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Down the Decades

October 31, 2023 Edition

Compiled by Lee Hermann, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 10/31/23

150 Years Ago -   1873

The Hancock Cornet Band will give a grand vocal and orchestral entertainment at Harmonie Hall, Callicoon Depot, next Friday evening.

Mrs. Peter Wagner of …

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Down the Decades

October 31, 2023 Edition


150 Years Ago -  1873

The Hancock Cornet Band will give a grand vocal and orchestral entertainment at Harmonie Hall, Callicoon Depot, next Friday evening.

Mrs. Peter Wagner of Jeffersonville will please accept our thanks for a liberal quantity of honey.

Thousands upon thousands attended P.T. Barnum’s Circus and Menagerie which exhibited in Monticello on Tuesday and helped fill that great showman’s plethoric purse.

Typhoid fever appears to be very prevalent in the Town of Cochecton.

Mr. Henry Hick, residing about one mile south of Jeffersonville, was one of the men who dug the foundation for Clark’s tannery some 24 years ago and has been employed in it ever since. — Watchman Corresp.

140 Years Ago - 1883

An estimate of the damage done by frost to the buckwheat crop in Sullivan County places it at $200,000.

The head of the Republican ticket, the head of the State Committee and the head of the Executive Committee all wear 306 medals. Put none but stalwarts on guard.

On Tuesday, September 13, John Lander of Phillipsburg, completed the 58th year of business life. He is the oldest living ex-postmaster in the country, having his commission dated in 1825, or 58 years ago.

At the annual school meeting, George Wind was chosen trustee and a young man by the name of Maltby has been hired to teach the school for the winter, assisted by Miss Potts.

Boat building in eastern Sullivan is under full headway on all yards at present. All are working a full gang of men.

The people of Grahamsville are agitating the project of building a railroad from that place to connect either with the O&W at Ellenville or at Fallsburg.

130 Years Ago - 1893

Mrs. Regan of Wurtsboro is probably the oldest person in Sullivan County. She is 110 years of age.

Notice: to the pathmaster or Road Overseer of the Town of Callicoon. If the drain or sluice under the road opposite my property in Youngsville is not prepared and made practicable so as to drain the water off my premises, I shall apply to the county court for relief and damages. – William G. D’Estaing.

Highway robbers are said to infest the neighborhood between Callicoon and Youngsville. Miss Reinheimer was recently stopped on the highway and money demanded, but she was finally allowed to pass on when she declared that she had no money about her.

For Sale: The property of the late Dr. William Brand, deceased, in the village of Jeffersonville.

The new ballot system has afforded lots of amusement among the male voters, owing to the many and ludicrous mistakes made, but when the women come to vote, you’ll see more fun.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geib, near the village of Jeffersonville, celebrated their silver wedding one evening last week. They were given a tinpan serenade from the outsiders.

William C. Drake, one of the oldest and most widely known men in Sullivan County, died near Cochecton Monday at the age of 83.

120 Years Ago - 1903

The first drill of Protection Hose boys was held in Eagle Hall Monday and they are all congratulating themselves on how well they did. Dr. McDonald, late captain surgeon in the Army, put them through the first movements and they performed very well. Sixteen members took part.

Dr. Frederick Cook of Brooklyn, the explorer and brother of T.A. Cook of Hortonville, re-turned Saturday from his unsuccessful attempt to reach the summit of Mount McKinley, Alaska.

Callicoon Depot has a movement started to establish a fire district in that village.

One end of the Livingston Manor Walter Co.’s new reservoir dam went out with the last high water.

The first snowstorm of the season struck us on Monday, October 26, and it was a good one with sufficient wind and cold to make it a typical wintry day.

George Schluecke, a former well-known resident of this community, died last Thursday in Newark, N.J. He organized the first band in Jeffersonville.

Henry Hogencamp, an old settler of White Sulphur Springs, was found dead in bed Friday morning.

The proposition to adopt the money system of highway labor in this town is simple and no votes for it should be lost for lack of understanding the question. It simply means that if adopted we will pay our highway tax in money -– one dollar for every day’s assessment instead of working it out as at present.

110 Years Ago - 1913

The First National Bank of Jeffersonville yesterday received its charter from the comptroller of currency, authorizing it to do business.

