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Down the Decades

July 20, 2021 Edition

Compiled by Lee Hermann, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 7/20/21

140 Years Ago - 1881


Philip Hembdt of the Halfway House left some stalks of peavine clover five feet seven inches in length at this office. He has four acres all of which is just as …

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Down the Decades

July 20, 2021 Edition


140 Years Ago - 1881


Philip Hembdt of the Halfway House left some stalks of peavine clover five feet seven inches in length at this office. He has four acres all of which is just as good. Who has any better?

The picnic of St. George’s R.C. Church in Jeffersonville came off according to the advertisement on Monday last and, not withstanding the stormy weather, was very well attended. Had the air been dry the crowd would have been immense. All present enjoyed themselves. The receipts were $170.

Mowing machines and horse rakes are rapidly taking the place of men in the hayfield. — North Branch Corresp.

At the annual match of the Scheutzen Verein on July 4th, the prizes were awarded as follows: Frank Harding, Andrew Schadt, Edward Hahn, W.E. Wenzel, M.J. Weyrauch, William Gilbert and Benjamin Wolf.

Poor weather to make hay as it rains and shines by fits and starts.

On July 10, Miss Susanna Schultz became the bride of George Hemmer. Both are from the town of Callicoon.

B. Himmelreich of Youngs­ville has been compelled to hire a clerk to assist him in the store. He sent to Germany for his nephew to come.

Washington and the country were startled on Saturday morning by a report that President Garfield had been assassinated. The name of the assassin is Charles Gitteau. A letter found on Gitteau when he was taken to prison was addressed to General Sherman and read as follows: “I have just shot the President. I shot him several times as I wished him to go as easily as possible. His death was a political necessity. I am a lawyer, a theologian and a politician. I am a Stalwart of the Stalwarts. I was with General Grant and the rest of our men in New York during the canvass. I am going to jail. Please order out your troops and take possession of the jail at once.

Very respectfully,

Charles Gitteau”


130 Years Ago - 1891


J.F. Sherwood of Livingston Manor has applied for permission to put his merry-go-round in Union Park on the day of the Masonic picnic.

A team of horses driven by Charles Lahm, aged 14, of the Beechwoods, was frightened by a peacock while passing the residence of H. Bosley near Kenoza Lake and ran away, throwing the boy out.

Next week will begin the weekly topical notes entitled “Chats on the Plaza,” by Rev. A.M. Giddon of Wurtsboro.

Butcher Ed Moore has sold out his business including horses and wagons to Fred Luchs. Fred is a young man of this place who will conduct the business himself.

The following persons are stopping for the summer at J.H. Glassel’s: Mrs. Faille, Dr. William Cailee and Miss Phoelen, all of New York City.

There will be much more hay harvested in this part of the county than expected.

The Excelsiors have received  a challenge from the Roscoe Club. Wait til we get through haying, boys.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Rogeler of Youngs­ville, but died on Wednesday.

Bert Calkins, aged 12, of Youngsville, died on Wednesday.


120 Years Ago - 1901


The farm of the late Conrad Beringer of North Branch was sold last week to William Ackerman of Buck Brook for $3,000.

A new son is reported as the latest arrival at Prof. Attla’s home.

William J. Grishaber and wife are the parents of a daughter born July 18.

Dewitt J. Starck of Callicoon Depot and Miss Henrietta Campbell of Barryville were married last week.

Philip Hill and Miss Nellie Segar were married Wednesday. Philip is the son of Eben Hill of White Sulphur Springs. Nellie is the daughter of Ormalo Segar of Briscoe.

Charles Scheidell is supplying a great convenience to the village people by running an ice wagon almost daily.

Casper Weissenfluh of Youngs­ville, who is the fire warden of the town of Callicoon, has appointed the following additional fire district wardens: John Yager of Callicoon, Henry Schaefer of North Branch, Jacob C. Becker of Youngsville and Louis Becker of Roscoe.

