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The need for golf packages in Sullivan County

Ed Townsend - Columnist
Posted 6/3/21

In searching the Golf Trail for golf packages in Sullivan County you will not have any luck because there are none listed.

The Empire State has more than 846 golf packages with 35 resort courses …

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The need for golf packages in Sullivan County


In searching the Golf Trail for golf packages in Sullivan County you will not have any luck because there are none listed.

The Empire State has more than 846 golf packages with 35 resort courses and two casino golf courses.

The Golf Trail lists golf package information for the Finger Lakes, Central New York, Cooperstown, Lake Placid, Saratoga, Niagara.

Golf packages offer the best price, a variety of destinations, easy booking, online booking and in most cases great customer service.

Talking with local golf professionals over the past several years it was their unanimous decision that golf packages would be interesting to work with and could provide an increase in revenue to Sullivan County golf courses.

I have always believed that the way to optimize your golfing experience is to try the many interesting golf packages offered.

Today, there are lots of ways that can provide the best packages..

If you are a golfer it is important to have the best package.

When buying into a golf package you can be assured that the package will help you get rid of too much spending.

In many states there are lots of services that can provide amazing deals and can provide all the essential things that you as a golfer needs.

Eliminating problems make the game of golf much more fun to play.

Remember to take advantage of the best deals pertaining to golf vacations.

In choosing a golf package it is recommended that with any golf package you must also receive the best service.

One of the best ways to get service is using online websites that can provide what the golfer is looking for.

Stay and play golf packages have become the most popular way to go and with most of these the packages offer room for two, 18 holes of golf with cart and many provide your morning breakfast.

I have often talked about golf in Sullivan County and the fact that there is a lack of golf packages.

Sullivan County golfers can learn a lot from popular South Carolina golf packages where golfers get to choose the golf courses they want to play and for one price, some as low as $82 a day, you get 18-holes of golf with a cart, double occupancy in a motel room and breakfast and we even know of one package that throws in the evening supper meal.

Several years ago, I talked to two golf industry experts during a South Carolina golf package trip.

Management at The Players Course at Wyboo near Manning, SC noted very strongly that “Golf Packages are very important to the economy of his golf course during the months of February through May and September through November and some 65 percent of their total income comes from golf packages.”

Southern Greens of South Carolina labels their package “Golf's Super Bargain.” “When it comes to thinking golf in South Carolina you hear a lot about Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, but in the eastern part of the state you find the best bang for your buck with economical golf packages in one of the most beautiful and unhurried areas of our country.

Southern hospitality is also a big draw for Northeast golfers who get to play spring golf in the Hartsville, South Carolina area which offers golf packages on 12 different golf courses.

I can attest as to the quality and honesty of packages in South Carolina and agree with a number of golf course management operators that a well managed golf package here would be a plus for local golf courses.

Ed's Outlook

Tiger drops out of

Top 100 Group

For the first time in more than three years, Tiger Woods is not a top-100 player in the world.

Woods, who continues to recover from back surgery and injuries sustained in a serious car accident, fell out of the top 100 in the latest Official World Golf Ranking, dropping to No. 103.

Woods hasn't played since last fall's Masters, when he tied for 38th to move to No. 33 in the world.

The last time Woods was ranked outside the top 100 was in March 2018. He was then just beginning his rise back inside the world top 5, which he would achieve a couple of events after his 2019 Masters triumph.

Woods last dropped out of the top 100 in March 2015, and he'd end that year ranked No 416 before teeing it up just four times between 2016 and 2017.

Woods, 45, suffered open fractures to the upper and lower sections of his right leg, as well as significant trauma to his right ankle in the Feb. 23 single car crash near Los Angeles. Doctors needed to insert a rod, screws and pins to stabilize Wood's leg, and Woods remained in Los Angeles hospitals for three weeks until returning home to South Florida in mid-March.

Woods is currently in a “wait and see” mode.

At this point in the healing process Woods next benchmark is for blood circulation to get back to normal in his injured right foot and once this happens recovery timelines will fall into place.

Golf Tip

By Robert Menges

Scoring is all about getting the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes and the short game is a key component to accomplishing this.

One of the ways to improve the short game is to work on distance control.

In this drill, I set up four targets, whether it's buckets or whatever visual object you can find...with distances ranging from 10 to 40 yards.

After the targets are in place you then hit one ball at each target in sequence. By hitting at different targets in sequence, you once again will prevent yourself from locking in to one distance. In the long run, this will help you develop better feel for your distance control. As far as club selection, I suggest you start with a 50-degree wedge for this drill and then experiment with your other wedges.

The key here is to develop your touch for the different distances.

Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. Call to see if he is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or 845-866-5567 or via email at bobmenges22@gmail.com

Putting Tip

By Geoff Walsh

I have watched top contenders in the World Putting Championship, and I have always known that if golfers want to score well, they must learn to putt well.

An area that is so important in scoring well is the speed of the putt.

You “feel” the speed with your eyes, mind and hands.

Imperative that you look at the distance between the ball and the hole six to nine times before you putt during the pre-putt routine.

It's a triangle. Your eyes see the distance. A signal is sent to your mind. Your mind sends a signal to the muscles in your right fingers (left fingers for lefty's) for the amount of acceleration needed.

Then you pull the trigger. Get the ball nearest the holefor a no-stress two putt.

