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Hope for the Day

I get to

Diane Houghtaling
Posted 5/12/23

Many years ago I awoke from a dream in which a child was asking me, “So what do you get to do today?” I thought that was a very interesting question – not “What do you have to …

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Hope for the Day

I get to


Many years ago I awoke from a dream in which a child was asking me, “So what do you get to do today?” I thought that was a very interesting question – not “What do you have to do today?”, but “What do you get to do today?” I decided to answer that question while struggling to make myself get out of the bed. 

I thought, “Well, today I get to eat, unlike many around the world who won’t have that luxury. I get to see, hear, touch, smell and taste today. I get to arise from this bed on my own – no one has to lift me out of it, dress me and put me in a wheelchair. I get to move and walk and use my hands and body today without constant pain.

“I get to have a sound mind today that can think, focus, reason and remember. I get to face this day without discouragement, depression, despair and hopelessness. I get to choose my thoughts and not let them control me.

“I get to live in a nice, warm house with a comfortable bed to sleep in. I get to have all the good running water I need to drink, wash and clean with. I get to have electricity to make my life easier.

“I get to stay home today instead of going to a job that I dread. I don’t have to babysit, but I get to play with my granddaughter today. I get to take her out for a walk to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

“I get to be surrounded by people who love me and care deeply about me. I get to have a loving husband, children and grandchildren. (Just to prove this point, each one unexpectedly visited me that day.) I get to talk to my sister who was returning from a trip that day. I get to have friends who care about me and will be there if I need them.

“I get to have another day to love God and draw nearer to Him. I get to read His word and worship Him without fear of being executed or imprisoned. I get to serve Him today and get one day closer to spending eternity with Him.

“I get to live today. I get to choose to enjoy this day and make the most of it. I get to choose to have a good attitude, to be joyful and thankful, and to face this day with hope and expectation.”

By the time I got done answering the unusual question, I was able to get out of bed with a smile on my face. I may have still felt tired and weary, but I had a different perspective on the day I was facing. It’s amazing how changing one little word can change our whole outlook on not only a day but also for a lifetime. 

I no longer “have” to do anything; now I “get” to. I am thankful for that dream that showed me I can live each day with joyful expectation and renewed hope. I can choose today to look forward to what the Lord has for me and to make the most of this day He has given me. “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).


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