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Far away places are calling 

Kathy Werner
Posted 8/20/21

I was wondering how much lobster you can eat before you begin growing a shell. I had a lobster roll on the beach in the afternoon and a lobster salad last night. And I am planning to have another …

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Far away places are calling 


I was wondering how much lobster you can eat before you begin growing a shell. I had a lobster roll on the beach in the afternoon and a lobster salad last night. And I am planning to have another lobster roll today. Think that’s too much?

I am currently vacationing with the kids in Newport, Rhode Island. We are staying in a rented condo, wearing masks everywhere we go, getting take-out or eating outdoors, and spending hours at the beach. It is nice to get away, and I think this is what our vacations are going to look like for a while.

Going places we can drive to, eating outside, and wearing masks. So much for those “Far away places with strange-sounding names, far away over the sea” that have been “calling, calling me.” That Bing Crosby hit song of 1948, most recently revived by Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow, is my current mood. I do so love to travel.

Like so many, I am suffering from Covid-fatigue. Not Covid itself, thank goodness, since I was among the millions to be vaccinated and have been fortunate enough—so far—to avoid the highly contagious Delta variant. But I am dismayed that so many of my fellow citizens have bought into the dis- and mis-information about vaccines and refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks.

It seems truly shameful that our country, with its abundance of vaccines, still has not had millions more people vaccinated so far. Social media sites and right-wing media outlets bear responsibility for spreading these lies.

I’m all for freedom of speech, but doesn’t that end when outright lies are being told with impunity? I seem to remember something about not being able to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater. But ever since the frightening Kellyanne Conway introduced us to “alternative facts” our country has been living in a very scary place.

At any rate, here we are, with cases going up again, with no real end in sight. It’s frustrating, scary, and could have been avoided. Please get your shots, people. Mask up. Let’s work together to kick Covid’s butt. Let’s get life truly back to normal.

In the meantime, as the song goes, “I start getting restless whenever I hear/ The whistle of a train. /I pray for the day I can get underway/ And look for those castles in Spain.”

I personally would never take a train to Spain, at least not from New York, but you get the idea. Let’s work together to make a trip to Spain, by whatever means, a possibility again. Deal?


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Yet again, Werner lumps all people who do not agree with everything she believes as "right-wingers". If you have reservations about wearing a mask everywhere, for hours at a time (which is NOT healthy, especially for children!) and you have concerns about the vaccines, Werner demonizes you in her columns. Is Werner even aware that thousands (not just hundreds) of doctors, scientists and other experts in the filed have spoken out about being AGAINST these vaccines and mask mandates? They are quickly attacked and silenced by the "liberal' media. If you get the shots and will keep getting those boosters and you wear a mask every waking minute, why are you so scared of people who don't? Fear makes people do things without stopping to question and THINK first. Just OBEY.

People like Werner will end up wearing a mask (two masks!) and getting shots for the rest of her life.

Saturday, August 21

BTW, winning court case proved that Covid and the vaccines are all BS. With this:


Saturday, August 21

People listen to these scientists and doctors is what has everybody scared. From 'don't get vax' to the 'vax' can do this and that especially cause birth defects, that what's scares people. Then again Werner hasn't a clue as to anything of the real world and what people really feel.

People that got the vax already have contracted the virus since then, so werner you better stay in your home so you can spread more fear.

Growing a shell, you've been living in one for a long time.

Funny how werner portrays going to Rhode Island for a vacation , she didn't look but to get there and back she has to go through Conn or Mass, both places have the virus on the rise..

Mask or not she travels in terrible avenues yet for her it is ok to do so.

Tuesday, August 24