A team driven by a young son of August Polster, who is on the Henry Krantz farm in Beechwoods, became frightened at Callicoon Depot and ran away. The runaway collided with a double rig of Henry Schaefer’s and both wagons were badly damaged.

Abe Minckler of Long Eddy, who is a snake catcher, was bitten ten times by a rattlesnake last week. He used the John Geer Indian Remedy and is all right now.

Those who have arrived at the Jeffersonville House are: B. Shires and wife, Ralph Herbert Shires, Florrie Ross, Lillie Wolfsey, Mrs. William Naftal, Rose Naftal and Lottie Mork of New York.

Last Wednesday evening several young people of Youngsville gave Lillian Inderlied a surprise party.

Fred Hessinger and wife of Callicoon left on Friday for the Pan American Exposition.

Peter Will has purchased the Adam Hess place in Callicoon for $770.

John Puerschner will conduct an ice cream parlor opposite the post office at Kenoza Lake during the summer months.


110 Years Ago - 1911


It is reported that Lester McDermott of Jeffersonville and Miss Katie Leins of Callicoon Center were married last week.

The Hurleyville school house has been condemned by state authorities.

George Darian Wilson of Loomis and Miss Lucy Manion of White Sulphur Springs were married on June 28.

Louis King of New York contemplates building a summer resort at Acidalia in the town of Fremont resembling a Hawaiian palace.

J. Vogel and wife of Brooklyn have arrived  at the Maple Grove House for a vacation.

Just about the happiest man in town at this moment is William Faubel who on Monday morning became the father of a baby boy.

Edward C. Miller has returned to New York after spending a month at the Huff homestead.

Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party will be given in Roth’s Hall at White Sulphur Springs on July 21st for the M.E. Church.

The salary of all mail carriers on rural free delivery routes is to be increased this year from $900 to $1,000 per year.

Miss Buddenhagen of Beech­woods has been engaged to teach school in District No. 7, the Lower Beechwoods.

John Machan of Monticello has been awarded the Sullivan County Scholarship at Cornell University. Machan is only 16 years old and the youngest person in the state to receive a scholarship.


100 Years Ago - 1921


William Moran, the farmer who lives at the dead man’s curve below the village of Jeffersonville, is considering the establishing of a resort for wrecks and a cemetery for speeders. Accidents are coming to be almost a daily occurrence there.

The five children of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lang, who bought the W.J. Brown farm on Swiss Hill a year ago, arrived there from Hungary last week.

Floyd Thornton Scheidell, who is a son of Mrs. Mary Scheidell of Jeffersonville, and Miss Grace Marie Berkey of Los Angeles, Calif., were married on July 7th.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Console of Damascus, PA., are the parents of a baby girl.

The Eastern Stars had a big turnout at their old-fashioned dance at the Grange Hall last night with over 300 tickets being sold. The music was furnished by the Neumann family of North Branch.

Guests at the Kohler House are Philip Menger, Peter Menger, Leo Schonberger, Joe Phillips, Arthur Arendt, Mrs. Arendt, and Miss Carrie Zeltman, all from Brooklyn.

Eugene Rosch, Sherwood Hill, George Young, and Donald Westbrook of Liberty; Lee Tompkins of Neversink; John Sloat of Monticello and E.C. Homer of Livingston Manor are sailing this week for Europe with Prof. Asa S. Goodrich of the State Sunday School Association.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. George W. Peters of North Branch on July 17th.

Frank McGuire of Callicoon, who bought the old Wenzel mill, is having it torn down by Contractor John Lowe who will use the lumber to erect a new house at Callicoon for Mr. McGuire.


90 Years Ago - 1931


Signs have been posted in and about Youngsville’s boarding houses warning people that “walking on the highway or the roads of the village in bathing costumes or shorts without a proper covering or cloak which reaches below the knees is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $10 or a sentence of ten days in jail, or both.”

