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Kenoza Lake

September 22, 2023

Susan Brown Otto
Posted 9/22/23

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 20th, I had a solo hummingbird at my feeder. She was simply resting on the feeder, took a few sips of nectar and flew off. My male hummers left a few weeks ago. This …

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Kenoza Lake

September 22, 2023


Yesterday, Wednesday, September 20th, I had a solo hummingbird at my feeder. She was simply resting on the feeder, took a few sips of nectar and flew off. My male hummers left a few weeks ago. This may be the last hummingbird sighting for me, for 2023. I understand that one should keep one’s feeders up until October 1st. The deer are losing their summer red coats and getting their darker colored winter coats. The bucks are still in their bachelor groups, their velvet now shed. Bethel farmer Jon Rossal planted a crop on Pucky Huddle Road. Not 100% sure what it is, rye, oats, sorghum? Anyway, he tried to make hay of the crop, got half of it baled and it started to rain. It is a notoriously wet field. The other half never got baled.  The Canada geese first discovered the field when the field got planted in the spring and they have discovered it again. It is awesome watching them land in the field at 6:50 am. I absolutely love watching them glide into the field, landing like airplanes at Newark Airport. Awesome!  I went jogging early in the morning this week so that I can hopefully watch them land on the field. I have had Carolina wrens living in my hanging baskets this summer. One night I decided to water my impatiens plant at night and this Carolina wren flew out at me. Interesting how a Carolina wren differs in size and sound and housing choices from House wrens. 

Last Saturday, September 16th was a super, special day in the history of Kenoza Lake. On that day, John Girrbach and Brenda Miller got married in the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church.  The church was packed. The weather was perfect. Brenda’s nephew from Nashville, Tennessee was the musician for the church service. The church looked beautiful. Pastor Joycalyn Jordan officiated. A bagpiper from New Jersey serenaded the bridal party and guests after the service. I had tears in my eyes during the service. The Kenoza Lake firehouse was transformed into a beautiful reception hall. The food was catered from a place in Warwick. A truly super special day for John and Brenda and the special town called Kenoza Lake. The wedding of the year!  Best wishes to the bride and groom!

Everyone knows the famous Anheuser Busch Clydesdale horses. Yesterday I read that the parent company of Anheuser Busch is going to stop cutting off the tails of their tails-off-Clydesdale horses after pressure from-activists.  Personally, I am in favor of that. Sometime dairy farmers do that to their cows. It is nasty to get a manured cake tail swatted in your face if you don’t have a milking parlor.  However, it seems to me to be cruel to dock the tails of an animal. 

I just read that Russell Reeves, the Sullivan County, County Clerk is going to order a new, free alert system to help property owners protect fraud regarding their deed or mortgage. Called Fraud Alert, you can sign up and receive an email whenever there is a change with the recording of the deed or mortgage. This helps prevent fraud. 

Faithful readers of this column know that I am a Mets and Jets fan. I watched the first few minutes of the debut of the NY Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Wow. What a major disappointment, after months and months of hype. 

Save the date! Kenoza Lake Fire Company annual roast beef dinner, Saturday, October 14th. TAKE OUTS ONLY.  $17.00. Real mashed potatoes. The famous Raum Boys gravy.  The following week is the Jeffersonville Roast Beef dinner.  Eat in/take out, $20.00, plus, for the first time in more than 15 years, a dance! 

By the time you read this news column, it will be fall!  Friday, September 2023, a super, full moon. This full moon will be the Harvest full moon. The Harvest full moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the first day of autumn. 


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