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Hope for the Day
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God has uniquely created mankind with the ability to think and reason, which enables us to make choices and decisions. But since the beginning of time, we have been drawn to make decisions based on … more
In the past when I’ve read the story of how the Gibeonites deceived the Israelites in Joshua chapter nine, I primarily focused on Israel not seeking God’s wisdom or guidance, and simply … more
I see many quotes that have to do with being kind to others. This one from an unknown author says, “Today you could be standing next to someone who is trying their best not to fall apart. So … more
Throughout history God has always provided His people with a place to meet with Him. In biblical times, that place was the altar. When God met His people in a special way or did something miraculous … more
I have found that God is very strategic in His dealings with mankind. He allows events to happen at just the right time and in just the right way for His plans and purposes for our lives to be … more
I recently read a devotion about a familiar Bible story, but the author brought out a point I had never considered before. The story is found in Mark 2:1-12. Jesus was in a house preaching to a … more
Hope can be a very powerful thing, making the difference between life and death. The Bible says that it is one of the few things that will remain, besides faith and love (1 Corinthians 13:13). But … more
What does the term “God’s favor” mean to you? Does it evoke positive feelings of ease, comfort, peace, provision, protection, God’s leading? Most of us think of God’s … more
Have you ever unwrapped a large gift box to find another box to unwrap, followed by more boxes, until you finally open the smallest box within to find your gift? Or have you seen the painted wooden … more
Last month my husband was working hard at cutting and splitting wood. The log pile was high so he started early and kept going. But later in the day as he worked with the chainsaw to cut more rounds, … more
The first time we see this question asked in scripture is found in Exodus 4:2. Moses is standing before a burning bush with God instructing him to go back to Egypt to set his captive people free. … more
Many would say that Covid is the great destroyer of life as we knew it a few short years ago. Millions around the world still grieve the loss of loved ones they never got to hold or say good-bye to … more
I grew up in a big, old farmhouse, and recently remembered an event that really traumatized me as a child. My bedroom was one of four rooms upstairs. From time to time some aunts, uncles and cousins … more
Autumn is officially here with its cooler temperatures and leaves changing color. For many, fall is their favorite season, a sentiment I don’t share. I never liked fall because it meant winter … more
I read a story about an artist who was commissioned to paint a mural showing the life of Christ in a Sicilian cathedral. He used a twelve-year-old boy with an innocent face as a model for Jesus. … more
Have you been waiting for something for a long time? Or at least it feels like a long time? Have your prayers remained unanswered, or so it seems? Are you growing weary of it all, wishing something … more
Even though I didn’t get many wild strawberries this year, God blessed me with an abundance of blueberries. A friend invited me to travel to a pick-your-own blueberry farm, and we enjoyed a few … more
Have you ever reached your limit and said, “That’s it. I’m done. I cannot go another step?” We’ve all been there, probably in many different areas of our lives. We see … more
One of my favorite places to walk is up a road through a wooded area with a brook running alongside it. It’s a bit of a steep walk, but the beauty of the surroundings keeps me trudging along, … more
Some years ago I discovered a patch of wild strawberries at the far end of our field. Each year I look forward to picking and eating the tiny sweet treats on my birthday. When I checked the plants … more
Exodus chapters 13 and 14 tell the story of Israel’s deliverance from the slavery and bondage they knew in Egypt.  God had brought ten plagues upon the land of Egypt, and finally … more
If you are a craftsman of any sort, you have undoubtedly experienced a time when you made a slip and cried out, “Oh no! I’ve ruined it!” Whether you were working with pottery or … more
Every caterpillar spends his early life crawling on the ground, existing in low-life living, all the while knowing that hidden deep within is a beautiful creature that is meant to soar and fly and … more
When we first meet Peter, he is a hardened fisherman. Not the Sunday afternoon relaxing by the lake with a rod and reel fisherman, but a work all night letting down the nets into the sea and … more
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