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Moving Towards Health
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Most of our decisions throughout the day are automatically made because of our habits. I often realize that I don’t consciously remember choosing to initiate or complete a task, but I got it … more
Time is one of the greatest limiting factors when it comes to maintaining or improving our health. We only have so much of it each day, and it can feel daunting to spend it on exercise. It’s … more
If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself feeling anxious from time to time, wishing you could accomplish things faster. Whether it’s a health and fitness goal, work task, new … more
In March of 2022, my husband and I challenged ourselves to take a 45-minute outdoor walk every day for 75 days. We committed to taking our daily walk regardless of the weather, our schedules, or how … more
Moving toward our health goals, like all other parts of life, requires us to make many decisions each day. While this is something we are used to, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Choosing … more
We often think of exercise as something we should do when we want to lose weight. While that is one potential benefit of exercise, there are so many others that get looked over and forgotten about. … more
Having a trip coming up is one of the most fun things to look forward to. While packing all of your necessary items, the thought of exercise probably crosses your mind. You may ask yourself, … more
This past fall, my husband and I took a day trip to Long Island. While I attended a baby shower, he found a nearby beach to explore. When he came back to pick me up, he mentioned that he gathered … more
Do you ever catch yourself looking at someone else wishing your life looked like theirs? It’s so easy, especially in today’s age of social media, to believe someone else has it easier … more
Going to the gym can be one of the most anxiety-producing activities. When I first started going to the gym by myself, before I had any formal education in exercise, I remember feeling very nervous, … more
Moving toward health is seemingly easier when we know what goals we would like to work toward. When we know what we want, we’re able to reverse-engineer those goals, break them down into … more
We all know that exercising regularly is good for our health, but getting ourselves to actually do it is a different story. It’s very easy to fall into a cycle of exercising consistently, … more
Nutrition can be one of the most challenging aspects of our health to master. There is so much emotion attached to food that it can be difficult to objectively look at what we eat and determine … more
There are many factors that influence our ability to reach our goals and become the version of ourselves we aspire to be. Of course, one very important factor is us. We have the ability to respond to … more
One of the most frustrating and unfortunate parts of exercise is injury. While there are many precautions we can take to try to avoid it, there is always a chance that something unexpected happens. … more
Over the course of the last six years, I’ve learned there are many ways managing our health is similar to running a business. In both, we think it needs to be complicated, and that complexity … more
Have you ever told someone about a goal or dream of yours and their response was all of the reasons why it might not work out? Having a support system is crucial to successfully reaching our goals, … more
The extra hour of sunshine hitting my face in the afternoon this week has me feeling more energized than I have all winter. You may be feeling similarly, now that daylight savings time has arrived … more
Strength training is one of my favorite forms of exercise. Few things can make you feel as accomplished as proving to yourself that you can lift a heavy weight, do more pushups than you have been … more
Movement is a crucial component of our health. Unfortunately, many current jobs require us to sit for many hours at a time, which increases the amount of time we spend sedentary each day. We all know … more
Failure is something we all try to avoid. Putting ourselves in positions with the possibility of not being successful makes us vulnerable, and that can be scary and frustrating. While we usually try … more
It all started one summer night after a Sullivan County Women’s Softball League game at Collin’s Park in 2018. Cosmos and I were on our way home to Montgomery after the game and as the … more
Breakfast is a highly debated topic. Many experts advocate for eating breakfast every day, while there are just as many who encourage avoiding it at all costs. Whether or not to eat breakfast is a … more
One of the largest components of our health is stress. While we don’t want to have too much of it, some stress is actually necessary for optimal performance. Usually when we think of stress, we … more
There is no shortage of difficult decisions to make when it comes to our health. Every single day, we must make many choices on what to eat, how to move our bodies, what information to consume, when … more
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