Two putting is hot, three putting is not.

Geoff Walsh is a Class A PGA Professional at Tarry Brae Golf Course located at 387 Pleasant Valley Road, South Fallsburg, Call to see if he is available for private lessons and if you have a question or a subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 845-434-2620.

Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the sport of golf and brings over 60-years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. If you have league or tournament information, shoot a hole-in-one or score you age let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email to bght75@gmail.com or fax to 845-205-4474. View this column at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Twin Village

Tuesday Ladies

1. E. Casey & E. Carlson 23.0

2. Y. Rowan & T. Stark 18.5

3. C. Bowers & S. Feeney 15.5

4. S. Ferber & J. Husson 13.5

5. L. & M. Hendrickson 11.5

6. A. Husson & B. Ackerly 11.5

7. D. Tallman & C. Routledge 9.5

8. S. Clark & K. Ahart 7.5

9. K. Harris & S. Green 4.5

Tarry Brae

Tuesday Mens

1. Johnson & Johnson

2. Delacruz & Garcia

3. Pollock & Carey

4. Diffenderfer & Fleischman

5. Bonsick & Cassaveh

6. Schneider & Garber

7. Kawauchi & Altbach

8. Sauchuk & Martin

9. Yaun & Gilmore

10. Collette & Iqbal

11. Rohrback & Mullen

12. Flores & Kukas

13. Kurshetsky & Hinkley

14. Felter & Ward

15. Simpson & Wolcott

16. Goldberg & Klugman


Tuesday Night Birdie Division

1. T. Ditmar & N. Rusin 31.0

2. M. Welsh & S. Duquette 28.0

3. P. Clifford & A. Hauser 27.5

4. Todd & Taylor VanKeuren 25.0

5. N. Bell & M. Freaney 24.0

6. D. Luczyski & M. Garigliano 23.5

7. D. Byrne & T. Byrne 20.5

8. K. Torrens & M. Lagatutta 20.0

9. H. Keherley & J. Rhupert 18.5

10. J. Merklin & W. Huebner 17.5

10. A. Atkins & R. Festa 17.5

11. N. Huggler & M. Murphy 17.0

12. T. Merklin & S. Austin 16.0

13. T. Osterhout & B. Meyer 12.0

14. C. Hicks & B. Garber 10.0

15. M. Williams & D. Divita 7.0

Tuesday Night Par Division

1. C. Roth & C. Roth 28.0

2. J. J. Van Keuren & T. Nieman 27.5

3. T. Gallo & C. Roth 24.5

4. J. Sazoff & S. Ottino 23.0

4. K. Wheeler & S. Hamlin 23.0

5. J. Rusin & R. Ellison 22.0

6. J. Finn & J. Russell 20.0

7. E. O'Malley & T. Ellison 19.0

8. C. Schadt & W. Mall 18.0

9. K. Clifford & B. Menges 17.0

10. Walter & Quintin Herzog 8.5

11. M. Diehl & A. Bradley 7.5

11. J. Frankie & R. Frankie 7.5

12. J. Tanous & J. Wilhelm 6.5

13. P. Donovan & K. Scheibe

14. P. Fanning & A. Marciano

Wednesday Night

1. F. Barrett & D. Hendrickson 29.0

2. R. Schmidt & B. Russell 28.5

3. T. Martin & T. Martin Jr. 26.0

3. R. Heyman & J. Weinstein 26.0

4. E. Stratton & M. Brand 25.5

5. J. Fedroff & H. Tighe 24.0

6. W. Mall & F. Stabbert 23.0

7. D. Kuebler & R. O'Mara 22.0

8. P. Wegman & R. Lennon 20.5

9. R. Meihoffer & T. Doughty 15.0

10. G. Ziegler & J. Wunder 14.5

11. J. Hinkley & P. Alden 13.0

12. R. Esposito & D. Hoskings 10.0

13. J. Fink & J. Graham 9.5

Thursday Travel League

1. Thomas & Husson 60.5

2. Kuhn & Martin 56.0

3. Schmidt & Ackerly 55.0

4. Benzenberg & Benzenberg 54.0

5. Stevens & Holmquest 52.5

6. Hutchins & Mack 52.0

7. Cawley & Todora 47.0

8. Coney & Mace 45.0

9. Benstein & Lubniewski 41.5

10. Jardine & Stanley 38.5

10. Winters & Petraglia 38.5

12. Gilmore & Gilmore 37.5

13. Collura & Fisher 35.5

14. Cunningham & Poli 25.5

Tennanah Lake

Thursday Mens Palmer Div

1. Bowers & Edwards 68.0

2. Bowers & Green 50.5

3. Reimer & Tesseyman 49.0

4. Mershon & DeVantier 48.5

5. Parucki & Fedun 48.0

6. Calkin & Schumacker 45.5

7. Seibert & Bury 43.5

8. Stock & Wolcott 42.5

8. Cassevah & Bridges 42.5

8. Taggert & Taggert 42.5

11. Haas & Tucker 42.0

12. Walsh & Simpson 38.0

12. Giordano & Nogin 38.0

14. McGreevy & Estabrook 37.0

15. Roseo & Tallman 34.5

15. Leewe & Diehl 34.5

17. Mershon & Panagakos 33.0

18. Strauss & Sager 32.5


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