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Tennanah Lake Thurs. Men's League offers great competition

Ed Townsend - Columnist
Posted 8/6/20

The Tennanah Lake Golf Course Thursday Men's league has been in existence for over 20 years and presently is host to 14 teams.

Director of Golf at this facility is Hunter Flynn and he also is the …

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Tennanah Lake Thurs. Men's League offers great competition


The Tennanah Lake Golf Course Thursday Men's league has been in existence for over 20 years and presently is host to 14 teams.

Director of Golf at this facility is Hunter Flynn and he also is the league manager.

Golfers are playing in a shortened 15-week season this year and the first week of the league championships will begin on September 10.

The league alternates each week between the front and back nine holes.

This year's championship round will consist of the eight top teams.

The Tennanah Lake golf facility sits on some 1,000 acres and is the highest point in Sullivan County.

Last year's league champions were Tom Roseo and Collin Tallman.

The 14-team members this year include Ryan Edwards and Justin Bowers, Pete Johnson and Gary Cassevah, Dan DeVantier and Pat Mershon, Bret Reimer and Bryce Reimer, Frank McGreevy and Nick Estabrook, Jason Nogin and Ben Giordano, Jim Walsh and Bob Simpson, Collin Tallman and Tom Roseo, Terry Wolcott and Paul Stock, Fred Tucker and Bill Hass, Kurt Selbert and Andy Bury, Joey Bowers and Kevin Green, Craig Schumacker and Dave Calkin and Kurt Buddenhagen and Troy Parucki.

Ed's Outlook

One of the greatest thrills any golfer can have is shooting a hole-in-one.

The Thursday Night Men's league at the Villa Roma Golf Club got a double bonus July 23 when two league members recorded aces on two separate holes.

Brian Starr hit a Gap wedge on the par three 107-yard 13th hole and Peter Selthafner hit a seven wood to the par three 147-yard 17th hole.

For the 64-year-old Selthafner, it was his fifth career hole-in-one.

Pete noted he caddied at Grossinger's as a young man and started playing golf in 1984 and joined a league for several years at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club. In 1988 he joined the Thursday men's league (which later changed to the Villa Roma Tuesday Night league) in 1988.

Selthafner maintains a six handicap for nine holes and a 11.5 handicap for 18 holes.

His Thursday night playing partner is Stephen Greenwald.

Pete is single and lives at the Villa Roma where he is employed as a chef in the main hotel kitchen. He has worked at the Villa for 50 years.

In shooting the ace Pete noted, “I used my old favorite Persimmons Ping seven wood.”

Brian Starr noted that he just turned 56 and had worked at Charlie Barbuti Furniture in Liberty for 35 years till Charlie retired last August. He is now working in sales at Van Gorders' Furniture in Hawley, Pa.

He has been playing the game of golf for some 25 years and his present handicap for 18 holes is a 13.7.

Jeff Nober is his Thursday Night golf partner.

Brian scored the shot with a utility wedge using a Nike golf ball with his signature # 13 in black noted on the ball.

Starr has been playing in the Thursday Villa Roma league for some 18 years.

Golf Tip

By Bob Menges

Many things can lead to inconsistent putting. But distance and direction are the reasons we should always have at the top of our “How Can I Be More Consistent?” list.

Distance is the biggest cause of inconsistency, because it equates to the “feel” of the putt and also ends up controlling the distance after impact.

As we have all learned, more speed equals less break and less speed leads to more break.

On the other side of the coin, direction is the control we have in getting the golf ball started in the right direction before gravity and undulation take over the roll and path of the ball. Mixed in with all this is the factor that these two distinctions have to work together if we are to enjoy any success in putting.

Another way of looking at this is to think of our hands as the rudder and the engine/propeller of a boat.

The rudder of the boat controls the direction, while the engine/propeller generates the speed and distance.

When putting, our lead hand is the rudder, it's along for the ride, but it also makes sure you are staying square to the target. The trail hand, which is usually our dominant hand, is the engine/propeller and determines how far the ball goes.

So, each “part” has its own function, and a very important function, but one working without the other is either a boat going in circles (no rudder) or simply going nowhere (no engine).

An important key to developing more reliability with our distance and direction is to minimize hand and wrist movement, which, in turn, will maximize feel and control.

Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available when the course opens in mid-May. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323, 845-866-5567 or via email at bobmenges22@gmail.com

Putting Tip

By Geoff Walsh

Constant Speed is a major asset to every terrific putter and can never be overrated.

You feel the speed with your Eyes, Mind and Hands ... “The Triangle.”

