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Down the Decades

June 2, 2020 Edition

Compiled by Lee Hermann, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 6/1/20

140 Years Ago - 1880

The road between Westfield Flats and Callicoon, which for years has been noted as the worst of all the traveled highways in Western Sullivan, has received its crowning glory …

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Down the Decades

June 2, 2020 Edition


140 Years Ago - 1880

The road between Westfield Flats and Callicoon, which for years has been noted as the worst of all the traveled highways in Western Sullivan, has received its crowning glory by the addition of a new piece between the place where it crosses the gulf brook and Weissman's.

North Branch — Henry Inderlied has rebuilt the picket fence around the premises formerly occupied by the late H. Eickoff… A cold wave on Friday brought the temperature down to 26 degrees… John W. Peters has laid a stone walk through his front yard.

Robertsonville — The stone quarry is about used up. We hear that Mr. Fuller has opened another one at Morsston.… Mrs. Lydia Robertson and her son, Clinton, took their departure for Kane, Pa., last Thursday. We understand they expect to make that place their future home.

Grand jurors drawn to serve at the next term of court include: Bethel - Alanson Potts, Alonzo Allison, James H. Caldwell, David S. Wheelock, Elias W. Sandford; Callicoon - William Krantz; Delaware - Charles F. Starck, John Long, Joe N. Kohler, Gideon Moulthrop, George Deich, Frank Hammond. Trial jurors include: Callicoon - Henry Meyer, J.P. Royce; Delaware - Conrad Ruppert, Henry Eller, Phillip Kohler, Lewis Reichert, Valentine Schmidt, Zilar Minard, John Long; Rockland - John O. Keep, Eleazer Sturdevant, Horace Winner and Frederick Whorley.

130 Years Ago - 1890

Jacob Bauer and Anna Wagner, both of Kenoza Lake, were married on May 17 at Hortonville by Rev. S. Muery.

Peter Brown, living about one mile east of Callicoon, died suddenly at 2:30 p.m. Monday. He was 72 and is survived by his wife and two children, Benjamin and Mrs. Peter Dorr.

Thomas LeRoy will be with us this summer. He has been hired by John Glassel to ride on the soda wagon.

Louis Faubel is at Callicoon Depot completing his studies as a telegraph operator, expecting afterwards to secure a position with the Erie.

Walter M. Patterson of Delhi felled a hard maple tree this season which at the butt end measured 14 feet in circumference and 42 feet in length before it reached a limb.

The honest thief who recently cleaned out Simon Knell's workshop at Youngsville, mysteriously returned every one of the tools stolen.

The Echo says that a cow belonging to P. Hess of Callicoon Depot recently died of a strange disease. A post mortem examination was held and the animal's heart was found to be twice its natural size, and when it was cut open, a piece of No. 14 wire, 3 inches long, was found imbedded in it.

John Mages traded his oxen for a pair of horses the other day with a couple of Downsville fellows.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Grishaber went to Monticello Monday to attend the probate of the will of Catherine Becker.

120 Years Ago - 1900

A son was born to W. Becker and wife, May 20.

A new “Wing” piano was placed in the large boarding house of John Beck last week.

School commissioner George S. Woolsey of Livingston Manor visited our school last week.

School closes tomorrow. Principal G.N. Fuller and wife will leave Saturday for his home in Otsego County.

Miss Elizabeth Terwilliger and Simon Schoonmaker, formerly of DeBruce, were married May 12 at the home of the bride in Middletown.

Philip R. Knoll, a conductor on the O&W, and Miss Nellie Butler of Craig-e-Clare, near Rockland, were married May 16 at the home of the bride.

Mrs. Catherine Brannon Christle died after a brief illness at the home of her son, Richard D., at Livingston Manor on May 14, at the age of 82 years.

Katherine D.K. Kinne, daughter of W.C. and E.M. Kinne, died at White Lake, May 20, aged 10 years.

District Deputy John D. Lyons installed the officers of the Monticello Good Templars Lodge May 16 at their lodge rooms in Monticello.

Lincoln Kittle of Burnt Hills has a heifer that is trying to make a record for herself in the matter of pregnancy. She is only 13 months old, but gave birth to a healthy calf the other day. As this is the season for calf stories, we expect other remarkable tales to follow.

Fred L. Merrit, who for several years was a student in the law office of George H. Carpenter of Liberty, was admitted to the bar on May 9.

