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The Sleepaway Camps

Moshe Unger - Columnist
Posted 7/2/20

We are living in interesting times. I usually try to keep out of getting emotionally involved with current events because I believe that it's unproductive.

However, at this point the anger and …

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The Sleepaway Camps


We are living in interesting times. I usually try to keep out of getting emotionally involved with current events because I believe that it's unproductive.

However, at this point the anger and frustration that so many people in this country are feeling, is at dangerous levels. Some anger is justified on both ends of the political aisle and some of it is not. Whether it's justified or not, it's certainly not healthy.

All this upheaval makes me worried. I pray every day that “no bad developments should happen today”. In times when so many people are agitated so much can go further wrong in an instant.

One little correction of injustice happened in court last Friday. Judge Gary Sharpe in Albany, ruled that the city and state discriminated against houses of worship with excess restrictions while allowing businesses and other functions to operate with much less restrictions. He also voiced his opinion in general that the governor and NYC mayor have used their power far more than allowed.

We all know that NY state was late with closing down. When some areas were already in lockdown, Governor Cuomo was singing in his poetic tone that we should still go to bars. I understand that no one was prepared for this, and we shouldn't blame politicians too strong for their early delay in closing down. Although we elect leaders to make tough decisions and to think ahead, but I think we have to also understand them.

However, a few weeks into the situation we saw our politicians make one bad decision after another. The nursing home decision was a very bad one.

Allowing only chain stores open was a very bad one too. Many people are feeling that government has abandoned the plain people.

Good public health policy means taking into account the whole picture and caring for the individuals. To our chagrin we are not seeing that. When fire crackers are depriving people's sleep, DeBlasio created a “task force” to confiscate the hazardous material. It's not a bad thing to do, but why doesn't he open his eyes and see so many kids with nothing to do?? Kids throughout the state are dying of boredom. This situation is a destruction of humanity!

Affecting the Jewish community heavily, is Cuomo's decision regarding sleepaway camps. Even when the virus was raging there were suggestions from specialists that sleepaway camps create a quarantine for its inhabitants.

How much more so, when the state does allow day care, where the children go home every night!

From many credible insider reports, I've read that Cuomo and Zucker didn't even respond to the many professional opinions on this matter. The camps hired a few infectious experts to provide detailed guidelines how they could operate under very safe circumstances. Cuomo had many conversations with them at first making them feel it's possible that they'd be able to operate. He kept pushing off the final decision until the last moment and without even giving adequate reasoning.

Whatever people think about the camps in general, one should be disappointed with the deprivation of people's basic rights without reason. When one group's rights are encroached, it never stops there. We see government beeing given unlimited power in this emergency and they are abusing it.

A TRO has been filed and has been brought in front of Hon. Glenn T. Suddaby, Chief Judge of District Court in Albany. Hopefully, please G-d, that he'll realize the injustice and allow the camps to open, of course, with the saftety guidelines that the experts have given.

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