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Sense of Direction
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  A few days ago, my friend, Amalia called me to ask if I was going to the fourth of July parade and festivities that takes place in my town at Memorial Park.   When Jimmy was still … more
Some of these memories are from my husband’s childhood but I heard about them so often that I feel like I lived them myself. One was about the time when he and his friend, Bobby Schlosesser … more
When my husband was a kid, his friends used to call him Jamsey. In fact they continued to call him that when they all became adults. Although   some of them flat out refused to grow up, I … more
People who know me well are aware that I feel I must have at least one banana a day or I cannot function. So when my friend John Bale, who now lives in Conneticut, saw a truck full of bananas turn … more
In my last column, I wrote about funny people in my life. One of them was my sister-in-law, Marion. I thought of another saying of hers that I forgot to include. Since she was a hair dresser, people … more
My great-grandson, Scotty, is now six months old and his father, John McFarlane, was trying to pick a time when the whole family would be able to visit us in River Edge. John and his family live in … more
My   actual birthday was on February 21. When people hear my name they sometimes ask me if I was born in June and my answer is “No but my parents didn’t like the name … more
To continue with my story about my friends the Orrs, I will be writing about Willy who was a boy they took in from the fresh add fund and continued to do so throughout the years. When Willy grew … more
When I was a kid, a popular expression was DRY UP  if you wanted to shut someone up.  Well apparently I was asleep at the wheel because for days now I have had very dry skin despite … more
As I mentioned in my last column, my friend Maria was a firm believer in Miracles.   Even though a doctor had told her that her son, Eddy should be institutionalized because he’d never … more
I first met Maria at a special nursery school for developmentally disabled children. It was obvious right away that her son, Eddy was seriously disabled. We mothers were going for coffee after … more
I was entitled to a free turkey from Shoprite but I didn’t want to cook so I sent my friend, Leisha to deliver it to the Center for Food Action in Hackensack in plenty of time for the recipient … more
Scotty is now one month old.   I haven’t seen him in person yet because he lives in Tom’s River, which is about two hours from here, but I get a lot of pictures of him, courtesy of … more
I remember going to Mrs. Maulick’s house, as a child, on Halloween. She lived just up the street from us and my friends and I would be falsely accused, by her, of coming back a second time so … more
My son, Michael often points out to me that I keep interrupting him when he speaks to me.   In fact it’s an every day occurrence. What I tell him is that when I die, I will leave him one … more
The following are TV commercials that I find annoying because they are outrageously inaccurate.   When my developmentally disabled son, Jimmy, was young and he saw a commercial about a product … more
The following are TV commercials that I find annoying because they are outrageously inaccurate. When my developmentally disabled son Jimmy was young and he saw a commercial about a product he liked … more
I hate to put my air conditioning on, even when it is 90 degrees outside. I would rather just open the windows. But of course when it is that hot, all I am doing is letting more hot air in. So in … more
My friend, Leisha’s parents, were getting ready to fly here from England when her father fell the day before they were to leave. They usually stay for a month when they come here but instead … more
  There are many things coming up in my life that I am looking forward to. One is the birth of my first great-grandson, Scotty who is due in October. Another is my 90th birthday which is in … more
  The first mistake that Mike and I made was not getting the weather report the day before we   left for Marg’s party in Roscoe. If we had gone to our house in Callicoon Center the … more
I am a big fan of Ramona Jan. I met her over ten years ago when we did a skit at the North Branch Inn that John Bale was running.   We were to make something up on our own that portrayed us … more
  There are many types of losses- some more serious than others. Lately I seem to be getting more than my share. A dear friend of mine recently confided   in me that she has recently been … more
My son, Michael took me to a great restaurant for dinner where there was also live music. The restaurant was The ‘76 House in Tappan, N.Y.   It’s the oldest one in the country. One … more
I consider myself pretty much with it socially, but I have to admit I had never even heard of a gender reveal party, never mind taking part in one in my own family. But last Sunday, my grandson John … more
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