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Kenoza Lake

June 23, 2023

Susan Brown Otto
Posted 6/23/23

So last week there was a bit of nature drama at the Otto residence. For three days, my husband Ray and I had what appeared to be an orphaned fawn residing a few yards north of the Otto front lawn. …

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Kenoza Lake

June 23, 2023


So last week there was a bit of nature drama at the Otto residence. For three days, my husband Ray and I had what appeared to be an orphaned fawn residing a few yards north of the Otto front lawn. The fawn appeared to be about one month old. Amazing how fast they grow! Last Friday evening, I walked up to the fawn and fawn walked to me while I made a video. Amazingly, the fawn was within six feet of me. Wow. We had made a call to the DEC for a possible rehab rescue. The fawn was eating grass and leaves; however, I was concerned the fawn would get into the road, so I put two orange safety cones in the road to slow down the Pucky Huddle Road traffic. Finally, Saturday morning, the mother doe appeared. Great news! However late Sunday afternoon, Father’s Day, Ray was riding his side-by-side in the Otto food plot and saw three does and a fawn. Suddenly, he looked up and saw an eagle.  Yikes!  The eagle could snatch up the fawn.  The mother doe ran over to the fawn. The fawn was fine. Turns out, there was a dead doe nearby. Not sure if it got hit by a car or not. Anyway, the eagle apparently had his eyes on the dead doe and not the fawn. Ray and I saw a mother turkey with three poults the other day. Only saw them once. They are very vulnerable. Fingers crossed they are still alive. 

Last Friday, June 16th, I had the honor of playing the organ at the Sullivan West School Baccalaureate service which was held at the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church.  Baccalaureate service has changed since I graduated then Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School back in 1975. As I recall the service was held at the school. No longer the case, the service cannot be held at the school, due to separation of church and state. Around 14 students participated in last Friday’s service out of a graduating class of 64 students. Pastor Bill Chellis and Pastor Bailey were the participating pastors. Around 75 people were in attendance. The highlight of the service was listening to graduating senior Lucy Arzilli sing “Almost There”. What a beautiful voice! I understand that Lucy is going to be studying music in New York City after graduating. 

Another disturbing sign of the times took place last week on the show Jeopardy. It was widely reported in the press, that three contestants were asked to fill in the missing word, in the first sentence of a famous prayer, namely, “Our Father who are in heaven, BLANK be thy name.” None of the three contestants knew the missing word. Sorry to say. A sad sign of the times.

This past weekend, the Brown family had a belated birthday celebration for our mother Marguerite Brown. My sister Nancy Neumann hosted the event. Sister Ginny Davis and her son Gordon and his family as well as brother Tom Brown were in attendance. I was tasked with picking up a birthday cake. I decided to order an ice cream cake from DeFilippis, in Monticello.  WOW!  What a delicious cake!  Everyone raved about the ice cream cake. Speaking of ice cream, happy to report that the ice cream stand in White Lake will be re-opening soon. The Fosterdale custard stand/fried chicken place doesn’t look like it will be opening this year. 

Disappointing baseball season for our local Mets and Yankees fans. The Mets are so far pathetic and the Yankees, very wobbly. Is the new pitch clock the reason why? Too much pressure on the pitchers? I don’t understand why they don’t train/program Aaron Judge to not try to make catches by diving into the outfield wall. The cost/benefit doesn’t seem to be there.

For the last time, Tuesday, June 27th is primary day for Registered Republicans only!  If you are a registered Democrat or you don’t have a party affiliation, then you cannot vote. You must do your homework before you go to the polls otherwise you will be confused as to who to vote for.


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