110 Years Ago - 1910

Henry Heller, son of the late George Heller of Callicoon Center, died May 18 at John J. Briner's hotel in Shandelee where he has been employed a couple of months. He was 26 years old.

Fred Molusky, born in Germany 51 years ago, died at his home near Hortonville May 11 and was buried in the Hortonville Cemetery with Rev. Muery officiating. He is survived by his wife and eight children.

Joseph Perry, a well-known citizen and old settler of West Bethel, died April 21, aged 68 years.

H.A. Meyer and son have bought a lot off Richard Schoaf at Kenoza Lake, on which they will put up a stone building this summer and be ready to open a general store there by fall. Joe H. Meyer of New York will enter the co-partnership and take charge of the Kenoza Lake store.

The barn of Chris Geibel, a mile or so north of the village of Jeffersonville, was burned be­tween 10 and 11 o'clock last Thursday morning by a fire of unknown origin. The fire was discovered by Fred Hust going home from the village. The Geibels managed to get the horse, the cow and wagons from the building before it was consumed by fire with the rest of its contents. There is insurance of $400 with the Callicoon Mutual. Mr. Geibel will rebuild at once.

The Reformed Church building has been raised for a concrete basement which will be used as a meeting room for the Ladies Aid Society and other church gatherings. Kohler and Dietrich are the contracting builders in charge of the improvement. The concrete blocks are being furnished by H.U. Krenrich.

The Kenoza Lake brass band gave George Raum a surprise party at his home on Kenoza Heights Friday night in honor of his 32nd birthday.

W. Becker is having the roof of his drug store at Kenoza Lake raised and living rooms built for the accommodation of his clerks this summer. John Keegan has the contract.

100 Years Ago - 1920

Wm. J. Grishaber, the plumber, has bought the Reichert place on South Main Street in Delaware, consisting of a small cottage and six and a half acres of land. In the rear part of the land is a grove, which was formerly used for holding picnics. This lot joins the rear of Mr. Grishaber's home on West End Avenue. He bought it on speculation. The house is now tenanted by Mrs. Roth and family.

The Misses Barringer, who have occupied George Yager's cottage on Mill Street for a number of years, have bought the house of the late Daniel Seibel in Youngsville. The property was formerly owned by Andrew and William Abplanalp.

August Wahl of Beechwoods has bought the 42 acre farm in that community which was purchased of Christian Krantz by John R. Davies, who lives in Maywood, NJ. He also owns the Wm. Weber farm in Beechwoods, which he used for a summer home. He had over $5000 invested in the Krantz property.

The following children will be confirmed in the Presbyterian Church next Sunday morning by Pastor Nietzer: Lucy Bernhardt, Philip Bernhardt, Frank Bernhardt, Frances Hubert, Charles Morgan, Freida Neuberger, Irving Robisch, Carrie Wegman and Ella Wegman.

At the Youngsville Presbyterian Church on Sunday afternoon, the following class will be confirmed: Robert Albert, William Baer, Samuel Baer, Clara Fries, Arnold Tremper, Archibald Tremper, Augusta Wood, Harold Yaun and Ralph Wahl.

Middletown, May 15 — Struck by a flying fragment of a bursting balance wheel of a circular saw, Ralph U. Kohler, 36, was almost instantly killed at the Mitteer farm, near the city reservoir, on the Port Jervis Road, at 3:30 o'clock Friday afternoon. Kohler's death came one hour after his mother arrived from Jeffersonville to spend a week with her son and wife and three-year-old daughter, Olive. His brother-in-law, Conrad Ruppert, witnessed the tragic death. Kohler was born in Jeffersonville, February 8, 1884, a son of John Kohler and Elizabeth Steiner. On February 9, 1917, he was married to Miss Cora Schwartz.

Katherine Buch, wife of George Danzer of Youngsville, died at her home May 15 at the age of 56 of breast cancer. She was born in Narrowsburg and was married November 7, 1877. After living in Liberty for 9 years, the family came to Youngsville and bought the farm known as the Widow Sander place.

