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Liberty - January 19, 2021

Fran Kurpil - Community Correspondent
Posted 1/19/21

Hello It's Fran: It is so nice to see old friends who I run into and I hear, “I'm enjoying the Liberty column”. A sincere thank-you and let's pray that our 2021 goes well. (I wrote that two weeks …

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Liberty - January 19, 2021


Hello It's Fran: It is so nice to see old friends who I run into and I hear, “I'm enjoying the Liberty column”. A sincere thank-you and let's pray that our 2021 goes well. (I wrote that two weeks ago) Now I have to add “more prayers for Country and world”. I encourage e-mail with questions or comments about my beloved home town. After having traveled to most states, Canada, and Europe, the hometown feeling is most precious with those growing up memories. Now I have to add... growing old memories.

Frankie Justin: This young twenty-one-year-old country singer claims Liberty as a great start in his musical career. After a success on American Idol, he was greatly encouraged by our local THUNDER 102.5 radio, and 104.5's Paul Ciliberto who played his first records. Paul said he has nothing but praise for Frankie Justin and the audience loved him when he was part of the Harvest Festival at Bethel Woods. He is on You-Tube and I enjoyed his music. Soon you will be aware of a couple, Tom and Maria Chiarella who recently relocated here from Long Island. They have a music studio in their home on West Lake Street and said Frankie Justin will be coming back to Liberty, and I'm sure this couple will be having some fun get-togethers that I am anxious to enjoy. We certainly need some entertainment, wearing a mask if we have to.

A Tasty Snack: As I was sitting here on my computer, my son, Mike, came in and handed me a snack like I'd never seen. It was a pancake and sausage on a stick with maple syrup flavor. They are frozen and just need a quick zap in the micro. Jimmy Dean... very tasty. Thanks, Mike. I never would have known. Yum. I think I'm heading to the freezer in a bit.

Frank Demayo: Our Town Supervisor was interviewed by WJFF radio who recalled that Frank was our supervisor twelve years ago. I remember what a great job he did by starting the ALIVE group back then. We were volunteers, painting, planting, washing, putting displays in empty windows, etc. Frank knows how to encourage participation. This year we have the Covid-19 challenges that put a damper on public meetings. Financial issues are not fully known yet but there have been no tax increases. Now there is a new Board and a new Assessor to work with and Frank said they have caught up with the undone work and are in good shape. They also have a new part-time Data Collector and so, after much transition in the past three years, the Dept. is on track for years to come.

Parksville: Nick Rusin, Assistant Supervisor, mentioned the progress in Parksville after the idea of Hamlet Groups rallied over thirty volunteers who want to help their area which has so much potential. Parksville has a perfect setting, by the river, right off the highway and with the beautiful Rail-Trail walk. I chatted with Elliott Schneider, Pursuit of Happiness Realty, who agrees that things are improving in the village, but did not know what the new owner of the former Fiddle property plans to do. Other new interest is happening there as recent buyers have quickly bought the Dead End Cafe and other commercial spaces and Elliott says renovations are being done and looking good. I'm sure this new revitalization will put Parksville back on the map. I love those beautiful rock ledges that lead into the village. I know I've mentioned the Veteran's Tribute garden with the list of our local soldiers before, but it is a rare sight in our villages today. Sam knows most of the local names and appreciates this on-going tribute.

Kathleen Burns Brandt, Doctor of Chiropractic and her husband, Thaddeus Brandt, DC: This is my dear grand-daughter and her husband. When they were working locally they made many friends and, so often, I am being asked about them, so this is an update. Starting on the 20th, they will be with River Family Wellness in Callicoon and appointments can be booked online at RiverFamilyWellness.com. I will be heading that way soon and will stop at Riverside Remedies, to see my grandson, Gene Burns, Kathleen's pharmacist brother who also owns the pharmacy. Sam and I are truly blessed “old grand-parents”.

Swan Lake: Perhaps there are plans for a Hamlet Group in this lake village. I am hoping there are, and that residents are able to resolve issues regarding the cost of sewer upgrades. I'm not sure about the ownership of the lake, but I know one of my listings had deeded lake rights even though the house was not lake front.

I know there is a great new business there. Yes, I've raved about Casa De Longobardi's Italian restaurant that is very busy in spite of our present situation. The word is out… “a fantastic place to eat and enjoy a little vino, maybe.” If any Swan Lake residents want to add some positives to my column, just send me an e-mail at frankurpil2@yahoo.com.

Liberty Pet Ranch: As I was driving up toward Exit 99 on Sunday, I admired the Christmas decorations on the fences surrounding the Pet Ranch property on Oak Street. That is such a wonderful facility, if you need temporary day-care for your dog. The website shows pictures of so many happy dogs of all sizes and breeds, happily romping together. A little vacation for you might be a nice vacation for your pet too. Phone: 845-747-8137.

Martin Luther King: This Monday, January 18th is a special holiday in honor of Baptist Minister, Martin Luther King, Jr. This man brought awareness to segregation in our country. I remember being shocked during a trip to southern states in the 50's and seeing “white” water fountains and other divisions that we northerners had no idea of. So Dr. King's message of “I've Got A Dream” and his tireless attempts to eliminate division made him a man who was loved in my life-time…and forever in history.

The Liberty Star: We are forever thankful for this beautiful star that was built more than fifty years ago by the VanAlstyn family. The surrounding families, the Johnstones and Bults have joined with the VanAlstyns to keep the star lit during the pandemic. How beautiful a gesture. A sincere thank-you to all.


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