Dr. Carl Maisel of Montclair, N.J., who is erecting a new residence on the former Stuehler property, has selected a site higher up on the slope than the old house which has been torn down. The new building will be of Bavarian peasant style.

W.J. Cain, who is advance agent for A.F. Wheeler-Sig. Sautele combined circus, was in Jeffersonville making arrangements for the circus to show there on the ball field on July 27th.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vannatta of Damascus.

Bob Bauernfeind and Bob Euker went to Spruce Ridge Boy Scout Camp at Parksville. The boys are from North Branch.


80 Years Ago - 1941


Miss Jeanne Esther Deckelman, only daughter of District Arttorney and Mrs. William Deckelman became the bride of Theodore King Bowen of Syracuse on July 15.

A daughter, Nancy Ellen, was born to Attorney and Mrs. Frederick W.V. Schadt of Jeffersonville at the Callicoon Hospital on July 12…A daughter, July 16th, to Mr. and Mrs. John Brockner at the Callicoon Hospital. The mother is the former Nora Allen of Roscoe.

The horses owned by John Smith ran away on Monday evening around 6:30.

Wilfred Carpenter who ran The Shoppe for seven years, has filed bankruptcy with liabilities of $5,555 and assets of $1,632. He has taken a job as assistant engineer with the Hartford, Conn., City Water System.

Mrs. Herbert Hassis left yesterday to spend the week with her husband who is employed by the Savage Arms Co. in Utica.

Sylvester Beiling, son of George Beiling of Liberty, is one of the new qualified parachute jumpers from this area. Thomas and John Kelly of Liberty have entered the armed services.


70 Years Ago - 1951


A huge tractor-trailer, loaded with high explosive propane bottled gas and driven by Marsdon Henry Reese Jr. of Bayonne, N.J., went out of control when the brakes failed and smashed into fifteen cars lined up along the highway waiting for the light at Wurtsboro. Four persons were killed and 17 injured before the truck finally halted.

The proposed budget for the Jeff Central School district, which set the total expenditures for the year 1951-52 at $203,830, was rejected by a vote of 86-88 Tuesday night at the Annual school district meeting. At the same time, Millard Bury, President of the Board of Education, defeated his opponent, Mrs. George Winkelstern, former president of the Parent-Teacher Association, for the office of trustee for a five year term. The vote on the strongly contested election was 108-102.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Muller celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last Saturday.

Five boys from Jeff attended Orange-Sullivan Council’s Boy Scout Camp at Beech Mountain. They are Arthur Ritterhausen, Richard Lott, Richard Williams, John Gain and Henry Peters Jr. The boys will stay a week.

Victor Hofer and son, Richard, drove to New Paltz on Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Hofer and daughter Karen who are taking courses there.

Billy Ritterhausen and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Erskine, are spending two weeks in Maine.

Robert Fisk, son of Mr. and Mrs. “Babe” Fisk has recovered from the measles.

The sale of the Henry Berberich chicken farm was reported by the Tegeler Real Estate Agency to Henry Weiss of White Plains. The property is on Route 52.

Five players on the Jeff Lions baseball team were asked to play on the All-Stars last night at Delhi. They were Arnold Sims, Al Tonjes, Jack Gohde and Tom and Winston Miller.

Dr. Carl Heins, son of Mrs. William Heins of Monticello and the late Mr. Heins, has started the practice of surgery in association with Dr. Ralph E. Breakey.


60 Years Ago - 1961


A fire in the Adler building on Jeff’s Main Street claimed the life of Mr. Gilgallon on July 6. The fire was discovered by Carl Fredd and George Redington. Protection Hose Co. No. 1 of Jeff and the Youngsville Fire Department were on the scene and worked feverishly to halt the flames. Their job was well done.

The Sullivan County Democratic Committee met in convention on Tuesday night to name Donald Baker to run for county treasurer and Millicent Flynn to run for county clerk. The meeting had no surprises and was over in about one hour.