Jeffersonville Grange was organized at the Mansion House last Friday night with 39 charter members. The following officers were elected and installed: Master E Edward C. Neiger; Overseer Wm. J. Brown; Lecturer Charles S. Hick; Steward V.P. Scheidell; Assistant Steward Leo J. Hemmer; Chaplain Andrew von Bergen; Treasurer Robert B. McGinn; Secretary M.F. Ernst; Ceres, Mrs. W.C. Neiger; Pomona, Mrs. Minnie Banta; Flora, Helen E. Hemmer; and Lady Assistant Steward Mrs. Anna Krantz.

John C. Wagner of this place and Miss Catherine C. Gatens of New York were married at the Spring Mt. House, the home of the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wagner, yesterday.

George L. Cooke is the Democratic candidate for District Attorney.

M.J. O’Neill, who was recently appointed postmaster at Centreville Station, has sold his hotel there for $7,000 to Louis Waller of New York.

100 Years Ago - 1923

About 40 guests assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Diehl near Kenoza Lake on October 20 to witness the marriage of Miss Edith Barbara Diehl to Henry Ferdinand Schroeder of Richmond Hill.

George W. Seibert, pharmacist in the drugstore of Bennett Bros. in Callicoon, and Miss Antoinette Fromm, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fromm of Hortonville, were married at St. Joseph’s College, Callicoon, at 10 a.m. Tuesday, October 23.

George A. Glassel, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Glassel of Beechwoods, and Miss Lily A. Hermann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hermann of near Callicoon, were married at the bride’s home on Sunday, October 21.

While it has not been definitely ascertained that the deal has been concluded between Dr. Woolsey of Hancock, president of the Livingston Manor Electric Co., and the Associated Gas and Electric Company, it is believed that the transaction has gone through.

Sam Shapiro has bought of his brother-in-law, Louis Rozofsky of Liberty, the Grishaber block, the ground floor of which the former has been occupying for his store for some time.

90 Years Ago - 1933

Three gypsy women and two men drove into White Sulphur Springs early last Saturday morning and then on to Jeffersonville where Mayor W.L. Huff told them to lose no time in getting out of town and he saw that they did. The county authorities later rounded them up and drove them out of town.

Miss Marion Brown, aged 45, nurse in the Liberty public schools, was killed yesterday afternoon in an automobile collision while returning from Monticello in company with David E. Panebaker, principal of the Liberty school, and another lady, the librarian in the Liberty school. The others were slightly injured.

Supervisor George H. Raum of the Town of Delaware, chairman of the accredited herd committee, has received a letter from the State Department of Farm and Markets, stating that Sullivan County is now classed as a modified area, which means that the county is now practically free from bovine tuberculosis.

80 Years Ago - 1943

The town Democrats will hold a rally at Bucky’s Inn, Jeff, tonight.

The Claude A. Pratt garage property in Hankins, vacant the past two years, has been sold through the Tegeler Agency to Dr. M. Edward Miller of Roscoe.

The Supreme Court grand jury which reported this week, has Kenneth Sprague as foreman and Arthur N. Meyers, acting.

The funeral of Louis J. Boehmer, aged 64, who died at his home in Hortonville October 24, was held this afternoon with a service in the Reformed Church by Pastor Straub and burial in the cemetery by Kelley of Callicoon.

Mrs. Emma Evertson Nearing, aged 77, for many years a resident of Cochecton Center, died there at the home of her sister, Mrs. George Keesler, Tuesday, October 12.

Fred Schmidt, aged 73, died at his home in Ferndale Monday evening, October 25, following a couple week’s illness. He was a native of North Branch.

70 Years Ago - 1953

Mrs. Elsie Mann and Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Mann drove to Westwood, N.J., on Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mann’s father, William Holschuh, who was 90 years old last February and was well known in Jeff.

Alex Krongel, our local baker, left on Thursday for Brooklyn where he entered the Jewish Hospital for surgery on Monday. His wife went to visit him on Sunday. His daughter and husband, Rabbi Aaron Tofeldt of Charleston, S.C., arrived on Sunday to visit him.

Mrs. Thomas Quick of Roscoe suffered injuries last Thursday in a car-truck crash near Roscoe.

Mrs. Lillian Markson has resigned from her office as treasurer of the Hebrew Ladies Auxiliary, an office which she held for 18 years, ever since it was organized. Such faithful service deserves a note of thanks. Incidentally, her daughter succeeds her.

Mr. and Mrs. George Henn, daughter Joan, and Ann Reitmann of New York City, spent the weekend at Kenoza Lake.

James J. Braddock, former world heavyweight champion fighter, was in town yesterday. He has a summer place near North Branch.

Gilbert Weiss and wife drove to New York City on Thursday where Mrs. Weiss attended a teacher’s conference.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doetsch celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at their home on Mill Street, October 14.

