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May 3, 2022

Fran Kurpil
Posted 5/3/22

Hello Everyone: It’s Fran DeFilippi Kurpil. With yellow daffodils brightening my gardens and the maple trees budding it helps bring an upbeat, peaceful feeling which I need.

Recent Thoughts: …

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May 3, 2022


Hello Everyone: It’s Fran DeFilippi Kurpil. With yellow daffodils brightening my gardens and the maple trees budding it helps bring an upbeat, peaceful feeling which I need.

Recent Thoughts: I thought I retired (real estate) but my former coworker, Pete Feinberg says we work-alcoholics never really retire, we close the chapter of the book and start another. I had been parsing that word...RETIRE. It doesn’t make sense? Oh well. “Onward”, says Pete.

My Chapter just flashed back to Larry Steiger’s real-estate courses and actually my intro to computer listings with Yeager Realty. Many enjoyable years that extend still, with the buyers and sellers who I worked with over the years. A very special seller and friend was Lisa Cronk who sold on Aden Road and moved to Canada. I recently chatted with Lisa who is doing well but, of course, missing her former life and her beautiful home here. We joke about spending loonies.

Larry Holmes: Why did this name come up? He came to Grossingers as a famous boxer. My son, Mike just told me about meeting him there back in 1977. As a seven year old he said he was awe struck and still remembers it as a big thrill.

Parksville: This little hamlet is, according to Wade at Cabernet Franks, “in the middle of nowhere, on the way to everywhere”. I like that idea and the fact that it is so worth getting off the exit, down past the magnificent red rock formations to the Main street. Wade says, “it is a music lovers hamlet, filled with folks who enjoy the outdoor and indoor stage events and delicious food and libations”. I can attest to that as my girls filled me in on a recent evening they enjoyed there. They love music, from jazz to jam bands and their own Kurpil Family Fiddlers which is old-time favorites. Growing up in this house with a piano, guitar, violin and a Dad, Sam Kurpil who encouraged music was the basis. I found some hand-made tickets: “concert tonight” made by son Mike …omg...many, many years ago.

Recent Excitement: A trip to the ER at Harris. It was a small incident but as an OP (old person) there is a certain extra concern. I was edgy as a previous visit a few years back was a nightmare. I just erased details..(I had written to management as the usual, “we do our best” conversation is a joke sometimes.) That was about 4 years ago.

Garnet Hospital - Harris: Big Changes There. I have to commend the first person I met, Brian Costa, RN at the desk as I entered the Emergency Department. I’m sure I was teary-eyed as I spoke to this truly wonderful nurse. It was obvious that Brian had the real understanding of the tension and anxiety that a patient feels as they come in with a loved one. The attention he gave us was beyond my ability to thank him for. He didn’t close the curtain and walk away, but took real interest as we waited for the doctor. He sent coffee and snacks and I felt like we were in a first class hotel. I joked with him saying I’d get him a raise (like I had any connection). As a Mom and Gram with family in the medical field, I appreciate good words from patients. Hugs and Thanks to Brian Costa, RN…He is a special nurse!

Real Estate Market: Shoppers looking for Rental Units should expect low inventory with sticker-shock if lucky enough to find a vacant space. For buyers the dilemma is the low inventory but sellers are always adding to the inventory. Interest rates have gone up but are still affordable to buy now. Sellers are unloading second homes and investment properties, so that should help buyers looking for affordable housing, with millennials making up a large population of first time home buyers, and working remotely, seems to be the new normal. Our local agents are still busy showing and selling. 2022 Looks Like Another Strong Real Estate Year says Pete Feinberg the busiest real estate agent, with Berkshire Hathaway.

Nick Rusin: Good news: An Award: The Municipal Partnership Grant through Sullivan Renaissance to conduct beautification and maintenance for public spaces throughout the town will include Liberty Main Street as well as Swan Lake and Parksville. I’m remembering the days when Frank DeMayo had Alive Group Volunteers working with clean-ups and such. I was down there with a paint brush doing some work and a woman asked what I was doing. She must have thought I was on prison detail...ha.

Tom Mungeer, President of PBA: I asked Cousin Tom what we can do about what seems like increased crime in the country. He said. “Elect Pro-Law-Enforcement Candidates”.

Liberty Police Department: If they are ever needed, they respond in a minute. God bless them all. Special thanks to Debbie who I’ve grown to know over the years. My continued appreciation to all.

Let Us Pray: It is a great time of year as we get ready to do some planting. My lilac is budding and the big, old maples are leafing up. More Than That…a new roof is going on our garage!! Stefan, Rudy and their friend are out there working. I have the best son-in-laws and grandsons. They say it is a bit breezy, but that’s better than hot sun.

Can’t Forget: Marc Switko. Prayers to give strength to dear Marc’s family. I shouldn’t think about him, Wes and Sammie, but I’m having trouble with it all. May the Lord be with us.

I had several e-mails wondering about the missing Liberty Column…and I appreciate the interest. Thank you, all.


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