Your eyes see the distance between the ball and the hole, a signal is sent to your mind, then your mind sends a signal to the muscles in your right hand (or left hand if you are a lefty) as the pressure and amount of acceleration on the forward stroke for the distance you want the ball to travel.

This definitely connects to the amount of back and through distance.

Geoff Walsh is a Class A PGA Professional at the Tarry Brae Golf Course at 387 Pleasant Valley Road, South Fallsburg. At this time private lessons are not available. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 845-434-2620.

Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the sport of golf and brings over 60-years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. When leagues and courses are fully in operation send your league or tournament information to Ed at 845-439-8177, email to bghtnews@aol.com or fax to 845-205-4474. View this column and Ed's photos at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Twin Village

Monday Mens

1. Green & Glantzis 117.5

2. Husson & Husson 113.0

3. Trask/Mooney/Huggins 110.0

4. Brock & Brock 97.5

5. Harris & Spalding 94.5

6. Wilcox & Gray 94.0

7. Haas & France 93.0

7. Madera & Madera 93.0

9. Tallman & Ackerly 92.0

9. Thomas & Hendrickson 92.0

11. Templin & Lee 89.0

12. Rowan & Bennett 85.5

13. Darbee & France 85.0

14. Tucker & Smith 84.5

15. Rampe & Hill 84.0

16. Jester & Winters 82.5

17. Ryder & Ryder 80.5

18. Murphy/Murphy/Gilmour 67.5

Tuesday Ladies

1. A. Bury & S. Clark 102.5

2. L. Kuehn & E. Kuehn 98.0

3. C. Bowers & S. Feeney 93.5

3. A. Husson & B. Ackerly 93.5

5. E. Casey & E. Carlson 91.0

6. Bye, Team 82.0

7. Y. Rowan & D. Mantzouratos 75.5

8. L. Hendrickson & D. Greenthal 66.0

9. S. Ferber & J. Husson 61.5

10. K. Harris & S. Green 41.5

Tarry Brae

Tuesday mens

1. Delacruz & Garcia 122.5

2. Sauchuk & Martin 118.5

3. Yaun & Gilmore 117.5

4. Aymes & Schneider 115.0

5. Bonsick & Cassaveh 110.0

6. Collette & Iqbal 107.0

7. Johnson & Johnson 106.5

8. Pollock & Carey 106.5

9. Simpson & Wolcott 103.0

10. Kawauchi & Altbach 101.0

11. Mullen & Rohrback 95.0

12. Flores & Kukas 93.5

13. Stoddard & Kushetsky 93.0


Wednesday Night League

1. B. Orr & D. Tanous 87.0

2. F. Barrett & D. Hendrickson 84.5

3. M. Brand & E. Stratton 84.0

4. J. Hinkley & P. Alden 82.5

5. J. Fink & J. Graham 79.5

6. R. Schmidt & H. Russell 77.5

7. D. Immoor & H. Tighe 76.0

8. F. Stabbert & T. Krantz 69.0

9. L. McAllister & R. Lennon 68.5

10. D. Kuebler & R. O'Mara 65.5

11. D. Hoskings & R. Esposito 53.5

12. M. Kovsh & C. Rodriguez 28.5

Tennanah Lake

Thursday mens palmer div

1. McGreevy & Estabrook 114.0

2. Stock & Wolcott 113.5

3. Reimer & Reimer 110.5

4. Mershon & Devantier 110.0

5. Calkin & Schumacker 105.0

6. Bowers & Edwards 105.0

7. Cassevah & Johnston 102.0

8. Haas & Tucker 101.0

9. Giordano & Nogin 100.5

10. Tallman & Roseo 98.5

11. Seibert & Bury 95.0

12. Walsh & Simpson 93.0

13. Parucki & Buddenhagen 93.0

14. Green & Bowers 87.0

Thursday Travel League

1. Martinez & Sherman 129.5

2. Gilmore & Bernstein 125.5

3. Collura & Fisher 123.0

4. Bacigalupo & Mitchell 119.5

5. Winters & Winters 116.0

6. Thomas & Husson 115.0

7. Schmidt & Ackerly 112.0

8. Jardine & Stanley 105.0

9. Stevens & Snihura 101.0

10. Coney & Mace 94.0

11. Hutchins & Mack 92.0

12. Lubniewski & Martin 87.0

13. Benzenberg & Benzenberg 84.5

14. Cawley & Todora 80.0

15. Poli & Cunningham 77.5

16. Heavey & Magill 61.5


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