Mrs. Mary Kohler and daughter, Evelyn, went to New York City on Monday. They plan to spend the winter in their Florida home.

Mrs. Clara Schaefer gave Dr. and Mrs. Ryder a farewell party Sunday at the Jefferson Hotel in Jeffersonville.

Miss Audrey Hauser, of St. Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hauser in Callicoon Center.

60 Years Ago - 1963

Dr. Elizabeth Vournos of Liberty has been elected a member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Division, American Cancer Society, to serve for a term of three years.

Eighteen hundred pounds of turkey meat fell beneath the sharp and true knives of the volunteer firemen of Jeffersonville last Saturday evening to provide for the fifteen hundred who shared in their annual dinner.

The new Sullivan County history book, “Brass Buttons and Leather Boots,” will be on sale at the annual Sullivan County Art Show, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Monticello. The new history, under the auspices of the Sullivan County Civil War Centennial Commission has been in preparation for two and a half years and concerns itself with the four years of the Civil War as related to the 143rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the battlefront as well as life on the home front and the role played by the burgeoning tannery industry and growing transport network.

Roger Ebert, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ebert of North Branch is undergoing nine weeks training at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill.

Dr. Howard C. VanKeuren of Narrowsburg died Tuesday at his home after a long illness. He was 78 years of age.

50 Years Ago - 1973

Harness racing has now become a year-round business at Monticello Raceway. Originally scheduled to close October 21, the Mighty M will continue to race through January 13.

A badly decomposed body was found off Route 52 in Loch Sheldrake by two hunters last Saturday. The man’s arms and legs were bound together tightly with clothesline. And a bullet was found in the body. As of Tuesday, authorities had not released the victim’s identity. In the 1930s, Sullivan County became the favorite dumping ground for targets of Murder Inc. Police theorized then that this gave the killers an edge on time over disposing of their victims in the New York metropolitan area.

As a result of the 1973 Canoe Regatta distribution of $4,000 resulted in these contributions: $1,500 to Grover Hermann Hospital Ladies Auxiliary; $1,500 to the Delaware Youth Center; $500 to the Upper Delaware Volunteer Ambulance Corps; and $500 to the Delaware Free Library.

Miss Elaine Robisch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Robisch, became the bride of Kenneth Ernst of White Plains on Saturday, October 6 (her parents’ 27th wedding anniversary).

Mr. and Mrs. Grover Wheeler of Swan Lake were honored on the occasion of their 65th wedding anniversary with an open house at their home this past Sunday.

Sharon Caldiero of Hortonville and Bill Duncan of Woodbourne play the leading roles in the Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop fall production of “Butterflies Are Free.”

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Lahm of Gardiner, formerly of Callicoon, were feted on October 13 at a 25th wedding anniversary party.

40 Years Ago - 1983

Word has been received of the death of Arthur Robisch, but no further information was given.

It’s a little late in the season, but several “knee high” corn plants have been observed along the River Road just north of Callicoon at the site of an accident two months ago when a feed truck from the HHF Farms in North Branch overturned and spilled corn seed on the ground.

Terry Knickerbocker, high school teacher and cross-country coach at the Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School, and Owen Cooper of Hurleyville are among those who will participate in the NYC Marathon Sunday.

David Quick and Dawn Crowfoot were named homecoming king and queen at the Tri-Valley festivities last weekend. The Bears beat Eldred 48-0 in their football game... Billy Gorton and Theresa Minckler were chosen as king and queen of the Jeffersonville-Youngsville Homecoming Day celebration. Jeff dominated the game defeating Roscoe 42-0.

Friends of the late Dr. Frederick A. Cook, who was born and raised in Hortonville, joined hands Sunday at the annual Sullivan County Historical Society session with CBS scriptwriter “Chuck” Rapoport who put together a television program showing, in part, Cook’s arguments with Admiral Robert E. Peary over who really discovered the North Pole. More than 100 people assembled to hear Mr. Rapoport say that he truly believes Dr. Cook reached the North Pole first.

Runners from three Sullivan County schools fared very well in weekend cross-country competition. Tri-Valley’s Bill Frear and Eldred’s Tammie Reiss took the top individual honors at the John A. Coleman Invitational race in Kingston while Miguel Casillio paced the Monticello boys team to first in the St. Pius X Invitational in Sunken Meadow, L.I.

30 Years Ago - 1993

The newest and most exciting restaurant in Sullivan County opened as the Tumbleweed in Parksville. It features Tex-Mex food and is operated by Gary Reisner and Susan Sikorski.