Mrs. Ida M. Kohler, 74, died suddenly July 10 from a coronary attack. Mrs. Kohler had been a news correspondent for several local publications in the area. She had served as Jeffersonville’s postmistress for several years in the ’20s. She was the widow of Edward F. Kohler.

Mrs. Mary Fitzsimmons, 69, was killed on Tuesday in Accord when she drove her car through a stop sign in front of a tractor-trailer. She was a teacher at Our Lady of Angels school on Briscoe Road.

Richard Schrumpf of Callicoon Center was elected president of the Sullivan County Volunteer Firemen’s Association at their annual meeting held at the Rock Hill Fire Hall on June 13.


50 years ago - 1971


It took some time but the lone winner of $25,686 the other Saturday afternoon at the Monticello Raceway, finally collected his money. The winner was Lewis Beasimer, 54-year-old plant operator for a sand and stone outfit near his home in Hopewell Junction. He explained that he usually bets on the favorite to finish near the top, saves one ticket to bet his age, 54, and always plays his phone number, the last four digits of which are 7845 — a combination that paid off in Saturday’s Superfecta.

Harold Schue, 37 years editor of the Liberty Register, died unexpectedly at his home on Swan Lake Road, Liberty, on July 6.

The state convention of the Daughters of America is scheduled to be held in May 1972 at the Stevensville Country Club.

Miss Trudy Lenzo of Yulan was elected as Queen of the Annual Firemen’s Field Day at Narrowsburg last week. Runner-up for the event was Miss Kay McConnell of Narrowsburg.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hess of Callicoon at the Callicoon Hospital on July 8.

Miss Georgia Widmann, 16, of Callicoon, is the first entrant on the 4th Annual Canoe Regatta for queen competition.

At the Liberty-Loomis Hospital, it was a boy, Gary Earl, to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Myers of Jeffersonville on July 6; twin girls were born July 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Clark of Liberty; a baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. James Boyes of Parksville.


40 Years Ago - 1981


Read Memorial Hospital in Hancock, closed since early June, came a step nearer to reopening last week when the corporation members voted for an amendment to their by-laws giving themselves the right to vote out of office the existing board of directors. “We are working on an agreement by which the present board members will resign and new ones will be appointed,” Jeannine Decker, spokeswoman for the corporation membership, said. “This will be better for the board members and the hospital as it will save face among the community.”

A check for $900 was donated to the Sullivan-Ulster-Orange Burn Center through receipts of bingo at the Liberty VFW Post 9217. Commander Doug Grippen and VFW bingo chairman Ed Abplanalp made the presentation to John Nichols.

The 6th Annual Verkhovyna Youth Festival will be held July 17-19 in Glen Spey.

The Community Action Co-op, a civic minded organization made up of students from the Delaware Valley Job Corps Center in Callicoon, spent some time recently making the Delaware area a more beautiful place to live. The group of 15 or so students, under the direction of Pete LeFleur, a center counselor, cleaned up the Skinner’s Falls area. “We got about 10 bags of garbage,” Pete said. “We plan on cleaning up the area every two weeks.”


30 Years Ago - 1991


Monticello Elks Lodge #1544 is sponsoring its fourth annual Elks Twin Lobster Bake on July 27 at the lodge on North Street. The menu includes two whole lobsters per person, local corn on the cob, baked potato, salads, rolls, dessert and beverages for $21 per person. The event is limited to 400 people.

Nearly 700 people attended the chicken barbecue at the Town of Thompson Park. The barbecue is a combined effort of the Monticello Kiwanis Club and Monticello Rotary Club.

Three babies were born within five hours on July 4 at the Community General Hospital in Harris: Kayla Jo Olsen was born at 8:45 a.m. to her mom, Robin; Aldorin Manuel Villena was born at 8:45 a.m. to his mom, Laura; and Christopher Robert Lake was born at 10:42 a.m. to his mom, Judi.

