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Two PBA greats retire from National Tour

Ed Townsend - Columnist
Posted 4/1/21

Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams Jr., two of the greatest players in PBA Tour history, announced their respective retirements recently, following PBA Scorpion Championship best-of-five match play …

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Two PBA greats retire from National Tour


Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams Jr., two of the greatest players in PBA Tour history, announced their respective retirements recently, following PBA Scorpion Championship best-of-five match play from the World Series of Bowling XII at AMF University Lanes, held in Tampa, Florida.

Weber, a 37-time PBA Tour champion, owns 10 major titles, tying him with Earl Anthony for second most in the history of the PBA. Weber, the 1980 PBA Rookie of the Year, is the only player to win the U.S. Open five times as well as the only player ever to win the Triple Crown (PBA World Championship, Tournament of Champions and U.S. Open) twice.

“It's hard to grasp that I'm done on the National Tour,” said Weber, addressing his fellow competitors after he was eliminated. “In 41 years out here, it's been awesome. I can still hit the pocket with you guys, but I can't strike like you guys. It's been an honor and a privilege to bowl each and every one of you out here.”

Williams holds the all-time record with 47 PBA Tour titles, eight majors among them. He's been named the PBA Player of the Year a record seven times, the first in 1986 and the last in 2010, when he was 50 years old. Williams won at least one PBA Tour title in 17 consecutive seasons from 1993 to 2010.

“It was nice to have a good tournament at the end,” said Williams. “These young guys are very, very good. I gave it my all today, but I just happened to bowl somebody who bowled really well. Thanks, everybody, for all your support.”

Williams and Weber spent four decades competing against each other on the PBA Tour and rank first and fourth, respectively, in PBA Tour titles.

In their final event, both players qualified in the top 16 to advance to match play in the PBA Scorpion Championship. Both were eliminated, three games to two, by 2021 PBA World Champion Tom Daugherty, with Weber going out in the Round of 16 and Williams in the Round of 8.

Both Weber, 58, and Williams, 61, plan to continue competing on the PBA50 Tour and PBA Regional Tour.

Ed's Outlook

Fox Tournament is

underway in Hancock

The annual Hancock Fox Bowling Center Handicap Tournament is underway and will run weekends (Saturday and Sunday) through April 25.

The tournament has modified their format and squad schedule to allow for social distancing and to keep their facility safe and clean.

The tournament will still be doing three events, team competition and doubles and singles.

The team event this year will be four person teams instead of five and they will be limiting each squad to 10 teams. They will have specific squads for team event and doubles and singles.

The tournament will also be spacing out the squad times to allow for more time between making the changeover less crowded and enabling the staff to clean and sanitize more efficiently.

The four-person team event tournament fee is $112 per team. Doubles event is $56 per team.

The tournament started last weekend and runs every weekend through April 25.

There is no prize money guarantees at this time as they wait and see what the entry numbers are like.

Handicap is now based on 90 percent of 220.

Reservations are required and there is a limit of 10 teams per squad.

Additional information and reservations may be made by text at 570-647-9634 or email at foxbowl@verizon.net.

Bowling Tip

By Mike Luongo

This week's tip talks about the bowling release.

Releasing the ball means understanding the axis rotation. Geometry is a very important subject when talking about axis, plans and angles. When you release the ball, an entire geometrical construction is released also.

The spinning of the ball is the main arm of releasing the ball. You have to observe the ball spinning a lot of time before throwing it on the platform.

The spinning must be smooth and it must apply the two axis of rotation , vertical and horizontal. Most prefer to spin the ball watching the horizontal axe because it is easier and handier.

A good thing you could do in order to improve your axis rotation would be to find a good bowler who could watch you bowl and could teach you exactly how to release the ball.

All in all, it can be said that releasing the ball in bowling requires practice.

Visualizing the angles will make you understand the road of the ball.

Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, email him at mikel@stormbowling.com

700 Scoreboard

The Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league produced four 700 plus series last week. Kevin Stackhouse led the way with a 739 off single games of 259, 244, 236, Pedro Agapito III hit a 723 off single games of 248, 262, 213, Jim VanAken scored a 704 off single games of 223, 278, 203, and Keith Smith scored a 700 off single games of 219, 275, 206. In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighter league Pedro Agapito III scored a 744 with single games of 233, 278, 233, and Keith Smith scored a 701 off single scores 205, 269, 227. In the Friday Mixed league Shane Cunningham recorded a 727 off single games of 227, 267, 233, Kevin Stackhouse had a 728 off single games of 267, 258, 203.