90 Years Ago - 1930

The teacher situation is different than it has been for several years past. For the first time there is a decided surplus of teachers. Some of those engaged for the next term are: Kenoza Lake, Herbert C. Griffin of Alleghany and Fred A. Hust of Kenoza Lake; Hortonville - Mrs. Mary H. Mawdsley of that place; Petersburg - Gladys D. Buddenhagen of Hortonville; Upper Beechwoods - Antoinette Wolff of Kenoza Lake; Lower Beechwoods - Mrs. Lillian L. Moser of Callicoon Center; Fosterdale - Jennie Mrozek of Fosterdale; West Bethel - Jean Du Bois of the home district; Hurd - Harriet B. Lindke of Short Hills, NJ, formerly of Jeffersonville; Briscoe - Robert Lindsley of Dahlia. At Callicoon Center - Mrs. Mary Girard and Mrs. Genevieve Reinheimer of Callicoon Center; North Branch - Mrs. Beatrice Klinger of North Branch; Quick District - Mrs. Gladys H. Schuster of Callicoon Center; Weissman District - Mrs. Margaret Wehner of Shandelee; Tennanah - Laura Hornung of Roscoe; Fremont Center - Bertha McGuire of Hankins; Mileses - Mrs. C. Kitz of Mileses; Lakewood - Helen Girard of Callicoon Center; Obernburg - Emily A. Carroll of Obernburg; Mauer District - Jane E. Keim of Callicoon; Graby District - Frank J. Hilberling of Hortonville; Buck Brook - Clarence J. Krantz of Callicoon Center; Fernwood - Jennie Terwilliger of De­Bruce; Lew Beach - Julia D. Bussey of Livingston Manor; Beaverkill - Edith Knoll of Livingston Manor; Grooville - Ethel L. Scott of Livingston Manor; Parkston - Mrs. Marion E. Sprague of Livingston Manor; Old Morrston - Ethel Denman of Livingston Manor; Little Ireland - Helen Connolly of Livingston Manor; Craig-e-Clare - Alice Pomeroy of Roscoe.

Louis Discher of Fosterdale will teach commercial subjects at Roslyn, L.I. Andrea Fehling of the same place will teach languages at Eldred. Ethel Heinle of Cochecton Center, graduating from New Paltz in June, will teach kindergarten in Liberty, a new course to be introduced there. Edith Gain of Jeffersonville will teach history at Narrowsburg. She is a Barnard College graduate. Helen McGuire of Hankins, a New Paltz graduate this year, will teach 7th and 8th grades in Roscoe.

80 Years Ago - 1940

The new Jeffersonville Central School building was dedicated last Friday, May 17. Principal speaker was Francis E. Griffin, supervisor of education of the State Education Department. Among the speakers was William Lieb, Jeffersonville publisher, who rocked the audience with his usual wit and unusual slant on daily happenings, as well as putting over his point on the importance of good teaching and the power for good it and the press have in the community.

The old Union Free District School Board and the new Central School Board were represented by its president, Charles M. Peterson. On stage with him, for the new school board, were Winfield Hessinger, Joseph McCoach, Fred Miller, Harry Weber, Clerk Robert Mann and Treasurer William von Berg and members of the old Union Free School District Board, Harry Soule, John Brog, Charles O. Wilkin, Harry Weber and Edwin Duttweiler - who also sponsored the central school setup, and Herbert Mussman of Livingston Manor who was clerk of the works.

The new building was started in 1938 and the cornerstone laid October 1 of that year. The June 1939 graduation exercises were held in the new school building and the first term of school was started there in September 1939.

The new building cost $429,000 of which the federal PWA provided $187,000. The concrete school building, erected in 1919, has been destroyed under the PWA regulation, and the wooden annex has been turned over to the local American Legion Post for their home.

Rev. John Karl Koosuth Stadelmann, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, died on May 18th in his 60th year. He was born in Janua, Germany, October 19, 1879, a son of Christian Stadelmann and Dorothea Lutz. Coming to America, he studied for the ministry at Bloomfield Seminary from which he was graduated in 1907. In June of that year, he came to Jeffersonville for his pastorate. He served the Jeff and Youngsville churches for 11 years.

70 Years Ago - 1950

Harry Resnick of South Fallsburgh has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the Sullivan District. Mr. Resnick is a lawyer and has been practicing in South Fallsburgh for the past 23 years. He is a member and a past master of Fallsburgh Lodge No. 1122.

A group of civic minded parents from Liberty, White Sulphur Springs, White Lake, Bethel, Jeffersonville, and surrounding areas met Tuesday night at the office of Mayor Fred Schadt to form Sullivan County's own Cerebral Palsy Association. The elected officers are: President Mrs. Wilbur Myers, Vice President Mrs. George Hanslmaier, Secretary Mrs. Janey Sawitch of White Lake and Treasurer Mrs. Arthur Diehl.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Baum of Richmond Hill, L.I., have announced the engagement of their daughter, Alice, to Floyd Eggler of Kenoza Lake, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eggler. Alice is the granddaughter of Luella M. Phillips of Fosterdale.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robinson of Youngsville have announced the marriage of their daughter, Hazel, to Herbert Rosen of Brooklyn on May 28.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hess of Jeffersonville announce the birth of Thomas John at the Callicoon Hospital, their second child.

