years in a row at the Town of Bethel Pinewood Derby as a representative of Cub Scout Pack #86.

On Saturday, Floyd “Porcupine” Cook celebrated his 90th birthday with a couple of his chums, “Hounddog” and “Lockjaw,” along with scores of family members, including three generations of cousins, and friends. The party was organized by his friend Steve Dill and held on the grounds of his 1903 log lodge in Debruce.

10 Years Ago - 2012

Legislators voted 6-2 Thursday to return command of the 911 Center to Public Safety Commissioner Dick Martinkovic. The center’s dispatchers had been under Sheriff Michael Schiff’s command since February 2011, but a new crop of legislators weren’t as sure as their predecessors that the move was warranted. Complaints from 911 dispatchers who said they were being tied up with non-emergency calls, coupled with an idea to consolidate all dispatching at the center, ultimately led to Thursday’s vote.

However, dispatch is not being consolidated, at least for now. 

Albert and Carol Frey of Youngsville celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

DEATHS: Orvis J. Vannatta of Narrowsburg passed away at Wayne Memorial Hospital, Honesdale, PA, on Monday, July 16, 2012 at age 87... Edmund G. Tilson of Callicoon died July 23, 2012 in Roscoe at age 98.

Saturday morning was perfect for some outdoor exercise and that’s just what nearly 300 runners and walkers did at the 15th Annual River Run in Callicoon. The race that had 34 participants in its first year (1998) had 297 registered run/walkers this year, the most it has ever had. Last year’s total (191) was exceeded by over a hundred. Fastest running times went to Isiah Miller for the men (16:51.6) and Rianne Erlwein for the women (19:28.9).


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