The Liberty Student Council’s Sock Hop raised $2,532 which was donated in memory of Jennifer Orseck to the Tomorrow’s Children Fund.

Centralization of the Eldred and Narrowsburg schools could take place as early as next July according to a news release by the Sullivan County District Superintendent of Schools. The feasibility study was begun Tuesday.

Plans are underway for a 20th anniversary celebration at the Grover M. Hermann Hospital in Callicoon on August 11. It will be an opportunity for local folks and newcomers to view the 30-bed hospital and to meet Dr. Joseph Gigante who has recently opened practice here.

The J-YCS Class of 1951 recently held its 40th reunion at Lanza’s in Shandelee.

More than 700 dinners were served at the Hankins Firemen’s 4th of July chicken barbecue.

A Welcome Home Parade was held in Monticello on July 14 to honor Desert Storm troops from Sullivan County. What a grand day it was!

Despite cool, drizzly weather, more than 2,000 people attended the Founder’s Day Street Fair in Wurtsboro on Saturday. Scheduled for the day were the Sweet Adelines, Happy Footers and D&H Squares, a tuba and banjo duet and a fly-by of aircraft from the nearby Wurtsboro Airport. The day was set apart to honor the founders of Wurtsboro, the Wurts Brothers and the D&H Canal that gave the village its start back in the early 19th century.

Members of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers performed at the 26th annual Pow Wow of the Indian League of the Americas held this weekend in Barryville.


20 Years Ago - 2001


Tens of thousands attended the Founders’ Day Street Fair held in Wurtsboro Saturday. While organizers did not have an official attendance figure for the event, it’s estimated to be over 15,000 visitors.

Town of Callicoon passed a resolution recently designating Donkey Corners as an official place in the Town of Callicoon. A sign was presented to Nial and Virginia Lindsley by the town, to place on their property.

A rabid raccoon was killed in Cochecton after it attacked a family’s pets. Two people are being treated as a result of exposure to the raccoon.

Roberta Zalkin Yagerman of the Golda Meir Group of the New York Chapter of Hadassah in Manhattan has been named recipient of the Fifteenth Annual Hadassah National Leadership Award. She was born in Liberty, and is a fifth-generation life member of Hadassah.

The Moore families reunited recently at the Firemen’s Field in Hasbrouck with 85 people attending. The event was the fifth annual reunion of the late Bruce and Ella Morton Moore families.


10 Years Ago - 2011


Sam’s Service Center in Liberty came to the rescue when the swan on Swan Lake had an accident. Usually seen floating on the Presidential side of Swan Lake, the swan was getting ready to make its spring debut when its delicate neck was broken. A flatbed from Sam’s was dispatched and the next day surgery was performed by Karl and staff at Sam’s auto body shop. The swan made a full recovery and is now in better shape that ever.

Dan Billard of Narrowsburg, who is 80 years young, is training for an endurance bicycling event near and dear to his heart. Billard will be among dozens competing in the Ride to Cure Diabetes in support of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The athletes will be cycling for 64 miles through mountainous terrain. Billard is riding for his grandson, 16-year-old Richard Lander, and his son-in-law, Rick Lander. Both Rick and Richard live with diabetes.

Ike Brenner of Hankins has a new appreciation for fundraisers. As Brenner searched for a project to get in shape, he stumbled upon Team in Training, a hike in the Grand Canyon that benefits Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In order to join the team, Brenner had to agree to raise $4,500, a portion of which will cover his travel to the Grand Canyon. So he started writing letters, hitting up businesses and people he knew for support. Fundraising, he’s found, can be lonely and discouraging work when people ignore your pleas but then something big happens and people start donating items, some businesses donated portions of profits, etc. At presstime Brenner was just $800 away from his goal and slated to leave for the Grand Canyon 10-mile hike on May 19.


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