Rob Johnson in the Wednesday Independent league at the Hancock Fox Bowling Center banged out a big 802 off single game scores of 268, 259, 275 and Pete Green in the same league hit a 740 off single game scores of 206, 277, 257. Dan Keesler scored a 712 in the Thursday Night 3 league with single games of 180, 269, 263.



Monday Men's

Rich Bradford 256, 253, 686, Michael Caiazzo 248, 213, 653, Paul Minton 278, 216, 682, Bob Feeney Sr. 212, 213, 606, Bobby Sze 257, 619, William Schubert 236, 212, 640, Richard Bivins 256, 611, Russell Bivins 240, 215, 632, Bobby Patel 242, 604, Charlie Tuttle 226, 246, 681, Bill VanAken 227, 223, 621, Dan VanAken 232, 210, 651, David Graham 210, 225, 639, Jonathan Wilhelm 238, 225, 226, 689, Jaryl Scott 259, 630.

Tues. Mixed Firefighter

Tom Belgiovene 250, Steve Belgiovene 235, 607, Kyle Giordano 245, 236, 673, Wendy Swan 171, Bobby Patel 216, 195, 601, Charlie Tuttle 227, 237, 671, Connie Beach 186, Trasey Barres 171, Shane Cunningham 235, Carena Collura 178, Jack Rustic 226, 234, 663, William VanAken 231, James VanAken 237, 612, David Graham 257, 667, Kevin Stackhouse 223, 258, 692, David Doty 251, 606, Tammy Bennett 191, 544.

Friday Mixed

Pedro Agapito III a 236, 259, 694, David Graham 210, 212, 621, Ryan Lepke 230, Charllie Meier 235, 635, Christopher Meyer 231, 240, 662, Serafin Rodriguez III a 259, 231, 660, Jason Rogers 227, 237, 626, Dennis Rundle 231, Bill Schubert 259, 231, 674, Keith Smith 234, 225, 610, Charlie Tuttle 255, 225, 699, Michele Macedonio 164, Naomi Sze 168, Taylor Welch 164.


Wednesday Independent

Doc Bolduc 245, 653, Brian Drumm 214, 608, Scott Ellis 236, 618, Chad Gardepe 224, 622, Ben Green 257, 639, Dan Keesler 247, 661, Scott Lacy 214, 614, Mitch Persbacker 234, 618, Dick Price 244, 628, Jason Scofield 232, 669, Roger Widmann 201, 204, Zuke Wormuth 224, 620, Scott Wormuth 236, 604.

Thursday Night 3

Ray Cornwell 220, 613, Dennis Leonard 224, 627, Rick Mills 224, 606, Natasha Tuttle 186, Dan Wormuth 254, 673.

Friday Couples

Jalene Allen, 220, 558, Shawn Card 247, 684, Dale Conklin 234, 635, Shane Dirig 225, 605, Scott Ellis 219, 646, Linda Ferris 504, Dennis Leonard 219, 638, Julie Martin 244, 546, Mindy McElroy 204, 515, Tia Robinson 205, 539, Dan Wormuth 240, 672, Jay Wormuth 254, 664, Jeremy Wormuth 222, 606.

Sunday Mixed Fun

Landyn Fuller (youth) 126, 149, 127, 402, Anthony Gately 225, Don Marino 235, 602, Garry Mills 227, Rick Mills 224, 618, Gabe Rynearson (youth) 212, 213, 185, 610, Paul Siegler 246.


Thursday Women's

Carol Flynn 233, 183, 192, 608, Sherri Laird 143, 208, 169, 520, Kim DeGarmo 183, 146, 180, 509, Carmela Monterperto 161, 151, 145, 457, Rachel Rivera 148, 152, 143, 443, Charlene VanHorn 168, Darlene Amarilla 163.

Ed Townsend is Public Relations Consultant to the sport of bowling and golf and brings over 60 years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. Due to no local bowling news and the fact that golf is fast approaching we will turn our focus to golf next week and ask anyone with local golf course news or golf league and tournament information to let me know at 845-439-8177, email at bght75@gmail.com or fax at 845-205-4474. Read our local blog for all kinds of news at http://bght.blogspot.com


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