A birthday party was given by Mr. and Mrs. Elliottt Moran for their daughter, Karen, eight years old, yesterday afternoon. Karen's guests included Mary Apoiello, Carol Duttweiler, Nancy Schadt, Carol Sleeper, Barbara Segar and Carol Nolde.

60 Years Ago - 1960

Fire completely destroyed the Edgemere Casino at Kenoza Lake last Thursday night. The blaze, of suspicious origin, was discovered at 9:50 p.m. by firemen G. Brey and P. Bihler, who were having regular fire practice, fortunately, at the lake. Help was immediately had from Jeffersonville and Lake Huntington because of the proximity of three surrounding buildings.

Miss Rita Ann Allgeier was the guest of honor at a surprise bridal shower Saturday evening. The shower, which was given by Mrs. Carl Esslemann, was held at the Kenoza Lake firehouse.

Anna Feigenbaum, mother of Irving Feigenbaum of Jeffersonville, and a former resident here, died at the age of 69 in the home of her daughter, Rose Krieger, in the Bronx.

Major James P. Askin, for several years Commissioner of Elections for the County of Sullivan, died at the age of 71 at Hamilton Avenue Hospital last Saturday, the 21st.

Mrs. Anna J. Kratz of RFD Callicoon, died Monday at Callicoon Hospital. She was 67.

Floyd Gabriel of Burr Rd., Cochecton, died last Sunday at the age of 65.

Alan Covert, Bob Hanslmaier, Irving Taus and Albert Stagl spent Tuesday and Wednesday on Governor's Island taking their physical and scholastic tests prior to their induction in the U.S. Army.

50 years ago - 1970

Kristina Mae, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kautz, was baptized May 13 during the church service at St. Paul's Reformed Church in Callicoon Center by Rev. John Nodop.

Steam railroad buffs from miles around will find that the community of Callicoon will be “The place” to be on Saturday, May 30. That's the day the famed Nickel Plate Berkshire 759 is to make its run from Hoboken, N.J., to Binghamton, returning the next day via Scranton, Pa., to Hoboken. The #759 is part of the Steamtown USA Collection.

Marcella Massaro of Callicoon has received the award as the Best Student in the Medical Laboratory Assistant Program at SCCC for the academic year, 1969-70.

On Saturday, May 9, Miss JoAnn Kutger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kutger of Youngsville, became the bride of Thomas Mall, the son of Mr. Edward Mall of Jeffersonville, at a ceremony performed at St. Francis R.C. Church in Youngs­ville. Father Joel Munzig performed the ceremony.

Susan Speicher and Mike Hubert, were crowned Queen and King of the DVCS Junior Prom on May 23.

40 Years Ago - 1980

Bob and Pat Buckles of Port Jervis Rd., Monticello, were guests of honor at a surprise 25th anniversary party given at the Crossways Restaurant in Fallsburg. They are the parents of four children, Robin, Robert, Brent and Susan. There were 38 guests. Mr. Buckles and his sister, Norina Michel, are co-owners of Kiamesha Lanes in Kiamesha Lake.

William and Irene Stadler of Deposit were honored on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary on May 17. Mr. Stadler was at one time employed by the telephone company in Narrowsburg where they resided for many years. He is a cousin of Mrs. Julia Hermann of Callicoon, who attended the party.

Bob Vaughn of Cochecton took a 10-pound carp and Dr. Cuyjet of Lake Huntington caught a 6-pound shad, both in the Delaware.

The Wayne-Highlands School District held a retirement dinner Friday evening at the school, for Nora Shepstone, who is retiring after 28 years of service. Earl Wilson, science teacher in Honesdale High School, was also honored.

Brent Lawrence was sworn in as sergeant of the Fallsburg Police Department last Tuesday. He has been a Fallsburg policeman since 1973.

30 Years Ago - 1990

Voters in the Swan Lake Fire District narrowly approved a proposal to build a three-bay addition to the firehouse in balloting Wednesday night. The final vote was 47 to 42.