Nellie Dowitsch of North Branch celebrated her 90th birthday on October 25. She was a longtime member of the famous Callicoon Center Band... Mabel Cross celebrated her 90th birthday with a party at the Loch Sheldrake Firehouse.

His Eminence John Cardinal O’Connor was on hand to help St. George’s parishioners celebrate the 150th anniversary of the church. Prior to the construction of the first church building, one-half mile north of the Jeffersonville-North Branch Road, masses were said in settlers’ homes by visiting missionaries. St. George’s parish was organized in 1843 with  30 German immigrants as members. The current site of St. George’s came about in 1860, located on lands donated by Frederick Scheidell. In 1854, Father Joseph Roesch was named pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Obernburg. He continued to live in Obernburg with responsibilities in Jeffersonville, Narrowsburg, Ellenville and the French Settlement,  and relied upon an “oats collection” to keep his horse and buggy travel to Jeffersonville in gear every Sunday.

Dr. Albert Kim of Forestburgh, a leading surgeon at the Community General Hospital, was killed early Sunday morning as the result of an automobile accident.

At the Mt. Sac Invitational in Walnut, Calif., T-V’s Kate Landau remained perfect on the year, winning the rolling 3-miler in 17:17 – the fastest time of the day and 10th fastest ever on the course. The team had an overpowering 1-2-3 punch as Nancy Landau turned in another strong effort in third (19:39) and Sarah Nadeau was right behind in fourth. Tara Priebe finished 11th and Julie Ehrets came in 17th; Karen Wilbur was 34th; and Marie Conjura 40th, all running for T-V. Two hundred twenty-three schools participated and 10 hours worth of races make the Mt. Sac Invitational the largest prep cross-country meet on the West Coast. The local team 21 hours traveled the day before the race.

20 Years Ago - 2003

The town of Tusten recently honored two of its own who have done much for the community. Supervisor Richard Crandall presented plaques to Joan Halbert and Scott Birney at the town board meeting. Halbert served for 17 years as Assessor Clerk and clerk for the Water and Sewer Department. Birney served the town for 10 years as Water and Sewer Superintendent and five years as an employee.

A new hotel and golf course in Sackett Lake were up for public comment at the Town of Thompson Planning Board Wednesday night. The plans for Sackett Lake Golf and Housing were presented to the public by engineer Glenn Smith. To be situated on 325 acres, including land once owned by the Laurels Hotel, the new hotel will be seven stories high with 350 rooms, a conference center, condominium units, cottages and a spa. The old Laurels golf course will be rehabilitated as well. People voiced concern about  whether guests of the hotel would be allowed water rights to Sackett Lake, as well as what the impact on wildlife and the environment would be due to building construction. The hotel still needs permits from the NYS Health Dept., NYS DEC and Army Corps of Engineers.

A bid for a three-peat fell a bit short on Friday at the OCIAA Cross Country Championships at Bear Mountain State Park. Tri-Valley senior Heather Iatauro, who had won the girls’ OCIAA championship at Bear Mt. in 2002 and 2001, finished second in Friday’s race with a time of 17:43, which was a lifetime best. But Aislinn Ryan of Warwick won the race in 16:59. While a bit disappointed with the second place finish, Iatuaro was pleased with her time since she has been battling a case of the flu for the past four weeks.

10 Years Ago - 2013

Travelers on Route 97 north of Callicoon last week might have spotted two balloons  hovering above the autumn countryside. 911 Coordinator Alex Rau explained that the Chazen Companies conducted a balloon test in Callicoon that day to gauge the visual impact of a new 180-foot-tall tower coming to that location. 

The Sullivan County chapter of the Boys and Girls Clubs was recognized this month by the Sullivan County Legislature. The youth-oriented nonprofit’s parent, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Town of Wall                              kill, is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Executive Director Alexis Eggleton brought with her more than half a dozen current participants to accept a certificate from Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson (who was a member in his hometown of Waterbury, Connecticut in his youth). Eggleton said that the original local chapter was “founded in an abandoned storefront in the Orange Plaza [in Middletown] 20 years ago” and thanked her home Sullivan County for its enthusiasm and support for the Clubs’ expansion into Monticello, Fallsburg, Liberty, Roscoe and Livingston Manor. “This year we’re going to serve 39,000 meals in Orange and Sullivan counties,” she affirmed, noting that in Sullivan County alone, 500 kids participate in fun, educational, healthy and safe events every week. 


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