School budgets were in trouble at the May election. Delaware Valley School Board has delayed action until June 21 for a second vote on the defeated 1990-91 budget.… Eldred School has set June 20 to vote on four propositions that would restore about $140,000 and a fifth proposal for $71,454 to rent additional classroom space. Defeat of the propositions could eliminate interscholastic sports, cause transportation problems for many of the district's 623 students and add to already growing space problems.… Jeff School District has not set a date as yet to ask voters to reconsider the budget they defeated 379 to 295 on May 2.

The Callicoon Kiwanis has donated $400 to be used toward the purchase of new drapes for the patients' rooms at the Grover M. Hermann Hospital.

Alice Raiten of Monticello celebrated her 80th birthday with a celebration at the White Lake Firehouse, hosted by her family and friends.

Jeff Sayers of Jeffersonville took a 19 lb. 12 oz. gobbler with a 9 7/8 inch beard in the Jeffersonville area. Seems they grow them bigger in that area with a 19 lb. 5 oz. turkey taken by George Abplanalp of Youngsville and a 19 lb. gobbler by Albert Thony near Jeff. Ted Lewis took an 18 lb. 10 oz. one near Briscoe. A 19 lb. 1 oz. bird was taken by Bill Minnig of Callicoon and an 18 lb. 11 oz. gobbler was captured by Carl Bell of Boyd's Mills, Pa.

Memorial Day is more than a time for barbecues, parades and realization for Jack Terry of the Beechwoods. A Vietnam vet who lost 27 West Point classmates, including his military academy roommate, to the only war America lost, Terry himself was wounded in that conflict on March 6, 1968. He lost his left leg from the knee down and took a medical retirement when he was told he could no longer be a troop commander. Terry didn't give up. Memorial Day he will march with other Vietnam vets in the Fremont Center parade to publicly pay tribute to veterans alive and dead and their survivors.

Fred Jergensen's hole-in-one on the closest-to-pin hole highlighted Monticello Raceway's second whack n'track golf outing May 22 at the 8th hole of Villa Roma golf course in Callicoon.

20 Years Ago - 2000

William Brustman was the Grand Marshal of the 116th annual Fremont Center Memorial Day Parade. The theme was the 50th anniversary of the Korean War.

Sullivan County's new telephone area code, 845, takes effect Monday. With the exception of 607 area code customers in Roscoe and surrounding areas, Bell Atlantic will initiate the massive switchover from longtime area code 914 to 845 throughout the county, including all of Ulster, Orange and Rockland Counties.

The Day in the Garden Concert Series, which for the past two summers has drawn hundreds of thousands of people to the former Woodstock site in the town of Bethel, was cancelled Friday afternoon, so that the sponsors of the event, The Gerry Foundation, can concentrate on long­term planning for the site.

Receiving the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence at Sullivan County Community College May 2 was Kim Hale, second year student majoring in Communications and Media Arts. Hale is also the morning newsperson on Liberty's FM radio station WVOS. She will attend SUNY Albany in the fall to study political science.

Mr. and Mrs. C. William Bosch Jr. of Lady Lake, Fla., celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on April 9. The couple owned a farm in Fremont Center for five years and some property in Cochecton.

10 Years Ago - 2010

Butch Resnick, Glen Spey businessman, spoke at a press conference about the future of the Apollo Plaza in Monticello hoping to return it to its roots as an outlet center and become a front door to a truck stop and hotel when the reconfigured Exit 106 on Route 17 opens. Planning Commissioner Luiz Aragon said the Apollo has at least one other suitor looking to turn it into a tourist destination.

Monticello Motor Club sets its sights on attracting Formula One to be the next Grand Prix location. Formula One (F1) officials had announced plans to return to the United States. Formula One's architect Hermann Tilke visited the 4.1 mile Monticello track and supports the site as the next Grand Prix location. Monticello has the positive attributes of being locationed 90 minutes from Manhattan by car and accessible by an international airport located just 10 minutes away.

Paul Hemmer of the Jeffersonville Pharmacy thwarted a robbery one Wednesday afternoon. As he was working from behind the counter a man wearing a jumpsuit and black ski mask walked in holding a baseball bat and demanding he hand over all the drugs. Hemmer, a retired corrections officer, pulled out his gun and told another worker to call 911, then asked the burglar, “Do you really want to do this?” and the burglar turned around and walked out. One customer was in the store at the time who witnessed the encounter. Everybody was unharmed. Deputies identified and arrested the burglar, 55 year old Robert Roach of Jeffersonville.


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